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Malaysia's Trending news (June edition)

The irony of "please be kind to us June" phrase everyone has been posting on their FB status or instagram caption the minute the clock strikes 12am on 1st of June. Over the last 24 hours, somehow the Malaysian (e)newspapers and other online publications seem to be taking over the viral/ trending sector by storm and obviously for all the wrong reasons because what better way to get people to read their articles than to publish about topics that can "trigger" the entire peninsular malaysia and soon worldwide if it does reach CNN's ears.

Rather sad, but that's my beloved country for you guys.

Whenever i have friends from other countries asking what's happening in Malaysia lately i can only laugh and say "same ol' shit as always, just different smell & texture".

It's highly entertaining actually to see these news pop up on my facebook newsfeed and within hours it goes viral with everyone voicing out their opinions both good and bad but for the minority of us who just can't be bothered will be watching behind the screen enjoying our popcorn as things escalates along. Those who are highly opinionated about themselves would probably say that we don't love our country (Malaysia) enough to participate in the debate (sorry we have better things to do that to be keyboard warriors) and make our country a "better" place.
Well, i've already signed up to vote so that's my part as a good citizen done, the rest isn't my problem already as i have more shits to deal with in my life and don't need to add on more to the steaming hot pile. Enough said.

It's also one of the main reasons why

Let's start from the best trending topic shall we?

1. Claimed "Racist" Raya video by Watsons Malaysia aka "BLACKFACE"

Original article here:CLICK ME

This 15 mins long Raya short video by Watsons was inspired by an old movie with a character name Harum Senandung from the movie Dayang Senandong’ movie in 1965, you can google and watch the movie on YouTube.
When i was asked by a friend to give my opinion about the video, it never struck me as offensive in an obvious manner but yet there are tons of people who are furious about it and behaving like hooligans by starting campaigns like "BOYCOTT WATSONS & LET'S GO TO GUARDIANS". Really not helping the situation by lashing out that way, you might think that because i'm fair skinned therefore it seems like a joke but really what's in my head was " Watsons ada big budget to feature some of my celebrity friends in there, cool" and that's all.

Full video

No racism or whatsoever crossed my mind and i condone people having opinions because everyone is entitled to, just watch what you post online and i'm referring to the ones bashing on Watson's latest apology status claiming that they are "insincere and all".
Hey, at least they took action and apologize for what they did, you have no idea the amount of damage control that needs to be done internally.
For more interesting reads on this topic you can head over to Wilson's blog: truth-behind-racist-watsons-legendacun-raya-video


Full article here: malaysian-authorities-hold-contest-help-prevent-people-gay-transgender

Okay, probably this topic is something unfair because everyone deserves to be happy whether they love someone of the same sex or need to get their gender changed because they are trapped in the wrong body (which happens in supported medical cases) as i have friends from both sides as well and i respect their decision and courage to do the things they do.
Yes my family is old fashioned and would probably flip the table knowing i hang out with them but why not? They are humans too just like you and me and if we could be happy why not them as well?
Instead of sending the wrong message and miseducating the nation about sexual transmitted diseases only caused by these group of people, the goverment should use that budget to create sexual education campaigns focusing on safe sex practices rather than condemning LGBT people.
I even know people who are straight that has AIDS (due to banging different partners on Tinder almost every night), and not the LGBT ones so what is the goverment trying to prove here?
Shame on you Malaysia.

Original post here: CLICK ME

3. Tourism gets TAXED

So much for tourists coming here to enjoy a tax-free holiday and even locals ourselves are getting taxed for having a holiday in our neighbouring states.
We are already paying through our noses with subsidies being pulled back, prices of everything increases and our pay is still the same because companies can't afford bonuses/ raise instead are retrenching to save costs.
Oh all things, so now whenever i go back to my hometown in Melaka to show some foreign friends around we have to pay the taxes for our accommodation. And we know our government very well that the money they collected from taxes never goes to the growth of the country instead to their own pockets. Guess the big shots up there never read up on French history and what happened when the country gets overtaxed.

