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Welcome to my blog!

If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
For sponsorship, collaborations and engagements: arisa1443@gmail.com

Memories of 2013

Before i realized this year is gone with a blink of an eye, fast forward everything just from my final year year in college to the working world.
There is so many ups and downs this year that i don't even know where to start (more like can't remember) but no worries, this boring long lengthy post only comes once a year other than that i prefer to keep it short and simple unless i am ranting lol.

2013 is the year where i've lost and gained so many things and by that i am not referring to my weight okay -_-;;;
Like my cat, Gilberto got ran over by an asshole driver (i still hate you bugger for killing my cat!)
But gained new friendship, job opportunities and many other valuable lessons in life.

Hmm...where should i begin? I guess with my studies first? o.O
Finally being able to call myself a fashion designer is one of the greatest achievements of my entire life, many times I broke down throughout that 2 years and 8 months diploma course but i am glad that my pigheadedness came in handy when i needed to preserve and get though all the shits that was dumped at me.

Support Sheena Liam as she is our Malaysia's representative of Asia's Next Top model, season 2:D

As much as i hate to admit that every new challenge i face daily, i have to constantly remind myself that God is just testing me.
Yea, at times i just lose it and end up bitching on my Facebook/ blog but better off than yelling at someone else's face no? 

Shit...typing out this blogpost has made me so feel all so sentimental already. Damnit tears, get back in! You are not allowed to come out (yet), until i'm done with this blogpost.

I've really grown more in every way aside from just mentality, spiritually as well after learning to accept that i still have inner demons that i need to conquer. In fact that is the main problem i still face till today, having relapses from time to time and still relying on Prozacs to keep me stable isn't something i want to live with the rest of my life.
Here is just a little warning, I've never made blogposts this detailed and personal about my life. All this while the updates i usually post is the brief things that is currently happening in my life.

Well, when your lifestyle revolves around social media most of the time, i guess some stuff you just want to keep it private ;)

Managed to finally have 2 of my collections on runway this year, hopefully more to come.

Thank you so much for coming Nikki, it really means alot to me that you came :)
And you know who you are (if you do ever read this lol)

Friends and acceptance.
This is a word i am always skeptical about because growing up with an environment where you are always longing to fit in but in the end always end up feeling left out.
But as you grown older, one of the most important thing you realised about all these petty nonsense you used to worry about isn't worth your time at all.

Who are they to judge you? Just because you can't seem to fit in a group of people doesn't mean your circle stops there. There are God knows how many billions of people out there in this world waiting to meet you (unless you anti-social and don't want to meet them la lol)

Best part is when you learn a person's true nature. This part never ceased to amuse me. Really.

Credits to Jean (‘∀’●)♡

I've built stronger bonds with some special girls, glad to have spent many crazy moments at events and girl talks over good coffee, not to mention mama-san Tammy for introducing us :)
If it weren't for you who have motivated me to go into blogging, i wouldn't have even gone this far with this crappy blog of mine.
Which constantly surprises me that got people still view all my nonsense ka? XD 

And also for the opportunity to be part of The Butterfly Project blogging community, hope this group aspires more passionate bloggers to join us in future events and projects.
Will try to support whatever way i can, even if i can't attend an event i will make sure to spread the love. Everyone deserves an opportunity to do something new, but it's their decision onwards whether to bring it to the next level or not. But if you are just joining blogging for the freebies and attention, trust me you won't get far.

Okay, maybe that was harsh but because of people like these they always end up tarnishing a community, same goes to cosplay :(
I haven't been very active this year due to overwhelming amount of work and studies as it was my final year but that didn't completely stop my itchy hands from making costumes.

This year is by far the most inactive year for me in cosplay community, i would usually have a minimal of 8-10 different cosplays a year but as you get older there are other priorities in life. Plus cosplay sin't cheap, everytime i make a costume from a scratch my wallet ends up crying blood.

Thank you for those who invited me to cosplay in their groups and the great photographer friends who are always imba as usual.

Here is to highlight another one of my biggest achievements in blogging :')
Thank you so much Manoah and Mandom your you unending support.

Missing the days spent with my group partners, despite our funny language communication it was an honor getting to work with you girls.
Thank you for the great memories Cindy & Pei Pei!
P/S: Pei pei as long i am still in Malaysia you can have my special tomyam maggi anytime XD

Not forgetting the crazy course mates of mine as well :-P 
Hope you girls are doing well wherever you are.

Mama Joe may you live happily with the life you always dreamed of (even if it excludes a guy lol)
Just want you to be happy :)
Thank you so much for taking a broken 18 year old kid and giving her a first full time job, despite knowing how screwed up is she.

So this blogpost is to basically thank everyone and apologized for all the mistakes i've made in the past year 2013.
May 2014 be a better year for all of us as we continue to grow (not in size haha!) :-P

Happy New Year everyone!

Done with your 2014 resolutions yet? I know I haven't hahaha <---- procrastinate as usual



  1. Happy New Year Arisa!!! -Ezli

  2. Happy New Year darling :)

    You have been nominated for an award by me! Check out what and why here : http://lashesandstrokes.blogspot.com/2013/12/liebster-award.html

    And no, its not a spam =__=


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