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Immortals- Review

11 / 11 / 11
Such an auspicious date to the Chinese because it comes once in a 100 years..
People ask me, so did you do anything meaningful on that date?
Well hell i sure did..wasted my time watching IMMORTALS

It Sucks!
That is the only thing i can say about it = =''
Wasted RM12 to watch a movie that gets every scene cut i was like FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Seriously should have downloaded the movie instead ..

What was the show about?
A typical Hero movie, I personally think Conan the Barbarian was BETTER.

Some Random dude been "chosen" by the Greek Gods to save mankind from the upcoming Apocalypse
Yea..pretty useless fella if you ask me, practically 80 % of the movie is the "hero" getting beaten up
instead of beating up the bad guys
What kind of a heck of Hero is that?
The head chopping scene also kena cut
At least in Conan they didn't cut that part, it's a barbarian movie after all.

I couldn't stop laughing at the part where the traitor got his ball's smashed LOLOL
sounds painful right?
And the 1st thing when they showed the priestess face i was like "WTF? since when Greeks got Indian lady one?" lololol
And don't get me started with the Greek Gods
Imagine this..Luke Evans (Orlando look alike) in a golden metal underwear, playing the Mighty Zeus himself.
I think Zeus is cursing on Mount Olympus right now lols
A scrawny dude like Orlando playing Zeus was too much to bear *rolls on the floor laughing*
How gay is that lol
And aren't Gods suppose to be invincible? That's why humans worship them right?
in this show the Gods are all wimps, all of them kena killed by Titans >.>
and when Zeus (Luke) crushed mount Tartorus guess who he only saved?
Athena (yep, she is dead as well) see? How one sided this story is?
damn wtf epic fail movie lol

This movie is one heck of a troll...
Take my word for this..if your expecting something awesome out of this movie
Forget it..you can throw away your high expectations


 If they say the movie is 18+ then why the heck would they cut of the sex scenes? That makes no sense for the movies in Malaysia.
At 18 they are considered as young adults, so what's with all the hiding? If you think every movie that hits our shores are too violent for us, my as well don't screen it at all then !

We PAY for the Movie in the end we only watch half of the real thing
my as well we don't support the cinema and go download it right?
We are doing the Cinemas in Malaysia a favor by keeping them alive, but they just had to go through that policy act made for movies( violence, sex..etc)

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