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Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Surprise!

More Innisfree goodness for 2016!
When it comes to Korean skincare products, nothing works better on sensitive skin like Innisfree because they are made from the natural goodness for Jeju Island without damaging the ecosystem. Innisfree is an eco-friendly beauty brand who plays their part in contributing back to nature in every possible way so that's why they have recycling rewards for their customers to encourage them to bring back their innisfree product containers instead of simply discarding them.
In their jeju factory, everything is thought out thoroughly from production to manufacturing, making sure that their beloved mother nature isn't harm in any way while producing their products because they rely heavily on mother nature's resources, without it there would be no Innisfree products :-p

Personalized gifts are always the best, don't you agree?
One of the main product line to battle pore problems is their Volcanic range, around July they have introduced a new family member to their ever expanding range and this time it's the Volcanic Clay Mousse!
Thanks to its mousse-like texture, its supposed to have a better pore care effect compared to their clay mask which i am currently using whenever my face feels extra oily.
Since molecules of mousse are technically much smaller than smallest pores, it helps clean out our pores easily inside out more effectively. 

It also helps reduce excess sebum and fine dust resting on top of our skin that usually causes our clogged pores. Volcanic scoria is known to have twice as much nutrients and stronger sebum control capability than their other famous soil family members like mud and red clay.
It is available in all Innisfree outlets in Malaysia, priced at RM70 for a 100ml bottle which should last about 3 months+ with weekly usage.
Not sure how this product is going to fare for my pores since my blackhead and pore problems are under control at the moment thanks to Tansan Soda Spa foam lol.
Gotta test it out on my other siblings instead to see whether it is as effective as their previous clay mask which i reviewed last year (still loving it!), you can read about Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask HERE.

My current Volcanic family is growing steadily! Not to say that i have really oily skin as this line is more recommended for those but that doesn't stop me from using their face scrub for exfoliating purposes since it's mild enough not to cause my skin to peel off unlike my previous St.Ives peach scrub which is more suitable for other parts of the body except my face as i have very thin and sensitive skin.

Explains alot on why it peels and feels raw frequently whenever i use new products on my skin, well at least i know what i CAN and CAN'T use whenever i am being approached for reviews now :)
So far Innisfree works great for my skin, tried quite a number of their range, emptied up couple of their bottles (still waiting for me to bring them back to the outlets for recycling lol) my favorite yet to date is still the Green Tea Seed and Tangerine series, as for make up it's most definitely their Innisfree Long Wear cushion as it has the right amount of coverage for my skin to go without concealer!
Not a huge fan of their water glow (more lighter coverage) as my skin ain't exactly "scar free" from pimples lol, it's more suitable for those who are blessed with damn good skin.

Sebum problems no more with Jeju Volcanic series and from 15th August to 30th September, with every purchase of Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask, you will receive an extra Super Pore Tightening Mask as well!

Take advantage of their opening promo prices to try out their best sellers (which are also my favs lol)

For those who aren't aware, Innisfree Malaysia is opening their 4th Outlet in Suria KLCC (more reasons for me to visit since near my workplace) this coming Friday, 19th August!
Congratulations Innisfree on your steady growth, soon you guys will the No.1 Korean skincare brand in Malaysia :)  More updates and progress do follow them on their official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS
They usually have interesting giveaways, promotion updates and event invites to give out!

Eating my chocolate pores haha, Koreans are so creative! 
Thank you for the limited edition choco balls Innisfree Malaysia, they are delicious!

How to enjoy your Super Volcanic Clay Mousse, should probably take their advice and try it out tonight lol, sadly my only comfortable thing is the floor since my house doesn't have any furniture except my low Japanese table which my laptop sits on.

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