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InnisFree Festa 2015 with Lee Min Ho

Can’t believe it’s almost  2 weeks since I last saw and met that handsome and tall South Korean Actor/Singer, Lee Min Ho. Though I may not be a fan of K-pop or Korean dramas (last watched was Winter sonata, cried so much lol) but when it comes to tall guys, sure it’s something I will drool at XDDD

Charming and suave as always

Have to thank PSLIVE Global for inviting me over to witness this prestigious event alongside with all the other big name medias :)
Thank you so much!
Been meaning to actually learn more about this famous, most trusted natural and eco friendly brand that originated from South Korea’s Jeju Island. I’m pretty sure most of you know Jeju Island for their bear museum thanks to one of their K-drama series, The Palace (Princess Diaries) but when you mention Jeju island to me the first thing that comes to my mind is somehow Innisfree instead of bears lol.

Learnt how to make my very own garden plant using Innisfree's container as a pot by one of the beautiful staff that was present at the Gardening booth. 
Are all Koreans so pretty & handsome, makes me feel so "ordinary" beside them lol *sobs*

This brand was previously unavailable in Malaysia making it one of the most sought after beauty products among Malaysian women whenever they travel to Korea making sure they bring back a few of these ‘MUST TRY’ Korean beauty brands.

But ever since they first launched their very first store in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall last year December (which I regretfully couldn’t attend the official opening ceremony *sobs*) all their fans in Malaysia have finally direct access to Innisfree products. I was actually ANTICIPATING for it ever since their store was under renovation in pyramid as it was only a few stores away from the company I worked with, confirmed every week pass by that (soon to be) innisfree shop 2-3 a week seeing a HUGE poster of their global ambassador, Lee Min Ho with his dashing smile *melts*.

Okay, let me start with a simple introduction for those who are not familiar with the brand ‘Innisfree’ it literally translates into “Pure Island” referring to Jeju Island where all their main ingredients used in Innisfree products which are sowed and nurtured 100% purely by mother nature herself.

This whole Innisfree Festa 2015 is actually an event to showcase the their main philosophy of bringing true healthy beauty to body and mind with the pure ingredients from Clean Jeju Island itself. Basically this Festa is something to educate and create awareness to consumers from all over the world as this event has been successfully held in countries like Taiwan, Hong kong and Singapore recently. It’s also their way of bringing Jeju island to live with their beautifully crafted walkthrough to make us understand more of Innisfree’s ideology and methodlogy behind this brand.

For now, let me pose with the Jeju Island backdrop lol!

Makes me so wanted to visit their InnisFree HQ in Jeju island so badly right now!!! Hopefully one day I can get to see how this natural product is made and the beauty of Jeju island itself with my very own eyes.
p/s: don’t worry my darling readers! I will make sure to take tons of pics and report live from there XD that is IF I do go there one day la :’)

Lee Min Ho as a very busy man from the entertainment industry, it’s no secret on how he maintains his fair and supple complexion. Yes men from this industry do wear cosmetics too but the most they can wear is a thin layer of foundation and loose powder unlike us girls who can afford to pile on abit more. So it is very crucial for men to have a decent skin complexion to start with.

Innisfree beauty products isn’t only for ladies okay? :P Men also can use, even the macho ones lol. Lee Min Ho never leaves home without ‘Innisfree’s Forest for Men All-in-one- Essence’ andwith his hectic filming schedule he definitely gives credits to innisfree;s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Green Te Seed Serum for keeping his skin clear, hydrated and fresh throughout the clock.

Seriously no marketing gimmick wei… all the team that flew down from Korea and was present that day have seriously very beautiful fresh skin (O_O;;)

Before the event I took some liberty on taking pictures and testing out their products, also inquiring the best range for my skin type. Their best sellers as we all know are the Green Tea and Volcanic Clay range which helps for people with oily skin and enlarged pores. I do have large pores but mostly my nose area (pretty common thanks to black & white heads ==;;).

My skin is pretty much dried, constant flaking and DULL thanks to my working hours and constant exposure to sun (walk a lot) lol. But thanks to their helpful and informative staffs, I have found the one I was looking for. They recommended me the Orchid range known for extensive moisture for keeping your skin looking healthier and younger. The smell is so heavenly~

For once I am actually considering of getting the Orchid Line (toner, face-wash, cream & all) to try out one day when it’s launched in the markets. Looking forward to seeing it on our shelves next month February 2015 :D

As a health enthusiast (freak is not a nice word lol) in terms of eating and lifestyle I believe in going natural in many ways rather than relying on the ‘advanced technology’ used in beauty products these days to help reverse aging..etc. I have seen my grandmother herself aged gracefully and solely swore that it’s 100% natural instead of those raved heavily processed beauty creams out there in the market.

That’s why Innisfree products is something unique compared to most products out there, what makes them so special? Their bestseller range ‘Jeju Organic Fresh green Tea’, especially their Green Tea Seed Serum is made from nothing but only freshly squeezed organic green tea leaves that are grown and harvested on jeju island itself.

Stay tuned on my next blogpost review of this miracle serum!

Making that small bottle of miracle a pure and highly concentrated fresh green tea essence that can be easily absorbs by the skin to restore moisture.

The key to achieve true beauty starts from the inside, so with a clean, proper diet and exercise it’s a good start to achieving overall well being ;) At the same time let’s be gentle to the environment too in our quest for a better living and healthy lifestyle. Small things like using a handkerchief instead of tissues, bring your own bottles instead of those plastic mineral ones and many more.
Hope this blogpost can inspire you girls (or guys) who wants to make a lifestyle change for your 2015 resolution ;-)

For more about their products and ranges feel free to drop by their website and make sure to follow them on facebook for exciting promotions.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS


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