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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Discover Chiba in Autumn 2016- ChiBUStory Departure!

Chiba Prefecture, it's been a while since i last set foot in Japan, 7 months to be exact lol and i do miss the country very much. But doubt i will be able to go this year because i am due with lil parasite towards year end, but that really depends :)
But what is confirmed is that lil parasite will be an Autumn baby, my favorite season of the year too *yay*!
If i do have some extra funds, i would most definitely bring my lil parasite to Japan first for prayers hence the working my ass off (literally) for the rest of my life lol but anything for this lil guy as he/she will be the only thing in this world i can provide for and like every parent we just want the best for our kids but not to the extent of spoiling them lar lol.

Right now, as we speak (in this case, read) i am busy running through all my Japan photos, wishing every moment i am back there once again. Should take my maternity leave to travel for a whole month lol since i ain't so pantang like typical Chinese ladies.
Life is too short to worry about all those kind of things and heck i have friends who are already travelling directly after popping due to work.


To be called back to attend Chiba Seminar for the 2nd time this year is already a huge blessing for me as i am being remembered for something at least :)
Gotta thank some friends in the media for keeping me in the loop for this, thank you (you know who you are) and for Chiba prefecture, i wouldn't mind sharing my experience of this beautiful prefecture a thousand times over if i had to!
Whenever i am being asked about which prefectures to visit, Chiba definitely would be included especially since most people go there for Disneyland and Disney Seaworld anyway (without realizing it's in Chiba lololol), there are so many other things to do here rather than just going to over commercialized attractions.
If you have not read my previous Japan trip posts, please do visit these links below!

During Chiba Seminar for Spring 2016
Am really glad that i gave very lasting impression while i was in Chiba as one of the government staffs- Takayama-san of Chiba prefecture, everytime he sees me in Malaysia, Takayama-san would go "Oh! You changed hair color again!" XD

So far Chiba seminar in Malaysia has been held twice this year alone and it's usually open to related media and publications. Even if you run a tour guide agency, it's good to send representatives to scout potential collaborations since that's what business is about and the participating merchants here are more than glad to answer and inquiry you have. Don't have to worry about language barriers as they have translators in the room and some of them speaks quite good English too! Would be a bonus of course if you could speak Japanese :-P

Merchants of different fields but of the same category- Tourism

Learning more about individual hotels and their services

The whole purpose of Chiba prefecture organizing this seminar in Malaysia is to create a tourism bridge between both countries, you'll be amazed that not many people know Japan as well as claimed because Japan is such a big country will many fine attractions that one's lifetime alone can never finish visiting them in this land of the rising sun lol.
Even local Japanese themselves are constantly discovering new things to do, see and eat during their free time and imagine that they've been there all their life, yet it's never a 100% you'll know your area inside out unless it's within a small village vicinity la XD

Chiba prefecture is no different as Japan is a country of 4 seasons, so every season it's expected to have their own individual attractions, since Japan is heading into the midst of summer at the moment don't let those torturous summer heart get to you just yet!
Planned ahead like visiting Chiba in Autumn, if you are still unsure of what to do in Chiba please refer to my links above this post.

Recently Chiba prefecture has released a new featured, making it easy for tourists to visit Chiba's recommended toursit spots with their limited edition highway bus called- ChiBUStory Departure!

This service is valid from 17th September - 31st October 2016

For Malaysians it's similar to our KL Hop on & Off bus which tours around KL main attractions but for ChiBUStory, they'll bring you around the entire prefecture starting from Narita airport.
So tourists can visit Choshi and Kamogawa without the hassle of changing trains or renting vehicle services. Each route selected has their attractions whether it's cultural, fun leisure or nature which i'll list down below of the places the bus will stop, so it will be easier for you guys to decide on the routes you would like to take :)

Highlights of Choshi Route:

  • Traditional Townscape
  • Inubosaki Lighthouse
  • View from Cape Gyobu
  • Lidaka Darin Seminary 

Highlights of Kamogawa Route:

  • Kominato Railway
  • Tsukino Sabaku Memorial Museum
  • Kamogawa Seaworld
  • Nani no Ihachi Wood Carvings
  • Katsuura Undersea Park
  • Kmogawa Oyama Terraced Rice Field  
So you'll be exploring Chiba while enjoying the colors of Autumn, even i am jealous of those who are planning to go Japan this period because i won't be able to *sobs*
Please tons of pretty pictures of the maple leaves for me k?
To book or find our more about ChiBUStory head over to: www.chibustory.jp/en/ (it's in English)

ChiBUStory is just one of the efforts done by Chiba prefecture goverment to promote their prefecture and to also make it convenient for travelers to discover what Chiba has to offer.
Those of you who don't know Marroad Hotel provides free transfers from Narita Airport to their hotel for both individuals and groups but for groups please do make an advance booking so they may allocate a special feeder bus for your usage.  

One of the few new stuff that i've gotten to know from this seminar is Inzai Kuroshio Market located on the northwestern part of Chiba prefecture, i have yet to visit this place for myself but from what i gathered it's similar to Tsukiji market in Tokyo except this is Chiba edition lol and it's about 40 minutes away from Narita airport.
In Inzai Kuroshio Market it is famous for Tuna fish (Maguro) dressings, tuna dismantling shows, sushi making and of course everyone's all time favorite word- "Shopping" lol.

If you are more of a Ryokan person, majority of the Ryokans in Chiba offers a breathtaking sea view where you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset the traditional Japanese style!
Like how i did last year, morning sunrise soak in an onsen at Kamogawa Grand Hotel :P
Gonna stop my post here before i break down and cry again from the "homesickness" (feel so much more home in Japan than here lel) but gotta tell myself that what i am going through is temporary, things will get better and I'll be back in Japan again someday.

Aikksss! I forgot to mention, if you are looking for affordable flights you can check out ANA (Japan Airline) since their fuel surcharges has been removed, flights to Japan is so much more affordable, plus i heard the airline is baby friendly and has really good food serve onboard too! :)
Yes, let me poison you guys into travelling to Japan~ *evil laughter*

Chiba prefecture awaits you, my minions!

Missing Japan Dearly,

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