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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Startup Street presents "The Peak"

Have to thank SocialGrooves for this splendid opportunity to attend Startup Street first ever forum-networking session, "The Peak", in conjunction of their first year anniversary held at 1st Avenue’s Signature by The Hill.

Though I’ve been in social media industry for quite some time, having numerous friends who are successful entrepreneurs themselves but never once it occurred to me to actually venture into entrepreneurship field lol. Maybe I am not so ambitious when it comes to certain things?
Marketing and business have never been my strongest interest that’s why when people ask me why don’t I take my designing and sewing skills to make it a business platform for income. My answer would be pretty simple, numbers & documents don’t go very well with me (explains my accounts & maths nearly fail lol) But yea, overall I have considered many times to do so but have no idea where to start, but yea for starters all I know social media holds the power to almost everything now, it’s just a matter of how you USE it.    

With the man himself from SocialGrooves!! Wohooo for Christopher! :D
From Left: Elvina, Christoper Tock, Me, Firdaus & Jingy aka Veronica! 

But after hearing 4 of their invited local entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts, dreams and experiences on how they actually took the first step to make their dreams a reality is really darn inspiring. Even so, never thought forums like these would actually catch my attention, but this sure was something not to be missed if you have ideas and would like to kick-start them.

1) Joon Chan - Regional Managing Director at Easy Taxi SEA
2) Maxine Lee -  Melbourne accelerator
3) Hugh Koh - Co-Founder at Pestle & Mortar Clothing
4) Christopher Tock - Social Director at SocialGrooves.com

That’s what StartUp Street is all about, helping young potential individuals achieving their goals by giving them the necessary aid such as providing various engagements and many more. Many have big ideas but not many know how or where they should go to execute them so by joining StartUp Street, which it’s almost like a school to learn basic entrepreneurship skills :-P

Well they have courses for almost everything but why not entrepreneurship right? Many do not know what they are capable of but with StartUp Street, they are here to give you that GOLDEN opportunity to expand your horizon and from there onwards the sky’s the limit for you.   

Look at the amount of crowd that attended the talk, lol was just testing out my new camera settings *ahem* :-P

Note to self: Bring jacket next time whenever I attend event held at Signature by The Hill lol, was freezing my butt (well fingers too) off the whole night.



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