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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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The Collection Cosmetics Official in Malaysia!

Just recently launched, The Collection in Malaysia. 

A brand that most of you local  make up enthusiast have been waiting for, i can see some of you girls getting ready to raid Watsons with your cash. It's like a "Shut Up and Take My Money" meme moment (Fry from Futurama) and i have to admit that i have tons of unused cosmetics yet i still buy when i see a good deal lol.
This time, it's no promotion or whatsoever because The Collection's pricing ranges from RM19.90-RM35.90 only which makes it super affordable.

Before this i have no knowledge of this brand's existence as i am more familiar with Asian brands than European :P
Yes I still wish i could look dolly everyday haha! Unfortunately i wasn't born with it like those cute Japanese girls *sobs*
Thanks to my sis, Sarah who is constantly up to date with the latest skincare and beauty products including cosmetics. Apparently The Collection is a well known drug-store brand originated from UK, where all their drugstore (pharmacy) cosmetics are made to be super affordable and that includes brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Sleek (one of my favs!) and many more which is too long to list so go and google it girls.

Why does it sound like Malaysia is the only place you can't seem to get quality stuff without splurging? D:
But then again most cosmetics are not student budget friendly aside from so far a brand that i first started off with - Silkygirl.
Despite it giving me a hell load of breakouts but i still used it because that was the only thing i could afford back then when i was 12 and just started being active in cosplay.

Cosplayers, i am here to spread the good news as this brand's motto is "Own It, Work It & Love It" they provide quite a wide range off colours. Specifically targets young and trendy girls but from my point of view it's a HUGE bonus for the cosplayers in Malaysia.
Now you can use an affordable yet guaranteed quality cosmetics without putting your skin at risk!
No more pasar malam or random china brand.

For now the choices might be deemed small to some but not to worry as they are bringing in more of it soon.

 They have a wide range of mascaras, eyeliners in different forms (gel, liquid & pencil) and colours, concealer for almost any skin tone that is suitable for Malaysia as we are a multiracial country all within RM19.90- RM39.90. 

Their lip section was one thing i couldn't keep my eyes off because there are so many beautiful shades to choose from, if my wallet allows i would get every single colour and use them to work daily.
For now they have most of the basic shades available but i do hope they bring in more exciting colours soon because based on their UK website there is 2 colours that i am eyeing which is Gothic Glam and Perrie's Lipstick.

Managed to endure though the sea of raving beauty fanatics (bloggers) and media to get a hold of a few lippie swatches, the colours are so vibrant and pretty!!
Loving Bubblegum shade the most niaaaaa~
If you girls have bought other colours do remember to swatch/review it and drop me your links so i can stalk you girls lol.

So far I've yet to play around with them but i promise pretty soon that I will do a review on these babies, something promising as these would be a waste not to share with you guys :)
For now do head over their facebook page for the latest news and who knows they might do some special giveaways?

Collection Cosmetics Malaysia:

 And if you are using their products now don't forget to share them on instagram/ twitter by tagging them @collectionmalaysia



  1. love all the lip color! thanks for sharing the swatches :D


    1. Most welcome dear! Thanks for dropping by :) Will be up with more swatches of their eyeshadows and blushers this weekend


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