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Sweetsanté by Kordel's in Malaysia- Safe & Sweet Substitute

It's all about getting into a better and healthier lifestyle, this isn't a trend in fact how it should be in the first place.
But due to the our life culture, rich foods and 24 hour mamaks look where has our so called "healthy" lifestyle has gone. Obviously down the drain lol.
Many trends and fads come and go but making life changes that has something to do with your health shouldn't be temporary but something permanent instead :)

That's why being healthy is a LIFESTYLE, not a trend.
I personally understand how hard it is to make better and healthier choices especially when it comes to our food intake as we generally do not make it a habit here in Malaysia to practice this till shit hits the wall (pardon my language lol) and our health screens shows us things we do not want to see. Stuff like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity to name the common few.

Plus not only food, when you ask a Malaysian to exercise it's like asking them to jump off a cliff lol, is doing all this things really that hard?
Yes actually, as i used to have that sort of mentality about food choices & exercises. But after a long struggle, here i am today (alive at least) but taking some initiative to make better life choices.

Back to food, we all know Malaysia is a holy grail of all kinds of various food and one does not simply say "i shall go on a diet" especially with so many temptations 24/7.
But why deprive yourselves from all those scrumptious food when you can make them in a healthier option like replacing your santan (coconut milk) with yoghurt for a creamy texture in your curry or even replacing your normal sugars with Sweetsanté?

Congratulations Kordel's for bringing us Sweetsanté
From Left: Dr. Justin Park, Technical Support Manager, Roquette for South East Asia, Ms. Joyce Chung, Senior Product Executive, Kordel’s Malaysia, Mr. S.L Ho, General Manager Cambert (M) Sdn. Bhd

Dr Justine Park from Korea, explaining about the benefits of  Sweetsanté

What is Sweetsanté?
A new innovative break-though of sugar replacement that has 50% lesser the calories, yet still taste EXACTLY like your average sugar. Made suitable for weight watchers (like me!) and diabetic patients.
Manufactured by Roquette from France, the land of lean people (seriously lol) who made this product and called it something else (?), which i can't remember no thanks to my 5 sec memory =.= but it was renamed Sweetsanté in Malaysia, literally translates to "Sweet Health" if you know some basic French.

Going healthy doesn't mean you have to cut off oil, fats and sugar. All you need is moderation and some initiative when it comes to making healthier food choices.  If not what else can you use to help enhance your food/ drinks if there is no salt & sugar? 
I tried going sugarless (unless it's from fruits), saltless and oiless for 2 years and that was the most miserable phase of my life as all the food i eat is raw (fruits & veg) or boiled (eggs only). Try eating that for 2 years straight, you'll be sure to snap after that, trust me I am speaking from experience lol.

Replacing your usual high calorie sugars in your cooking, baking or drinks with Sweetsanté may be a small start but it is better that not doing anything at all :) Personally i find Sweetsanté's taste & texture like your average rock brown/white sugar which i am not a fan lol, i'll just stick to my fruits & honey.

There are many artificial sweeteners out there that claim themselves to be "sugar replacements" and from an all natural source but can really taste horrible. Example, Stevia- which is also a plant.

All of you would be familiar with that sweetener alternative as it is commonly found in the weight watching aisle in the pharmacy lol and being a frequent visitor of that aisle, i regretted even ever picking up that horrendous stuff they called "sugar replacements" and also learnt that they have side effects when taken in large quantities.

This is why it gives the word "healthy" a bad reputation =.=    
Healthy means bland food and drinks or weird tasting food replacements. But thank god Sweetsanté is here to change the misconception among Malaysian consumers that you can have a better and healthier replacement without having to sacrifice its original taste.

Sweetsanté is an All Natural Sugar derived from cereals (grains) which makes it a natural and safe food source, providing  natural sweet taste, without any bitter or synthetic after-taste.

Like this Chocolate i tried during the launch, it's from Korea sweetened using Sweetsanté and i couldn't tell the difference. Taste exactly like your usual milk chocolate.

This product is also suitable for Children as it is lab-proven not cause tooth decay because it is not exactly "sugar" and does not encourage oral bacteria growth. Hence, leading to no acid production and no enamel erosion. So children now can enjoy their sweets without having to worry about them rotting from excessive consumption but remember moderation is the key with proper practice of oral hygiene kids!

To those who enjoy baking or cooking can now rest at ease without having to worry about sugar substitutes that may affect the taste and outcome of your delicious works :)
Sweetsanté allows you to explore & venture your culinary passion and creativity, with ease and
convenience, in the meantime also helps you take care of your family and love ones well
It is Halal certified by JAKIM, available in leading pharmacies like Caring, Guardian and Watsons.
Found this in Caring Pharmacy. That large box definitely can last you quite some time lol.

Here's a family photo of my 2 favourite crazy fun people that day who never fail to make me laugh & smile despite having a bad start before the event (ended up walking 2km to the venue because of stupid GPS mislead me =.=;;) Miss you tons Jas & Tony, catch up with you guys soon.



  1. well, it's a good thing that it's Halal. thanks for the info! i would like to try it one day


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