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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Chat On Official Media Launch @ The Butter Factory KL

Another fun night with Samsung! This time is the official media launch for Chat On, a free communication application by Samsung that is available in 62 languages in over 200 countries!
Held at The Butter Factory, KL the location was originally known as The Borneo Baruk Club (BBC) beside Hakka Seafood Restaurant.

One thing I like about living in KL is because the convenience of commuting around via public transport. I wasn't dressed to impress as usual because I rarely go out for shopping and i hardly have any clothes in my wardrobe to wear since I attend alot of events >.< 
Any clothes blogshops wanna sponsor/collaborate? :-P *kena piak*

LO! Guess who greeted me at the registration counter  :-P Sir Aris, the Orange Gentleman lol!
I really applaud Aris and Karmun for being so sporting in participating the best dressed award that night and the winner walks away with a new Samsung S3 mini. Woah~~ Free phone for just dressing up, who wouldn't want that?
See the carrot tie hanging around his collar? That is a real carrot by the way, no kidding! XD
Congrats to Aris who rocked the stage that night with his suave booty shaking performance and also being the best dressed for male.

I can't help noticing that photo booths seem to be the current trend in events but hey! Not complaining because this is a fun activity to have among friends. Time to go GILA and snap loads of pictures! :D
This is brought to you by Fotobox: https://www.facebook.com/Fotoboxpage

Aside from all the fun activities we got to witness the their TVC first hand!
Check out the fun clip below :

Bootylicious performance by the dancers who was later joined by Chat On's mascot.

Mike, the usual photobomber of the night lol, Jyuri looks so cute in her customized white and orange outfit that she made herself on such a short notice *salute* Though she didn't win the best dressed category for female I still think she deserves some recognition for her efforts :-)

The task every best dressed participant has to do before winning the grand prize, S3 mini!
Shake that bootie in front of everybody XD Both for guys and girls had to do that, in a way I thank god i didn't join because I would die of stage fright.

Winner for woman category, this lady could really shake like there is no tomorrow lol. Look at Ean's reaction when she swapped their headpieces XD 

Congratulations to all the lucky winners that night who walked home with a new phone! ;-)

ChatON is currently available on all android phone (Google Play Store, App Store, BlackBerry and Windows)
Download this free app today: http://bit.ly/zIxb65


  1. hello there! nice blog! The third and sixth pic has my friends in it. Do you mind if i took it to show them? Dont worry, i wont repost it on my blog or anything :)

    you take really good pics btw!

    1. sure, no prob dear :) go ahead! Thanks for dropping by <3


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