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ABS PowerBank for PokemonGo

Before you go rolling your eyes on the title of the post and going "Not you too!" lol, i am pretty sure you guys are guilty at one point too for playing this game that's been just given the green light in Malaysia last Saturday and the hype is insane!

Left and right, people of all ages are glued to their phones (including me lel) trying to catch pokemons especially the rare ones. I wouldn't say that i am a hardcore player of #PokemonGo because it drains my phone battery really fast despite my efforts of saving it by dimming the screen light and turning it to power saving mood, the usual 100% battery barely lasts till 3pm before it starts signaling that i am down to my last 15% of battery juice. A real FML moment to not have a functioning phone especially when i rely on it 24/7 when i am out with no access to internet nor my laptop and i have to be reachable at all times for work purposes (yes including my weekends) :-/

Gotta Catch'em all indeed! 
Look i found rare human pokemons infront of me XD

During the Markets'19 bazaar, even some of my blogger friends came prepared with a few powerbanks to ensure they are well supplied with juice for any rare pokemon sightings, you wouldn't want to be catching one halfway before your phone decides to die on you right? Lol.
Instead of talking about life, we ended up updating each other on what pokemons are available around us XD
This is what society has come to these days, first we blame the advancing technology of smart phones making us antisocial, now people are blaming pokemon for actually making people go out and interact with one another (but still face glued to the screen la). Humans being typical, blaming everything but themselves.
Okay, back to my friends being well prepared with powerbanks, i came to realized that i needed a fast charging one PRONTO if i wanted to work and play on that same hand phone as my current powerbank is starting to show signs of old age like slow charging and doesn't store as much juice as it used to :(

 Thank goodness i remembered that i've recently gotten a new powerbank that's been still sitting in the parcel it arrived in but didn't have the time to look into it. A total life saver indeed, though the brand might not be familiar to some (like me) but no harm giving it a try since there are pretty good reviews about it on the net.
Not only the price is affordable, it also comes with a 2 year warranty and 1 to 1 exchange guaranteed for whole of Malaysia!
That's really the first time i've heard of a powerbank brand providing such generous offer, even those big branded ones give 1 year at most. Available throughout Malaysia, complete list can be found here, for now it's a total of 93 outlets carrying ABS products and they are looking to expand further.

My review would definitely be straight to the point, it's most definitely fast charging as i have witness it brought back my near dead handphone back to life in just mere 10 minutes (from 5% jump up to 30%) Within 30 minutes my battery is almost fully charged! When the powerbank detects my phone battery is full, it will auto shut off saving the unused juice for future charges, my current powerbank is 12000mAh, which is enough for 2-3 full charges for my HTC DesireEYE.  Would highly recommend this powerbank to those looking to get a new one since PokemonGo is making you walk alot (this gadget is light so it's easy to carry around) and draining your phone battery lol.

My recent work trip to Langkawi, as usual being a pea brain i forgot the most imporant item which was my charger, thank goodness i had my ABS powerbank in my handbag, it's lightweight and slim so it doesn't take up unnecessary space in my bag like my previous bulky one. Without my powerbank not sure how i would have survived with a dead phone throughout these 3 days lol, Thank you ABS powerbank for saving my phone (& my life)!

Aside from powerbanks they also carry in other products like car chargers and battery cables, more info on their products please visit their website: www.absmalaysia.net
Currently C Two Gadget is the sole distributor of ABS Malaysia, so please beware of fakes.
If you purchase Online now for the month of August, you can enjoy up to 34% discount on their ongoing Merdeka Sales @ official 11Street e-store:  http://bit.ly/ABS_11Street
*Valid till 31st August only, get them while stocks lasts!

**Disclaimer: Though the product is sponsored for reviewing purposes, this does not affect my judgement as I have tried & proven it myself :-)


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