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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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REVIEW | CANMAKE TOKYO Matte & Crystal Cheeks [03 Juicy strawberry]

When someone asks me how much (not many) make up do i have at home, that's one of the questions i honestly can't answer lol it's hard to actually keep track of what you are currently using and those extras you purchased during sales to store as "spares". As a blogger I do get sponsored products, some of them i'll use and some i'll give away if it doesn't suit me but overall with the amount i have in hand think i have 2 large boxes full that's waiting to be used at the moment, wish i had many faces to apply on so at least it would move faster and not go to waste. What doesn't help is, me constantly purchasing more of them just because it's cheap lol oTL

When i go Japan the only thing i would buy is cosmetics and skincare products aside from a few okashi (snacks) for friends & family members. Oh! and some clothes too!
All my favorite Japanese cosmetic brands are just ridiculously expensive over here but that's probably the cost of importing in and other costs, for make up i wouldn't pay full price unless i really NEED it urgently lol usually i would wait for sales or bundle promotions so i can get more stuff and stretch my pitiful country's currency.

Look at the scary crowd D:

Make up isn't really considered 1st tier essentials to me so that's why it's no.3 on my priority list aside from hygiene products and food which are ranked no.1 & 2.
Think i can be called a bargain hunter also la as i tend to look out for good sale deals on new products i would like to test out & review for my readers (see out of my own pocket le!). The most recent sale i've actually woke up super early and queued for would be the SASA Mid Valley reopening as they were having an RM1 sale on some products, have to thank my younger sis for booking a slot for me since she came by 30 minutes before i did and that made a HUGE difference. By the time i go there the queue was insanely long, from about 30 people in line ended with almost 200+!

Yay! Managed to nab a few RM1 & RM10 items, also needed a new eyeliner and double eyelid stickers since mine was already finishing, so i only got what i NEEDED. So proud of myself that i didn't get anything on impulse except the eyeshadows la XD

I'm glad that they have PureSmile face mask in Sasa, that's like everybody's must buy mask when they go Japan. It's everywhere, super affordable and sold in large quantities. In KL there's only a handful of places that carries them. Next to review is their Glow fleur series, if you can spot it in the picture above lol

Okay..think i went sorta off topic again lol but what's relevant is you can find this product i am going to review at SASA outlets worldwide!For those who know me well would noticed that i love Canmake Tokyo to bits, if i could i would own every single product they have in the store but unfortunately it's pricey here unless they have it at promotion pricing. But back in Japan having the tourist privilege of getting it tax-free, i would usually hoard tons of it back. They make great gifts as well, it's usually a chance for me to poison my friends to like Canmake products too.
Despite having the opportunity to try so many cosmetic brands, there  only a few i swear by and Canmake is one of them!
You can view my previous Holiday tutorial here: Canmake x Arisa 2015

Having a few generations (yes i've been a Canmake user for ages already) of their blushers, seen how their packaging evolved over time and formulas/ textures improving every single year so i would like to take this time to highlight their MATTE & CRYSTAL BLUSHER SERIES.
This particular model was released early last year but didn't get around using it as i was too hooked on their lip & cheek gel series lol those are also a must haves! But it was a real bummer that Canmake Malaysia doesn't carry in the 4th color for the lip & cheek gel, they only sell 3 shades here :-/ and tons of Canmake products in Japan only a handful can be found in Malaysia.

Look at that! They have rose motifs on the blusher itself, how could i have the heart to destroy such a masterpiece! But then again keeping it till it expires is most wasteful and pitiful than using it lol.
So blusher, i'm giving you a life purpose here to make my pale colored face "kawaii".
Mine is in 03 Juicy strawberry

Available in 3 shades, mine is the middle one.

One of the main reasons why i was reluctant to use it was also because it was too pretty to open & use T.T
I am sure most girls can relate to this when they buy products because of their beautiful packaging lol, marketing scheme totally on point here!

Their Matte series is rather subtle, needs a few application to actually bring out the color, or it's just me being too pale like Edward Cullen from Twilight :-/
But at least i don't sparkle under sunlight like that sissy lol, it's funny to have a matte series in Canmake brand as almost 98% of their products has a slight shimmer to it since they have always marketed themselves as a "princess or dolly" kind of brand. Well the only slight shimmer i got was from the pale pink part (crystal) on the left side which i am guessing is supposed to be somewhat as a highlighter. Overall i do find this product great as a touch up piece that i can dump in my bag and go since it comes with a brush but color pigment wise can't be compared to their bestselling gel & cream blusher 2-in-1 series :)

Lasting power wise is decent if you don't sweat too much or itchy hands that constantly touches their face lol. Texture is very light weight (so is the color) so it doesn't feel like cake when you apply on multiple layers.

That's like 3-4 times of application here lol. 
Some might light a slight color so 1-2  times is enough but i personally prefer them stronger.

Complete look using Matte & Crystal Cheeks in 03 Juicy strawberry, subtle refreshing look from my usual strong cheek color. Best used to enhance the apples of your cheeks!

You can purchase Canmake products from their flagship store in Da:Men USJ or in Sasa outlets in Malaysia. More updates can be found on their official Facebook page: Canmake Malaysia

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post, products are bought out of my own pocket for testing & reviewing purposes.


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