Original article here: CLICK ME

4. Sexist prick who thinks with his penis and not with his brain

This topic seems like a small one but after you read through the whole article, you can't help but to wonder "what's wrong with this dude?"  well..he does have a face one can't resists to punch anyway.
Probably one of those insecure stereotypical dudes who thinks that women should grovel at their feet because women can't support themselves. What era are you from bro?
Women these days are much more well off compared to 20-30 years ago la, times has changed and so does society's mentality.

Don't like women being displayed as strong , independent individuals then persilakan to go back to your stonehenge cave. FYI, on behalf of all women, we don't necessarily need a man in our life to care for our wellbeing and we single mothers are living proof that we can do almost anything while you guys cry in pain at the slight flick of your penis.
I'm not a feminist because i don't give a hoot about period stains on white yoga pants or people breastfeeding in public because people can do whatever they want as long it doesn't affect other people (not sure how some people's lives can get affected over seeing these things la, you need professional help seriously) as both genders are on earth for a reason, to reproduce and never to shame one another.


Last but not least a warning to girls who are alone going to bukit bintang area please be careful as danger can come in all sizes and ages as i've experienced first hand of a father teaching his kid how to threaten and rob from single women drivers.
It happened on Tuesday evening when i was at heading to Plaza Berjaya to collect my phone from Huawei service center so i've parked behind the building where there was a few public parking slots.
The minute i rushed back to my car luckily my instincts told me to lock the car immediately upon catching a slight glimpse of a motorcycle approaching me though i usually start the engine first and it will auto lock itself after. I seriously thought they wanted to park their motorcycle next to me since the car slot was empty and he had 2 younger kids aged between 3-5 year old and 1 teenager about 12 years old on his bike. Instead of adjusting his bike beside me he went infront on my car blocking my exit on purpose and told the older boy to bash my car door which he stood beside my car not knowing what to do as he kept looking back at his father who was showing furious fist gestures while the 2 other kids sat with him staring at me.

I flickered my headlights to signal for him to move as i wanted to get out but he refused to budge until i had to squeeze my car out (on my right had another car parked while the bike was blocking me half way in front) but accidentally knocking his bike tyres which he then started making hand signals like he was scolding me and pointed at this OKU sticker on his bike.
I quickly just drove off without looking back and didn't bother to take a picture because i was scared that they might do something much worst. First of all OKU bikes are 3 wheeled not 2 like our average motorcycles so he was clearly there to threaten and demand for "accident fees".

So please stay safe and always lock your car doors the minute you are inside.
But what the heck is wrong with this guy, teaching young kids that this exploiting act is "alright", really regret not taking a photo and reporting him to the police.

Only good news (not for me because i urgently needed to pump yesterday, fml) is there's a slight drop in petrol prices just announced today so time to pump full tank before it increases again. I'm paying extra RM12 for my small car right now just for a full tank.
Updated article here: http://petrolpricemalaysia.info/

So that's all for Malaysia's hottest news trending on Facebook today :)



  1. Thank you for sharing. TBH, it didn't even struck my mind to FIND anything offensive from the Watson's short clip. Hey, she was picked as the winner for the singing contest (whereby discrimination don't even allow you to walk out without getting hurt somewhere). Seriously, what is wrong with people these days. orz

  2. Exactly, regardless of her looks she was still crowned as the winner anyway so i don't see the need for such racist judgments. Anyway probably they took the fella's dialog "eh hitam-nya" to offence, it's the script writer that should have considered the sensitivity of the words before even using them in the first place

  3. The amount of SJWs and comparing Watsons to other pharmacies shows how immature people can be. What amuses me is how these 'whites' and 'yellows' and 'browns' speak out faster than the blacks or dark skinned. It's similar to how that Korean cosplayer got called out for portraying a character. Pity the script writer tho, no one noticed the sensitivity involved.


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