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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Dating Aunty Yingtze (Beads & Bling + Jalan-Jalan Japan)

What motivated me to share my findings is when some of my friends on instagram messaged me after seeing one of my insta-stories update regarding an applique design that's currently in trend lol.
Instead of replying one by one, i might as well post it here for everyone to see so it's easier as well!
Coming across this haberdashery store was by chance when Facebook ads started suggesting to me pages that i might "LIKE" according to my findings lol (stalker sial this facebook) but in a way i'm glad that they suggested la because after browsing through Beads & Bling facebook, was kinda impress at the amount of bridal laces they have in stock.

Laces are expensive but appliques are cheap!

The usual stores i always go to to get my places is either at Masjid India (Kedai Bunga Reben) or Spotlight @ IPC, KL is obviously much cheaper because they are wholesales but to drive to KL is such a hassle & parking is also another problem, since i've been staying in PJ for the past 2 years i try my best to avoid KL whenever possible unless no choice because of work la. But in PJ the only convenient place for me to get lace is spotlight as they have quite a large variety of designs & colors but they can be quite expensive though when it all adds up :(

Ok, i already said KL is far so bangi is even FURTHER that's like the middle of nowhere already but guess my curiosity got the best of me so Yingtze & i decided to take a roadtrip down to bangi just to check them out. Sounds macam orang gila mission and no doubt thinking back it is kinda siao la.
Might as well taobao all the laces in bulk, save our time and money lol.
But it's okay la, kinda enjoyed the long drive to and fro from bangi with this aunty (we are both old already la, no denying just look like loli trap only) because she has alot of nonsense to tell me and each of them makes me want to bang my head on the steering wheel lol, seriously what is this man. Learn alot of useless things that day lol, and give me back my brain space please.

What is this lol.

When we arrived around the area, spent almost 20 minutes circling trying to find the shop because the person who drives (me) has no sense of direction lol wtf, we ended up opposite area of Beads & Bling. They are located on the 1st floor of the corner shop lot and you won't be able to miss it unless you are me la because the signboard outside very damn big. I'll leave the address below so you guys can use google maps or waze there directly.

Was kinda surprised that the shop was much smaller than i anticipated it to be and the amount of stuff was okay-la, more to bridal trimmings, beadings rather than the usual haberdashery store, think their focus is to cater only for muslimah weddings but they do have wholesale prices too that is if you buy 50 meters and above and what the heck are we supposed to do with that much of lace?
Unless you do a group buy among your friends then probably that works better la but honestly for me i usually purchase enough for the project i'm working on and avoid having any extras because i don't want to keep on adding on to my remnant junk box.
Our total damage there was like 200-300 each person because the beautiful lace trimmings was so expensive (for me la) and we bought 10 meters each that alone felt like a stab into my heart or wallet, whichever it still hurts. Not to mentioned the other junk we added in like appliques pieces, etc.
It's worth checking out the place if you are looking for bridal trimmings la, but not a place you would want to purposely drive all the way down to especially if you are from the other side of town like me.

NO 8-23-02, TGKT 1

Operating Hours: 10 am - 7 pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beadsblings

Happy Birthday aunty

And hor...just a warning if you want to go shopping with this aunty la, she's not a very helpful friend lol because she will tell you to buy everything one lol. 
Experienced it first hand and damn contagious sial, makes you want to be a shopaholic but when you step back and think, you actually don't need the junk one. Just the way she say sounds super convincing until you also say "buy first la think later" lol wtf.

Brought her to Jalan-Jalan Japan for the very first time since we are coming from bangi side, and boy i regretted because end up coming home with more junk ahaha. NOOOOOOO!
You look at her basket, full of small plushies from the RM1 bin (so damn cheap) with all kinds of weird designs makes you wonder what is this fella thinking lol, yes i'm judging you woman!
Overall was fun la doing random stuff with aunty, since both of us are hardly around KL though we stay like 400 meters away from each other but only go out yumcha like once in a blue moon. Still find is hard to believe i know this aunty for almost 8 years already, since she first came down to KL after her SPM and now we are like close to 30 liao (AHAHA, later she slap me). 
But thank you siaa but being such a "good" friend, so happy to have met someone so gila as you and happy birthday to us June babies, still owe you a slice of cake since i wasn't around to celebrate your birthday. It's okay we sama-sama grow whale size and triple chin k?

Can foresee her whatsapping me later asking "what is this shit post" lol.

For those of you who don't know this place, it's in One City, a second hand store carrying products from Japan. Lots of hidden treasures here!

I'm really judging you Yingtze.


Shobon so cute (´・ω・`)

Fungi family pun ada, tempted to get but no use for it so better put it back down before i regret lol

Jalan-Jalan Japan
1A Skypark One City, Jalan USJ 25/1,
Subang Jaya

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