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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Beauty Tutorial | Summer Citrus Look feat. BeautyStall.com

How long has it been since my last beauty tutorial? Couple of months, nah..don't think it was THAT long ago because i remember doing a Spring Look with MaryKay :-P
This time i came up with a simple summer look which is suitable if you are planning to rock your bright colored bikinis at the beach or just a normal stroll outside. Here in Malaysia it's already summer all year round will occasional flash floods and haze lol so guess that's the reason why we aren't so hyped as the westerners lol and we don't even get summer holidays here!
Been hearing from a few friends in Japan that Malaysia literally came to visit their country as the temperature increases daily haha, now they know how we feel like all year round but at least they have other 3 enjoyable cooling seasons.

So any of you guys here have plans for the beach or "summer" holidays yet? Even if you don't this make up tutorial is suitable for a fun weekend out at the mall or a picnic :)
It's pretty simple because the only tones you are going to use is ORANGE, and no not that annoying talking orange dude from YouTube lol wtf.
This was an experiment at first but i am glad it turned out good because orange hues are mostly used on either super fair skin tones or dark skin tones, not our usual Asian yellow skin tones.
Even google didn't help much with the orange make up looks lol guess that's where we have to try on our own to find out!

This round i'll be using 2 famous Taiwanese beauty brands that is Miss Hana & Hanaka, brought to you specially by beautystall.com
It was pure coincidence that i stumbled upon their website as i was looking for a few of Miss Hana products, and to my surprised they have a HQ operating in Johor, so items reaches the buyers quite fast if they have them ready stock. From my experience it only took 2 days for my parcel to arrive at my doorstep, super thumbs up on the dispatch and speedy delivery service!
Over at BeautyStall you can find a wide range of Asian beauty brands from Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan at affordable prices as they are Malaysia’s ONE stop solution for all your beauty needs. All products brought in and sold under them are AUTHENTIC, so rest easy on fakes, plus their customer services is really efficient too!

Get the look, read on below!

Despite Miss Hana & Hanaka being famous brands in Taiwan, but sad to say that there isn't enough reviews on their products both old & new arrivals, leaving new potential customers or existing ones (like me) confused on which product/ shades we should get. Sometimes the official sample photo provided by the website can be different from the real life product so that's why beauty enthusiast like me always do our researches online before deciding. Imagine to my dismay i could barely find reviews on their new arrival Apple Cheek Gradient blusher T.T
I really couldn't decide which shade would suit me best but eventually took a leap of faith and choose the Orange shade (#03 Orange Chardonnay) since it does look nice on the model picture.
I hope this blogpost may be useful to those who are looking to buy Miss Hana & Hanaka products near future as I’ll not only be explaining the tutorial but also including a brief review on each of the products used.

So let’s proceed with the unboxing first!

Always like receiving parcels as it feels like Christmas even though it’s just slightly past mid year lol I choose some skincare products from Hanaka and some cosmetics from Miss Hana, got to admit that their packaging is so adorable with all the pink that it somewhat reminded me a little bit of Canmake Tokyo lol.

  • Hanaka 2 step pore eraser (Value Pack)– Hanaka brand is known for their white/blackhead removal kits and also offers various kinds of facial masks, so to me this is a MUST TRY item for first timers and it's value pack offer 2 miniature of their best sellers and extra 2 more strips on top of 10pcs.
  • Hanaka Whip Soda Bright Pack- Foaming masks is taking mask beauty sessions to a whole new level in Asia, started off in Japan/Korea (if not mistaken) and now other brands are offering their own twist of foaming facial masks. This is a new arrival in Beautystall & having a limited time offer of 20% off!

Start off with a clean face by cleansing it with your daily facial cleanser before putting on your moisturizer and base, if you would like an extra clean skin you can opt to use Hanaka Whip Soda Bright Pack right after your cleansing but I prefer to use this pack AFTER I remove my make up because that’s when I have the most impurities stuck on my skin despite using make up removers & skin cleanser.

