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[Review] Downy Parfum Collection

It's been raining almost everyday hasn't it? Not complaining in fact i rather have the rain than water rationing that happened during earlier this year but one thing about our machines is not every one of us can afford a dryer. Those fancy machines that washes and dries your clothes so they are ready to to be folded and kept once done.

Noticed that most of us still prefer the good old method of drying our clothes outside so that it doesn't get the damped cloth smell.
By the way that is much more eco friendly than relying on a washing machine to dry your clothes because that consumes extra electricity to function.
When i was first sent this bottle to review, out of the most oddest things i've blogged so far because i am mostly on beauty, fashion & lifestyle, i guess this topic can be listed under lifestyle (Housekeeping)? Lol.

I've never been very fond of overpowering fragrant smells from household cleaners, detergents, shampoos or even perfumes due to my sensitive nose. 
Those scents will instantly trigger my sneezing mechanism and that wont stop till i feel like dying. Ain't exaggerating, it's a frigging curse I am pretty sure there are some of you out there who share the similar problem with me *sobs* 

But due to our current rainy weather most of our laundry starts to smell abit funky when it doesn't dry properly over a period of 2-3 days or when dried indoors under the fan.
Hey, if you are above 18 it should be a common practice to do your own stinky laundry instead of relying on your mom/maid.
For those who started off early, KUDOS! As we all know that we are responsible for our own laundry if no one does it for us, we wont have clean undies to wear for the following week lol.

"If you don’t do your dishes, they stay dirty. If you don’t do your laundry, you have no underwear. It is shameful that this took over two decades to learn."

I know my washing machine doesnt look the most pleasing condition for photographs but at least it still works but just last week it broke down and i had to hand washed a week loads of dirty laundry. That is the time where i feel super duper grateful they invented washing machines, lol i know i am lazy.

Just pour in the amount based on the load of your clothes (mine around 15-20), for full machine i used a 1/2 cap of Downy detergent and it was surprisingly enough. Little but that really did the washing job and my clothes came out smelling so fresh!

For once i appreciate the scent of laundry detergent because it may smell overpowering before the wash but after when it's freshly washed the smell lingers faintly on the clothes. The one i am using is called "Happiness" which really made me happy because it smells so pleasant especially when it's dry.
I would strongly recommend this wash for our delicate cosplay costumes because after a whole day of parading in them at events/ shoots and all the sweat collected the smell is enough to kill a human being *ain't kidding* especially those with layers and heavy ruffles @_@

Weeeeeeeeeee~ Now my wardrobe smells like happiness every time i open it :3 *shiawase*
They have a few scent range, so it depends which is your type :)


After i am done with this bottle most probably i would chose the mystique one next to try because the theme so reminded me of my graduation collection pieces i did last year >w<
Remember Vérité Doré?
Apparently i found a video of it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWIIEx755bQ
Thanks for recording it banana! :)

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