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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Journey with Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search..Chapter 6 (Finale)

This will be my last chapter that i will blog about my journey with Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search..
Thank you all for your support throughout this competition :)
Wouldn't have made it this far with all all of you! Thank you
Hope you have enjoyed reading the experience I've went through for this whole 6 weeks :)

Chapter 6 - FINALE

This competition has been a bittersweet memory for me, and i will forever cherish this..
Never thought i would be given this opportunity to meet,work & learn so much from such famous people :)
We were called back to shoot the last scene, which was the finale
It was held at Euphoria, MOS btw :P with a make shift catwalk stage in the middle of the club
After hearing that the finale we were required to do a few rounds of catwalks , i was like "OH SHIT!!! NOT CATWALK AGAIN !"
but yea..under tinie's guide i managed to pull it through with a better performance compared to the challenge in Curve (refer back to chapter 5)

Thank you Tinie for being patient with a slow learner like me..Hope i didn't disappoint you for the finale.
Now I'm able to catwalk with confidence all thanks to your guidance :")

I bet you guys were wondering what happened to me & why was i walking quite funny during the show
here is the story behind the scene..

During the rehearsal (we were there at 7am to practice actually lol, the finale started at 8pm+) I fell down the stage and sprained my ankle..i was so worried that i couldn't walk later
During the real walk i was in so much pain (i think you guys could have seen it on my face lol my face was like "Fuck let this be over soon!!" lol)
Worst thing was after the 1st round, my leg gave way as i was walking down the stairs of the stage, so i fell, AGAIN.
Thought i could never finish this walk because my feet was swollen ( had to hold on to a large bag of ice to keep the swelling down)
But with the will and determination to end this properly, i sucked in the pain and finished the walk..
I was glad i did it, no regrets :)

I was glad my boyfriend, J.c was there, he rushed over after work to to be there..and Kuzu, a good old friend of mine within the short period of time you were back in Malaysia I'm so glad you could make it :)
A very special Thank you to my family that came..
Dear Mummy,
i know i was such a disappointment  in life..didn't turn about to be the daughter you expected for..
wasn't good in studies..didn't take any effort in improving my myself
What i only wished for is for you to be there for all my achievements (i know i never achieved the title as best student of the year or highest achiever in exams)
But i there are things i do fight for..i do put effort in doing it..such as my running
I thank you for constantly bringing me to the hospital when i fractured my leg in 2008 (the year i gave up sports)
Hope i made you proud that night..

To my grandmother,
Who has always been supportive of my passion for sewing & being a Fashion Designer :)
I wouldn't have the courage to pick up this course if it weren't for you,
Thank you

To Sarah,
My oldest sister, who always wanted to be a model when she was young but never gotten the chance
Hope my complaints has changed your mind of wanting to be a model :P
I know that our temper isn't exactly the best in the house, but hey look..we are still in one piece, no missing limbs XD

To Anna,
My third sister, Thank you for wanting to come though you had school that day :)
I really appreciated that, though i don't think your teachers did XP lol~
Pls don't do the same mistakes i did, be a better person..at least someone mummy & daddy could be proud of :)

I know i could have done better..in everything..i guess this wasn't my best
At least I know where i should improve about myself
How to groom myself properly
And last but not least..carry myself proudly as the 1st Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search 2011, Top 10 contestant :)

Thank you SaSa, Cyber Colors!

during wardrobe fitting

Tinie <3

One of the judges, Simon Chin

My hairstylist, Min

The director of CCGG, TeaL :)

part of the crew, Jacq

Seema & Monica Lee

Our pretty chaperon, Carmen soo

Our Host, Elaine Daly

Signing Off,

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