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Maybelline New York 100th Anniversary feat. StevenSunny

Tons of anniversaries to celebrate this year it seems :P 
Shows how far each brand has gone and Maybelline is no exception as it is their 100th anniversary already! Can't believe they have been around for more than a decade and still going strong till today as we celebrate their platinum jubilee. Maybelline New York is the world's no.1 colour cosmetic brand making women beautiful all over the world ever since 1915 and i am glad to be part of this prestigious celebration.

My look for the event, using Maybelline products (of course!). Defined eyebrows with Fashion Brow Duo Shaper in Grey and Masterliner pencil in Black (BK-1). 

Learning about Maybelline's history from how it started off as a home based family business that bloomed to where it is today is just purely inspirational. All started with a little girl named Mabel, with a big dream.
What I love about Maybelline is how it allows women of all kinds to express out their uniqueness with Maybelline's colours allowing them to enjoy high fashion runway looks with an affordable budget.

Pink Fong, marketing manager of Maybelline New York Malaysia alongside with their valued retail parters, Watsons Malaysia's representative posing with the models carrying StevenSunny's looks.

Those who do not know, though Maybelline is a highly renown international cosmetic brand but their pricing isn't something you need to worry about.
I understand most big international cosmetic brands are usually sold at quite a hefty price but you will be surprise when i tell you that Maybelline isn't like that. It is available at affordable prices, sold in most drugstores/ pharmacies worldwide while still maintaining its high quality standards.
Reason being so every women of all backgrounds can enjoy the beauty of cosmetics without it being a burden to their wallets.

Believe it or not when i first started cosplaying when i was 12 years old, my first concealer and powder was from Maybelline as it was affordable for someone my age back then and i had to share with my sis to buy it lol.
Till today, i still use maybelline products despite having many kinds of brands in my cosmetic box :)
Some-things just stick, can't explain why but it just do.

From Far left: 1970s-Disco Diva, The future, 2000s-The socialite,  (middle) 1980s-Electric Raver, 1920s- Fierce Flapper, 1990s- Au Naturel Wonder, 1950s- Bombshell glamour, 1960s- Mod Rocker and 1930s-Siren in Rouge

So in conjunction with their anniversary, Maybelline Malaysia collaborated with multi-talent makeup artist and fashion designer, Steven Sunny to recreate a time lapse of 10 iconic looks using Maybelline products and the results were just breathtaking.
Getting to see each model strut down the runway that day with their iconic looks and each clothing era to match feels like i am being transported into that particular time period lol especially their 1940s and 1950s.

Toldja she's classy and such a tease too! Love how they gave the outfit a modern flare/ silhouette yet maintaining  the 1950-s signature polkadot prints.

Any ways those are also my favourite periods in fashion history to be exact and if i could chose to go back to a time i would definitely choose 1940s-1950s.  :P
Classic beauties who embraces their curves and red lips. How about you guys? 
"Any particular time period that fancies you?
Leave a comment below!
Who knows? The best answer will get a surprise Maybelline product prize from me.。◕‿◕。

p/s: Not sponsored gift from Maybelline, something i would like to give out of my own pocket as a sincere thank you gift for reading & commenting :)

Thanks Reiko for helping me take this picture!
Hopefully one day i'll get to visit New York to see how Maybelline first started :)
For now let me pose beside a NY backdrop and wish i am there instead lol /sadcase

To follow them on their exciting journey as they continue their 100th Anniversary celebration, hashtag #MYMaybelline100 on Facebook & Instagram.
Maybelline Malaysia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maybellinenysimplyfab
And also don't forget to stalk them on their Instagram for upcoming latest regular updates: https://instagram.com/maybellinemalaysia


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