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Laneige Products CRISIS! SOS!

As the title says it all, i am not exactly here to complain about one of my favorite Korean beauty brand but to highlight about their product quality :(
Not sure what i am talking about, if you have no experienced what i had the please watch the video below! So less reading to do lol, just sit back have a bucket of popcorn ready and click "play".

I've been a Laneige user since last year after i was given the opportunity to try out some of the products (blessed for this opportunity!) as previously they are one of the brands that is beyond my budget range for skincare & cosmetics lol. But after using them, i do understand why people are willing to pay the amount for Laneige products, it's THAT GOOD.
Not being sarcastic or anything, i kid you not about the quality and performance of their products, it is really effective and works exactly as claimed by the brand themselves.

Click to watch!

But didn't i expect a few months down the road that i'll encounter this kind of problem as i was considering of getting more refills for my Laneige BB cushion since i down to my last pop and now i am thinking twice about it in fear of a degraded sponge quality after this incident.
Probably my batch was a faulty manufactured one, but who knows since only Amore Pacific/ Laneige Malaysia can assure me for now. Not asking for any compensation or whatsoever, just some clarification would suffice as i also did get some feedbacks from other friends who are also using similar Laneige products and experienced the same outcome as i did.
Imagine all of us being left puzzled about our new products degrading at such extreme speed seems unnatural especially if the shelf life is still valid.

All time fav, Laneige BB cushion
Great coverage since i took pore control series and it's a perfect match for my skintone (N21)
Suitable for lazy people like me who rather do their make up in the car without using any brushes.

Regarding the complaints i've compiled from my facebook which i've screenshot and posted below, as you guys can see that all of them have a "sponge" problem as well, not only for Laneige Watery Cushion concealer but also for the cushion puff (so far 2 cases compiled including mine).

  • Laneige Watery Cushion concealer : 6 complaints
  • Laneige BB Cushion : 2 complaints

That's quite alot of complaints piled on here D:
Hope Laniege Malaysia does look into this problem before it gets worst!

Upclose shot of my BRAND NEW Cushion puff, yet to be used and it cracked upon slight pressure just as i was about to use it for the very first time. Now i have to buy brand new cushion puff to use instead because i doubt this is usable anymore.

Before using finished my previous cushion i did noticed it started wearing off already, i understand the concept of "wear & tear" but comparing to my other cushion sponge, Laneige's seems to die faster than the rest :(  
Heck even my Innisfree cushion still looks more livelier than this after it hit its pan lol.

So now i am asking the public, in Malaysia or girls (and guys) around the world using Laneige products, have you experienced a similar case as well? If you had kindly do share your photos in my comment box below we could use this to bring up to Amore Pacific about their product quality which clearly needs a recheck before it hits the shelves.
Like i said, this is a peaceful feedback post and not to create an uncivilized riot, if you want to rant out loud kindly do it on your own personal page instead of spreading negative stuff on my blog :)

Despite having this problem, that ain't gonna stop me from using their products! 

Currently using their waterbank gel jar ask a night mask which seems to be working very well in keeping my skin hydrated & supple in air-conditioned rooms. Would definitely do a separate review post for that product next time since it's a share worthy topic to write about lol.
Till my next update, enjoy the rest of your Raya holiday guys!

A very Heartbroken,


  1. I just received my cushion and after one try the puff cracked terribly :( I wish there was an answer why!! I'm in Malaysia as well..

    1. Sound alike a defect product, take it to your nearest Kaneohe counter to get a new puff :)


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