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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Visiting Arashiyu, Kyoto - Japanese Foot Spa & Massage

Just recently most of you are aware that i'm back to Kyoto to get some personal matters settled and at the same time exploring certain areas of Kansai/ Setouchi to report back on summer's happenings. It wasn't easy coming back here because the memory was still fresh and friends in Japan wasn't aware of my daughter's passing to so breaking the news was rather difficult but it's alright. It has happened and best to accept the situation and try to move on with life though to be honest i do feel like life has stopped for me because the whole situation kept on replaying every single time i close my eyes.
Well, my only advice to those who are traveling or planning a trip to Japan soon, i would strongly advice on getting yourself personal travel insurance while being here so that if anything were to happen (choi touch wood) at least you are insured and everything else would be a smoother process. Though i'm not an insurance seller, i do have friends in Japan who are and they are really reliable too but i'll share that in another post instead of here so you guys can refer to it anytime without having to scroll through each blogpost trying to hunt for the information.

Being in Kyoto does feel abit like home as i am more familiar with this place compared to other prefectures i've visited before because it's my 3rd time here already and nothing much has changed and even if there is, it's pretty subtle as each new attraction is purposely designed to fit into Kyoto's old town vibe like this unique Japanese-style foot spa & massage place i've came acrossed named Arashiyu (thanks to a close friend of mine for introducing) and also the upcoming tatami style starbucks that was just announced to open its doors on 30th June.

When Kyoto-ken is mentioned, the first image of this prefecture strikes one's mind as a historical site that remains preserved till this very day just like my hometown Malacca. A place rich with local history made into a tourism attraction for all to see, there is both pros and cons being in this position. Guess because of that similarity and my interest in history that explains why i am so attracted to Kyoto though many would say it's a mainstream location for tourists.
There's actually many hidden gems around Kyoto (it's bigger than you think!) if you know where to look and i do have a friend on instagram named @Kyoto_Insider who occasionally gives a glimpse of Kyoto from a local's point of view hence the IG name lol.

Summer's flower is Ajisai (Hydrangeas) 

One of the new gems in Kyoto that shouldn't stay hidden is Arashiyu because their services is like a holy grail to tourists like us who are not used to all the walking and hiking in Japan, our feet and calves usually end up very sore and painful from being over exerted daily. Wasn't joking when i posted about an average distance a local walks in a day is at least 10km and when i tracked mine it's definitely more than 10km, the biggest achievement for me thus far was 18km (took wrong route so walked extra lol)!

Not only you'll get to enjoy the scenic view of Arashimaya, you can also relax at Arashiyu to recharge yourself before heading off to your next destination.

From the station , turn left and walk a few meters down till you see Arashiyu's signboard. Then turn in the alley and walk straight till the end, turn right and you have arrived at Arashiyu

From the main road turning left and walk till the end and turn right you'll definitely see Arashiyu, won't be able to miss this white entrance!

Modern and cozy ambiance 

Arashiyu can easily accommodate 5-7 customers at once, but it depends whether there's enough hands especially during peak hours or seasons. It's always better to call or book via online in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Hidden Treasure in Arashimaya

Arashiyu is a new addition to the little quaint mountainside old town in Arashimaya located a stone throw away from the main Arashimaya station (Keifuku line) or even the JR line it is still walkable just that it would be abit further than the keifuku line. My daily train pass only allowed me to take the public JR lines, but it was worth walking the extra distance just to pay them a visit.
When my friend first showed me Arashiyu's instagram post i was really amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of their services because how often do you come across spa places using seasonal fresh flowers as it's main ingredient and in Japan there are different kinds of blooms throughout the year (yes even in snow). She did asked me if i have visited Arashiyu before since at that time i was in Kyoto with my daughter as well but missed Arashiyu since we were in Arashimaya for only half a day before we headed back to central Kyoto (I remembered it was our first time seeing snow too).

So since i was in Kyoto again this time, i made an appointment with Arashiyu to try out their services and they definitely did not disappoint because every second spent there was worth it, from the great hospitality given by the owner Anna-san (congratulations on expecting!) and her staff Fumoto-san to the therapeutic spa and massage session that made you wish it didn't end.
Coming from a ticklish person like me who always avoided massages (even in thailand), can't believe i actually enjoyed Japanese style massages which was much more gentler yet equally effective as well.

Could tell that my feet and calves was slightly more swollen than usual from the hiking the day before

Fumoto-san's massaging skills were impeccable, covering every single inch.

While enjoying the session, they do have a tea menu for you to select your choice of beverage and snack as well.

watch full video here

Beauty with Health Benefits!

Lately their beautiful instagram photos has attracted many visitors from around the world, and i highly recommend for Malaysian travellers to stop by here to try them out too if you have at least 30 minutes to spare from your travel itinerary! Not only you get to snap instagram worthy photos, your legs and feet will benefit tremendously from their services, their massage uses a bamboo shoot which is rolled all over from your legs to your feet to help improve your overall lower body blood circulation and release any hidden knots inside. Their bamboo massage is a new service that has just recently been introduced, previously there was only traditional type messages using hand.

Their special foot spa concoction powder usually mixed in with the floral foot bath, in ready made sachets are available for sale to bring home as souvenirs. It leave your skin feeling silky smooth like a baby's bottom (seriously).

Pampering ourselves is often considered a luxury, but it is always needed occasionally to help our body wind down and heal after being stressed out for months (sometimes even years) instead of your usual massage parlor, you'll have to try Arashiyu's at least once to experience something different in terms of style and culture. Arashiyu is open 

 Loves from Australia!

 Thank you Arashiyu for the great service, hope more people will come visit your shop!

They are even recommended on Trip Advisor!

〒616-8384 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyo Ward, Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, 33−25Hours:11AM–7PM
Phone: +81 75-406-0010
Website: https://ashiyu-arashiyama.jimdo.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arashiyu.kyoto/

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  1. I would love to visit this foot spa massage when i visit Kyoto. It look so refreshing and relaxing.

  2. Wow, what a relaxing authentic Japanese pampering session. The ambience is indeed classy!

  3. This looks like a great place to visit! I've been to Japan before but would want to go to Kyoto someday. The spa ambiance looks so relaxing. Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

  4. Wow! I would like to try this foot spa soon when I travel to Japan soon! You enjoyed a lot.

  5. Such a cosy and beautiful place.. I miss Kyoto plenty too.. it is definitely one of my favorite place in Japan

  6. That looks so great! A lovely Japanese pampering session! The room looks so zen too!
    xoxo Annaleid

  7. wahhh Never try Japanese foot therapy yet! But It look relax! I should try when I go there.

  8. wow wow wow... japanese foot spa... never try yet! - racheal foodilifecious

  9. Great time you have the Japanese foot spa :) One day I will go to Kyoto with my friends! I will check out on the beautiful Kyoto.. :D

  10. Omg the foot soak with flowers looks so relaxing, I like the spa in Japan but some may be quite expensive for me but with promo or discounts is awesome.

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