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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Timeless Truth Mask: New 2014 Collection

Been using this face mask brand for a year plus now ever since i first got to know of it via Vanity Trove, ever since then all the other brands of mask i've had were suddenly left in my mask stash unused lol. Not to exaggerate but one and the only facial mask brand I've used so far that actually prove to deliver instant results and the best part is it's not sticky!!!

Throughout the past year I've blogged a few testimonials on their wide variety of mask, ranging from face to specific body parts (apparently there are boobs mask too! :D)
You can check out my previous reviews here: 

One of the criteria I've always looked into for facial stuff is usually it's effectiveness, texture and pricing, guess TT mask has passed with flying colours on my list because it's like currently the only face mask brand that i actually restock and use almost weekly. 
Managed to poison my sisters, cousins and friends into TT mask goodness and now they are also users of this brand.
I personally know the person in charge of TT mask Malaysia, a very friendly down to earth sisterly person who dedicated her life to Christ and is blessed with a beautiful family.

When she first told me about the latest selection of face mask range than she will be bringing in for 2014, it instantly spark my curiosity. Because i have a weakness for cute packagings oTL
Reminds me of the time where Cheesie from Cheeserland bought a hello kitty packaged ordinary pasta just because the packaging was cute lol wtf.
Then again, i am pretty sure i am not the only one attracted to factors like these right lolol? 

So when TT mask had a special pre-order period about 3 months months ago (early feb during CNY) i took this opportunity to get my hands on these new masks especially the sakura snail extract one (pink) which was sold in a box of 10pcs for  only RM49.90 when original price were RM59.90.
Price wise i find it rather reasonable since this is a very effective mask because i would rather pay for QUALITY than quantity ;-)
Though to some of you paying RM10+ for a mask might be pricey but calculating your overall cost if you spend on your monthly facial products or facial treatments in saloons, you are better off investing this money (and time) pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home instead.

All of TT mask is suitable for every skin type so far i have friends with the most sensitive skin claiming this brand doesn't irritate their skin condition, which it's great news!

Snail extract with Sakura Repairing Mask

This mask is personally my favourite among all 6 of them not because of it's cute packaging (that's just a bonus ♥) the smell is really soothing, not so heavily scented for a floral one like those usual facial mask that has overwhelming floral scents that leaves you feeling dizzy after 15 minutes instead of feeling relaxed lol.
Moisturises skin and leaves my skin feeling super supple and refreshed before heading to bed. 

For Acne trouble skin :

Natto with Wine Yeast Skin Balancing Mask

Hmmm.....the title on this one really caught my attention because natto is one of the dishes in Japan (fermented soy beans) that needs an acquired taste bud to consume lol. Honestly speaking i think anything fermented is sure to smell and taste funny but if you girls are thinking of a smelly bean curd mask from this, sorry to disappoint you but it smells surprisingly nice haha. Just the title on the packaging doesn't sound really appealing no? :-P
People with excessive oily skin would like this as it tightens the pores and with frequent usage i think this might help curbing with your oily skin woes. 

For Dry Skin :

Hyaluronic Acid Q10 Hydrating Mask

No, it's not acid that 'melts'your skin -_-;; it's one of a well know chemical used in beauty products to restore skin moisture.Don't be surprised with this word, flip to the back of your cosmetics, facial products, make up removers..etc ad you would find that word there. Not harmful or inflammatory like alcohol ones (stinks).

Luxurious Rose with Black Pearl Moisturising Mask

Maybe it's just me but i do feel this one is doused with generous amount of serum that seems to be enough to spread to your chest area lol or could be because i am small sized so it covers more of my body. Smells faintly of roses not too overpowering and it's suitable for people who suffers from super dry skin due to constant exposure to air conditioned environment. Most of us working people have to stay in an air conditioned workplace for 8 hours daily and as a result i noticed the skin around my nose area started becoming really dry and skin peeling off. 
After usage this mask reduced the redness the next morning, oh..not sure if it's recommended i fell asleep with the mask on so it sort of only dropped off after the entire mask has been totally soaked into my skin XD

For matured skin you would like these selection of mask listed below here :)

Caviar and collagen Elasticity Mask

This mask gives a firming effect after usage so i am guessing the function is to maintain skin elasticity, sort of an anti-ageing mask suitable for people who feels like their skin has lost it's firmness. Even young people can have dull looking skin from their skin not having enough oxygen because of the frequent make up usage. I noticed that once i started working full time and having to wear make up everyday to look presentable is a basic thing especially when you are in the fashion line (or maybe i am just plain vain lol).
Caviar is one of those luxurious food that we rarely get to eat but have you ever wonder why they are super expensive? It's just fish eggs but it contains many nutrients and antioxidants that heal, regenerate and protect the skin such as Vitamin A and E which both help to correct and protect the skin from environmental hazards and free radicals that cause ageing and disease.

Swallow's Nest with Bearberry Extract Revitalising Mask

The title on this packaging is pretty straight forward lol, the word 'Revitalising' basically means renewal or reviving. But the word bearberry is relatively new to me, so i googled it and found that it's a type of shrub berries used on folk medicine. By that it pretty much sums up my speculation on this mask = Skin Renewal Mask

The mask are translucent unlike their previous Functionality mask where they had cute designs, was expecting this round to have designs too but nah..that wasn't an important thing anyway as the main highlight is the mask's effectiveness  

But yea..overall after a week of using these facial mask every night after work before I sleep the pores on my face reduced quite a fair amount, skin feeling less haggard, acne scars lighten, eye bags reduced and best of all I can now skip my daily moisturising routine before applying on make up.
I bid my moisturisers and flaky skin adieu, saves me alot of time in the morning, my routine now is wash face, spray Avene water, apply sunblock and make up base with concealer and powder only.
No foundation/BB cream or CC cream required, so i haven't touch them in ages *feeling super guilty now*. 
Hope this review is useful girls!

You can go check them out on their Facebook page, and if you have any inquiries feel free to contact the seller. She is a super duper nice person that would clear all your doubts almost immediately :)

Timeless Truth Mask Malaysia : https://www.facebook.com/ttmaskMalaysia

Disclaimer: Though these products are sponsored but my review remains unbiased and true based on my own personal experience. Thank you.



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    1. Thanks for dropping by dear! :)
      Sure thing~

  2. Arisa, you really made me wanna flip all those creams and dedicate my life to wearing TT Masks every night. I just bought the Natto yeast and Snail Extract Sakura mask, I shall try them soon :)

    1. yea..creams are old school stuff XD
      Both of them smells really good, hope you like them!

  3. Sounds great! I wonder if this brand is in Singapore too. Would love to try it after reading your review...

    1. Hi dear! If you can't find them in Singapore you can order directly from their website too :)

      Trust me, you will fall in love with these masks :)


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