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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Finally started playing with Make Up Again

Finally an update after being away from my laptop for such a long time, was meaning to schedule this post while i was away but had too much things to settle first (blogging isn't my first priority anymore, sad lol) before having to fly out of town to settle some personal business back in Kyoto. Of late i've been using less and lesser make up that 90% of the time i can be seen going out bare faced because i'm just too tired to doll up and most of the time i'm only in the office or at home so there's barely any reason for me to waste good expensive make up on myself lol so i've turned down quite a number of offers to review beauty products unless brands can wait for me to post it up according to my own convenience (hard to come by understanding people these days but i'm glad for those who are, thank you and you know who you are!). And you hardly get much selfies from me too because i feel like an awkward potato in front of the camera now, so most of the time i tend not to look at the camera intentionally (try to divert the awkwardness) not because want to "give feeling" kinda pose la.

When i was first contacted by the wonderful Butterfly team stating that i was one of the few bloggers that was selected to review this youthful cosmetic line from Taiwan named 1028 Visual Therapy, was kinda over the moon because finally there's a new toy to play with lol. Yes i sound like a happy child because if i was a real kid, make up would be my sandpit in the playground where i can build all kinds of castles and no one to bother me in my safe lil box.

About 1028 Visual Therapy
A little intro about the brand in case you have not heard of them at all, they are from Taiwan created as a skincare cosmetic line meaning it helps your skin instead of damages it like our usual cosmetics.
So it's a 2 in 1 cosmetic product designed for Asian skin types and features!
Regardless what type is your style, be it cool, sassy or cute, 1028 Visual Therapy is made for everyone. It's been endorsed by many celebrities and make up artists in Taiwan and has even been proven effective through lab tests.

This eyeshadow palette comes in 3 different themes to achieve various kinds of looks
i naturally selected Macaron due to it's dainty light spring-like shades since i'm not a big fan of those bold colored eyeshadows. It's hard for me to pull off those kind of sultry smokey eyes look without looking like i just got punched by someone or an underage kid who played with her mom's make up and gone wrong lol

I was experimenting with this idea for quite some time now but never really got around to doing it so right now with 1028 visual therapy cosmetics, i've managed to execute this idea of mine which was building 3 different kinds of make up looks throughout the day without removing the previous look's make up. Sounds rather silly to some but it's one of those things i've learned when i was working in fashion & production line where time is precious so make up artists try to maximize their time by building over each look/ tweaking it and remove only whenever deemed necessary.
To think of it, why not us normal people adapt this method too especially it can be rather useful during travels or when you have a packed schedule of attending meetings and events (especially bloggers). Not all of us have the time to remove our make up and re-apply again, but if yu do so i really salute you la because so much free time lol while half the damn time i am doing my make up in the car while waiting at the traffic light (opps kantoi, but don't tell anyone la :P) to turn green/

Like most of my make up tutorials, it's pretty simple! All you gotta to is mix the shades from the macaron palette, from a fresh morning "no make up" kind of look till a lunch date and dinner look according to the video i made below, please do watch and leave me a comment of what other kinds of looks you would like to see me create using this macaron palette!
If you are curious to know how well the product fared throughout the day then please continue to read on my detailed review below:

Everyone seems to be coming out with their own version of their compact cushion, but how well formulated and designed is another story altogether la and i did find myself liking 1028's texture because it gives me a decent full coverage without needing any concealer to cover my imperfections like eyebags, dark circles and pesky blemishes.

• Contains Vitamin B3 and other moisturizing formula for added moisture.
• SPF30 PA+++ protection against harmful UV rays.

Though it isn't exactly 100% covered i would definitely give it a 8/10 rate for coverage and unlike most cushions i have used prior before this i noticed most of them tend to wear off pretty fast or start forming weird cake like texture on my skin instead of "melting" like most foundations or bb creams do and to touch it up would result in birthday cake looking face lol. But somehow for 1028's cushion i didn't get that problem, it lasts an average of 6 hours without any touch up and if you do need to, it wouldn't pile up obviously enabling you to have a fresh look throughout the day but i do have to remind you guys to keep your skin well hydrated or else it would feel abit dry when you apply on this cushion. But this is definitely still lesser drier compared to Innisfree's pore cushion (good coverage but very dry) and best of all it doesn't have that sticky feeling, in fact it's a good combination of dewy & matte finishing.

P/s: This was my observation for Malaysian weather by the way, in other countries the results may vary like how i noticed it became patchy on my skin in Japan's weather as the air was too try till even my face was oil-free till night time.

Inside the cushion is actually a protective mesh piece containing the cushion's foundation which makes it easy to transfer unto the press sponge upon each gentle press. Don't press too hard too or else there will be too much foundation on your sponge

The compact powder's size was totally unexpected and this was my first time too coming across one this small, they must have probably designed it with the idea of "having it on the go" because it's only needed during touch ups throughout the day. I really wish more brands would consider creating products in this kind of miniature size because it really helps us to save space in our bags, making it appear less bulky and also less heavier (you have no idea how heavy an average women's bag weighs thanks to our paranoid nature). You can check the photo below for the size comparison between the cushion (normal size) and 1028's compact powder.

Look at all those pretty shades!!
Their eyeshadow on the other hand is surprisingly big for a small palette because you usually come across eyeshadows in small squares rather than big ones and even that usual small size takes us forever to finish (especially me since i hardly use eyeshadow unless for special occasion) so i can see mine lasting quite a while lol but it's alright since the shades are great for day time usage so i might as well just use it to work, that is if i can get up much earlier to wear make up la lol.
The shimmer of the eyeshadows isn't too overwhelming in fact perfect enough to highlight your eyes in all the right places without leaving any glitter residues and mine last quite well without any eyeshadow primer (keep on forgetting to use).

As for their eyebrow pencil, mascara and liquid eyeliner it fared pretty well for my standards too, like how they can last the whole day without smudging, pigmented and glides smoothly as you draw them on.
Their eyebrow pencil comes with a brush head so it's easy to comb your brows neatly and at the same time blend it in. I would advise not to press on too hard as you draw them on as you wouldn't want to look like crayon sin chan lol just a gentle amount of pressure is sufficient enough.
The liquid liner is like my next holy grail since it's easy to draw a wing effortlessly, medium thickness brush that glides well on your lids and it needs minimal control (for people who are used to liquid eyeliners like myself) but for first timers, it should be fine as well since you can grip it like a normal pencil and draw a thin line. Dries within 5 secs so you don't have to worry about accidently blinking and causing a smudge on on the upper part of your lids :)


The mascara's wand however gives more lengthening effect compared to volume so if you have short lashes then this would help give you the extra length this also helps you to achieve the doe eye dolly look without having to stick on any false lashes. It contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E repairing any daily lash damage caused my excessive rubbing, exposed to harsh sunlight (UV rays) while strengthening eye lashes.
It isn't exactly entirely waterproof as it can be easily removed with warm water or water based make up remover but i do prefer them over those hardcore waterproof mascaras that tend to make me loose a couple of lashes upon removing each time :-/
So hurray for 1028's mascara 💓

sneak peak of my dinner make up, full look can be found in the video above, go watch!

Can't wait to see them at the nearest drug store shelves soon, will definitely update you girls more details on that once it's officially here :)
Remember leave me a comment on what other kinds of looks you want me to create for a morning till night using the same 1028 Macaron palette!

Also Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends and family members!

UPDATE 30/6/17: 

It's available at all Watsons Malaysia now! :)
Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/1028MY/



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