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KISS Mineral Make Up Workshop

Ever actually giving much thought about the ingredient content in your cosmetics? Common answer would be "Not Really" because the packaging outside states "natural ingredients" or "100% mineral"..etc. But how true can all those marketing gimmicks be? Let's find out :-P

Last month, I was given this prestigious opportunity to attend a private workshop hosted by Faceworks Clinics in Starhill Gallery by Fatin from Chocolatecatsz.blogspot.com. Thank you so much for the invitation Faceworks and Fatin! :-)
Was caught by surprise on how small this group session was upon arriving that morning, it was only 4 of us (fatin, Jean, Reiko and I) but one thing i like about small workshops is you get to have a better interaction with the speaker regarding the products unlike those big events where it's so difficult to even raise your hand :-P

After this session I could helped but to do an ingredient check on every single make up product I have lol, seriously became damn paranoid at one point *slaps self*

Faceworks Clinic is owned by Dr. Maryati Maharon (also known to everyone as Dr.Mar)

Dr. Mar was also our demo model of the day with our  speaker of the day Priscilla Ooi, trainer from KISS Mineral MakeUp.

And Faceworks is the only dermatologist clinic that carries KISS Mineral makeup, so that is how unique and rare this particular cosmetic brand is.
Let's find out more why it's more special compared to normal drugstore cosmetics. Read people!!! :-P
Useful information and knowledge here yo!

Me and pretty supermodel momma, Reiko before removing our makeup during the hands-on session. Haha, once you work as a model, wearing make up daily is a normal routine before stepping out of the house. Can't live without it :-P

As we all know makeup has a long history of it's own which dated back centuries ago and even the immortalized beautiful egyptian queen Cleopatra has her own cosmetic secrets. Back then they did not have the technology to make preservatives or artificial substitute like what we have today hence everything is they had was derived from natural resources such as colored precious stones, charcoal and so forth. Because of that these minerals manage to contain their natural healing benefits which works while enhancing the wearer's features. 

Non-processed cosmetics, that is what Mineral Makeup is all about. As usual due to marketing strategies, people tend to misused certain words :-/ Which i always consider as false advertising, unfortunately we don't really have a strict law here in Malaysia when it comes to marketing. Come on, lol what to expect from a country that doesn't even practice "Customer Rights".

Each of us were provided with mini samples of their product to use during the full hands-on session with Priscilla.

During our hands-on session we were taught the proper skincare regime for removing, cleansing and applying make up. All of us girls roughly knows how to care for our skin, but have you ever wonder if you are doing it right even though you can just look up google anytime. To me things like this is always best to consult with a professional instead of Dr.Google lol because google has no control over the information that is being shared worldwide.

1-6 step by step Daily Skincare Regime
  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone (Toner-optional)
  3. Treat - serums (eg: Vitamin C serums, eye cream)
  4. Moist (moisturizer in cream, gel or lotion)
  5. Sunscreen- SPF15, SPF50..etc
  6. KISS Mineral MakeUp
All in one Makeup remover and cleanser that smells like orange :-D

Have you ever come home but dread the idea of spending 1 hour to freshen up before hitting the bed? 
I do! At times i even fall asleep with make makeup still on -_- *facepalm*
Lost count of how many times I did that which I strongly do not encourage because it literally kills our skin after a whole day of pore clogging layer, your skin deserves a timeout. 
Unless you are Lady Gaga, who insanely sleeps with full makeup on and her stupid reason? "I want to look good for the man of my dream". Wtf lady, get a life. =_=

That is one of the special benefits of KISS Mineral Makeup, you can literally go to sleep with it on :-D
So accidentally sleeping while still having your cosmetics on is not a problem anymore lol but don't purposely sleep with makeup on every night la XD   

Do not underestimate the variety of KISS Mineral makeup lol you would be surprised at what these minimal amount of products can do with  few tweeks.

The only reason why KISS Mineral Makeup is specifically sold in Faceworks Clinics it's because this are actually specialized cosmetics catered for those with every unfortunate skin conditions :-( 
Imagine how dreadful for a women not being able to wear cosmetics due to high skin sensitivity towards chemical products.
So visiting Dr.Mar is like visiting a dermatologist + beautician :-D

You would be surprised that most skin problems are not only triggered by food allergies, they also can exists in the ingredients found in our daily skin care product or cosmetics.

Blusher can become a sheer lipstick when mixed with vaseline, eyeshadow can be turned into nail polish when mixed with clear nail varnish. Noticed the difference of the swatches on the hand? Top is in powder form, the bottom line is achieve using a wet cotton bud hence you can turn this eyeshadow into an eyeliner as well :-D 
Endless possibilities eh? 

All of us applying our full make up using KISS products, surprisingly we all managed to achieve back our original looks (when we first arrived) with just a few simple basic products provided by KISS, such as mineral setting powder, powder foundation, blusher, mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow. We were all sharing the same kind of products during this hands-on session, there isn't any specific color tone for the blushers and powders because an original mineral makeup  one of their unique properties is they actually blend with our original skin tone. You can be dark, yellow or fair yet these will still suit your skin tone :-)  
Usually for me I have specific highlighters, bronzers..etc for contouring my face..blah..blah..blah..that is the reason why i hate traveling at times because my cosmetic pouch will always end up looking so bulky :-/

With these mineral makeup i officially declare them lifesavers because they minimized the amount of items you need to carry in your cosmetic pouch :-D Talk about convenience ♥

Taken with Natural lighting, no editing here :-)
*Using S4 front camera.

A picture taken indoors under dim lighting via S4 front camera.
You wouldn't believe me if I told you that this whole look was achieved using only powder.

Learnt a lot of useful stuff from this workshop, thank you so much Priscilla and Dr.Mar! Especially Fatin for inviting us over for this private session *meow*
Not to mention the yummy makan session prepared by Dr.Mar and Nani (I miss your dark chocolate yogurt cake already T^T)
It's good to be educated with all these knowledge as a smart consumer, finally have some use for my chemistry education back in high school XD haha at least that 2 years wasn't wasted la~ *kena piak*

To learn more about Faceworks Clinics and KISS Mineral MakeUp, feel free to contact them below :

Faceworks Clinic
S16 Pamper Floor
Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0321440080
Website: www.faceworks-clinic.com
Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com / FaceworksClinic

Kiss Mineral Makeup / Kiss Dermablend
151B, Jalan Sri Hartamas 2
Taman Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0362031288
URL: www.kissmineral.com
Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com / kissmineral

Disclaimer: All photos are taken using Samsung Galaxy S4 :-)


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