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Imphenom Hair Treatment by Milbon

Been meaning to share this for quite some time, apologies due to the delay peeps >.<
Last year December 2014 i was itching to get my hair done before New year's and came across NEKDERX academy to test out one of their new Japanese hair treatment specially for freshly dyed/ bleached hair in order for it to restore moisture that is lost during the dye/bleaching process causing your hair to feel very dry and brittle.

Nerdex Academy is no stranger in Malaysia in fact they are the local distributors for many well know Japanese hair products that is used in big named saloons such as Saloon76 (Cheesie's fav saloon) and many more.

One thing i love being a experimental hair model is i get to try out all the funky hair colours and styles that you don't usually get in a normal hair saloon :-P
I love going all out and crazy with my hair, i mean..since it's no longer a virgin hair and its constantly being bleached why not just try all the light colours before i am bound to an office desk job where i can't do anything but dye natural boring colours D: *worst nightmare*

My previous hair color from Toni & Guy Saloon has already faded but i really do love the purple hues though!

Inphenom 5 step treatment works exactly like its name, your hair will go through a few washing processes to prepare your scalp and hair for the upcoming bleaching or colouring. Just take note that this tiring process is worth it as the benefits of it are listed below:

What it is:
Repairs your hair from the inside out and notice visible immediate effects with INPHENOM.

What it does:
A quick 5-step in-salon treatment done immediately after colouring to help lock in your healthy, vibrant color and also helps maintains shine and + softness between colour and bleaching services.

From far left (gold) the first treatment with its main ingredient of Aquilio to allow treatments to penetrate into the hair more effectively, followed by the 2nd treatment (pink) that helps repair the cortex CMC to help retain moisture also known as internal repair.
Step 3 is called the cuticle repair (Green), works by sealing cuticles to lock moisture inside.

Didn't manage to get pictures of the last 2 treatments but shall list them down here anyway :-
  • Stabilizer (locks repairing ingredients inside)
  • Coat (restores lipid coat on the surface of the hair making it smooth)
After going through this whole process at least my hair didn't smell strongly of fresh bleach and dye that usually makes me super dizzy. Imagine having to smell that for the next 2-3 days as you can't wash your hair too fast after a chemical treatment @_@

I love my new colour, though my skintone can never carry red/ orange hues but this is the closets i can ever get to the warm red tone. It's called "Pink" by the way XD Not the bright kind of neon pink but the natural kind and it's one of the Autumn/ Winter'14 colours too (so in trend 8D) ~

Look who was there with me that day (partner in crime lol) getting our hair done and pampered all ready for 2015?
Famous model/ emcee/ TV host/ Writer & actress Tehmina Kaoosji. The jill of all trades this super woman is somebody to look up to! Salute you babe for your positive & hard working personality~ 

Thank you so much NEKDERX Academy for having us!

So next time when you pay your saloon a visit you try requesting for this specific Imphenom hair treatment by Milbon before proceeding with your usual hair dye as it really helps alot keeping your hair smooth and healthy throughout the whole process.
If you have any inquiries, do let me know in the comment box below! Shall try my very best to answer them.
Currently there is more than 400 saloons in west Malaysia carrying Milbon hair products.



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