Hanaka Whip Soda Bright Pack Review: 
I quite like this one because of the frizzy sensation it gives as the foam starts to build up within 3 minutes of application. It works as a double cleanser since you'll need to rinse it off afterwards unlike your usual facial mask. It is Rose scented, not too overwhelming in-fact it's quite calming, doesn't cause any skin irritation especially to sensitive skin people like me. And the instant brightening effect is noticeable, it does help control the sebum afterwards, for something priced at RM10 a pack (currently RM7.90 limited time offer) I wouldn't mind restocking this product, hope they offer various kind of scents aside from just rose. Wouldn't mind lavender or mint!

Since the theme is Summer Citrus, I am using 3 types of orange/ yellow eyeshadows for my eyes to make it stand out, don’t worry about it looking like a drag queen because it’s a mixture of matte and slightly shimmery eye shadow so it wouldn’t look too over the top
In fact bright colors make our squinty Asian eyes bigger and brighter (literally) instantly, so don’t be afraid to try out bright colored eyeshadows and go easy on smokey eyes unless you have a super large crease/ double eyelid to work with like the Caucasians.

First step is to use a matte orange shade all over your crease, if you have small double eyelids like me make sure to apply abit higher as it will disappear once you open your eyes lol.

Take the 2nd shade which is a shimmery orange bronze and apply on the outer corner of your crease, don't over do this part or you'll end up looking like a panda.

 Final step take a matte yellow (or shimmer whichever you prefer) and apply on the inner corners of your crease from your tear duct and blend it evenly towards the middle of your crease. With that done you should have the "light to dark" gradient effect on your lids.

Next take your liquid eyeliner, pencils don't really give this kind of sharp precision especially if you are planning to draw a winged liner, so that's why i prefer to use liquid. Also it's the darkest among all types of eyeliners that doesn't smudge all over giving you panda eyes (like pencil/ gel).

Lasting Smudge-Proof Liquid Eyeliner (Ultra Slim) Review: 
It does look like a marker type of liquid eyeliner because of the stiff brush tip so it's quite sturdy to draw thick & think lines in one go despite it's name called ultra slim (i've seen slimmer ones).  For first timer liquid liner users, this sturdy eyeliner tip would be much help to you guys compared to the soft ones you usually get in the market. Apparently this eyeliner is one of their best selling ones since it's claim to be 24 hours long wearing, waterproof & quick drying. I did put it to the test, yes it is indeed fast drying so i didn't get any extra liners above my lids when i accidentally opened them while applying but for waterproof i can say yet until i do a cry test lol, it is no doubt easy to remove with non-oil based make up removers.
It should look something like this now after applying your eyeliner, if your hands are sturdy enough try adding a dew "fake lashes" at the bottom to create a fuller eye shape.

"We are almost halfway there! Hang on!"

Apply a coat of Mascara (actually 2-3 coats lar) and your eye make up is done!
*right click to enlarge*

Miss Hana Mega Long Extended Curling Mascara Review:  
I found this Mascara+ eye liner bundle set a genius way to market products because it's first of all value for money (even cent counts!) and it's an eye make up essential to have both. Once can be complete without the other despite many girls skipping either one lol. For Miss Hana's mascara, like it's name does the job of extending my lashes to look longer and more doll like, best part of this tube of mascara is the brush isn't over coated with mascara formula as the narrow exit of the tube removes the excess bits giving you just enough to coat your lashes. You can apply 2-3 times (like i did) and it wouldn't even look clumpy or like spider legs.  The wand is quite flexible by the way, so it reaches the inner corner of your top lashes easily but the wand comb doesn't capture super duper short lashes too well, hence i looked like i have a few bald spots on my lower lash line lol wtf (sorry not blessed with nice full lower lashes *sobs*). This mascara can be removed easily with  warm water even though it's waterproof (kinda confused here lol)!  

 Upclose of your eye make up should look like this.

