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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Merc Storia Releasing in English soon!

Who here like RPG games? I remember growing up with them back in high school, seeing my friends skip extra curricular activities to head over to the nearest Cyber Cafe to play these RPG games (back then was Maple story & Ragnarok), lol those were the times.

But now I don't play those games anymore..well maybe once in a while if i have stable internet connection at home la lol.  Last game i remembered playing was Disgaea back in 2010?
That was one of the main reasons why i quit playing them due to limited internet connection that's the downside of living in a rented room, you gotta be careful with your internet usage of you might get the blame from housemates.
Anyway most of the time it's them downloading or streaming their HK/ KR dramas -_- so i am the victim here!
Here is a surprising fact about me: I don't play LOL or DOTA. 
Nope, never touched it and don't plan to. Yea people might say character designs are beautiful and whatnot but to be frank, i can't commit to any guilds as i might just end up disappointing others lol. Usually when i get home, i don't even have the mood to even game any more as i have other work to do like clean the house or blog :-P 

Recently i was just introduced to a new RPG mobile game called "Merc Storia" from Japan, name itself sounds cute lol but i have yet to play it because it is only available in Original Japanese and with Chinese subtitles and due to the fact i am a banana, I CAN'T READ MANDARIN! *sobs*
And my Japanese sucks, sadly for someone who fantasizes about moving there/ sad case.

But it's okay..i don't mind waiting a while more longer as they will be releasing the English subtitled version soon if everything goes according to plan, which is Summer 2015.
This is happening thanks to Ujoy (http://www.ujoy.com/), guess it's time to sign up for an Ujoy account lol.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for this one as the game does certainly looks interesting with cute (moe) character designs that makes me wanna cosplay them!
Noooo....i shan't as i have to many backlog cosplans but no budget to spare because i want to travel too :(
Haha, i wouldn't mind making the costume is the company does commission me to cosplay one of Merc Storia characters.

TitleMerc Storia - 癒術
GenreLine Strategy RPG
With Letter DayAndroid Edition: January 31, 2014 
iOS version: February 18, 2014
Compatible modelsAndroid2.3.3以降
Official siteshttp://mercstoria.happyelements.co.jp/


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