Moving on to the blusher first before the lipstick, i did learn from a professional make up artist once that we should always apply blusher on first before the lips as it gives you an estimation to choose the right lip color to compliment the whole look. So make up works like a ladder as well, we start off from the top and end at the bottom which is our lips.
Do take note to always exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying any colored lip product as some of them tend to enhance your cracks or skin bits more D:

I have no regrets choosing an unconventional color like an orange blusher! Well in the product catalog it did look abit more 'vibrant' and darker but to my surprise it just reminds me of a subtle sunset shade which is in between coral and bronze.
This is the exact color i managed to photographed, so at least you know how the real shade looks like.

Apple Cheek Gradation Powder (#03 Orange Chardonnay) Review: 
Best shimmer but not so shimmery blusher i have to date! So far i've been hooked on to my canmake gel blushers that i forgot about my compact blushers as most of them are usually matte or overly shimmery, this apple cheek managed to strike the balance between those two. So the outcome upon applying on your cheeks you'll appear to have a 'healthy' glow from the highlight part of the blusher. The only downside is you'll need to apply this about 3-4 times to get a real prominent color on your cheeks, it's color is really subtle and those who don't like strong pigmented blushers would find this to their liking. At least you can control the color application by building over and no it doesn't look cakey from 3-4 applications lol. 

Comes with a mirror and small brush at the bottom compartment!

Failed wink but the blusher can be seen very well here on my cheeks.

Ever since Miss Hana launched this 3 tone lipstick last year, been eyeing to get one myself but couldn't decide on the shade lol, this is definitely a cheaper alternative to the lipstick gradient trend started by Laneige with their 2 tone lip bars. Except the colors given by these are rather subtle and more natural finishing rather than the usual strong lipstick look.

Miss Hana Voluptuous Triple-Colored Lipstick (Revel Orange) Review: 
Have to stress that this lipstick does make your chapped lips look more obvious, so kindly exfoliate your lips before using this! Even though the texture isn't creamy and heavy but the color still displays quite well if you put on about 2-3 coats of it :)
Think all of Miss Hana products are designed for a natural "no make up" look, so if you want the colors to be darker you'll have to build over the layers. Despite all the complaints about it not being as expected i find this guy quite moisturizing, so it gives a glossy finishing and at least i got my ombre lips without having to use my fingers!

Aren't the colors pretty? *v*
Mix of nude & coral

I've read tons of reviews about this products and there are many mixed feelings about this because mostly users were expecting it to be as pigmented as Laneige's but overall to me i find this lipstick a very nice soft finishing touch to my whole look without it looking too heavy on the lip area since my eyes are already the main highlight of the whole look.

And there you have your summer citrus look! Put on a bright colored bikini or top, you'll look like you are ready for Hawaii lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple tutorial look and found the reviews helpful for your future purchases on beautystall :)

To get the products or browse for more visit BeautyStall & follow them on their social media sites for the latest updates & ongoing promotions!


Those looking for black/white head removers, do consider these powerful lil guys from Hanaka, the 2 step pore eraser helps to extract unwanted clogged oil heads and firms up your pores afterwards. The first step is the usual black liquid which i have to warn you guys to do it in your bathroom to avoid unwanted mess as it is quite sticky but great in covering cornered areas that can't usually be gripped by those nose pore strips.
Don't use a brush for this or cleaning will be a b*tch later, just use your finger and spread it around your troubled areas, for mine is the T-zone.
Takes about 10-15 minutes for it to properly dry up and you'll have fun peeling off the whole mask! It's like KOSE's clay mask but more affordable range :)

One packet is enough for a whole face, but if you are only using it on your T-Zone, then get a partner to share with to avoid wastage as once it's opened it can't be kept.

This pore eraser should market themselves are 2-in one pore & hair remover lol.
Please take care to make sure any stray hair is out of the way because it adhesive is strong enough to remove your hair from it's roots, so apply with caution especially near your eyebrows  T.T 
Bye bye black/white heads and also my hair!
Removing is rather an easy process as once it's properly dry it will be able to pull off as a single large piece and not in tiny bits and pieces.

 Noticed the few strands on top? lol. Painful lesson learnt for me, funny that removing on skin is so much more easier and painless than removing it from hair lol wtf, in case of accidental contact with your hair, just remove it with warm water and not pull it out!


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