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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Japan Expo 2017 | Pikotaro in Malaysia!

This weekend is considered like the invasion of the Japanese pop culture in Kuala Lumpur! Explains the massive jam (worst than usual) around bukit bintang area, people all over klang valley are flocking this part of town just to get a glimpse of Japan Expo's highlight performance which was Pikotaro himself! The man behind that song that went viral last year PPAP (Pineapple pen-apple pen) 
If you don't know about the song, please do me a favor and whack yourself on the head lol, what kind of rock have you been living under?

It came to a point that it got really annoying like the gangnam style song, it's one of those meaningless lyric songs that just sounds catchy matched together with ridiculous dance moves lol, even we Malaysians have our own version- Datuk Seri Vida's 'I Am Me' (serious joke i tell ya, her lyrics & dance gestures sounds haram woi)

Despite the song being overplayed it was still funny thanks to the way Pikotaro presented it with his absurbed looking dance moves and that goofy (more like retarded) smile plastered across his face haha, it's definitely as equally annoying as PSY's! 
I remembered when he was so close to Malaysia last year as he was invited to perform in Singapore, during that time i had just delivered so i was unable to travel down to see him *sobs* but i am so glad Japan Expo brought him down to Malaysia!

And i don't blame you guys for looping the song again after this lol.

Hello Malaysia!

 Seriously we didn't expect this, gosh i feel so lucky to be in the media pit away from the wild public crowd T.T #lucky

This event is brought to you by G-Yu Creativ
supported by JNTO, JFKL, JETRO, H.I.S

If you are looking to fill in your weekend the do drop by to enjoy the performances, look up on travel deals by H.I.S, and even eat some Japanese treats at Fahrenheit88

I have a pen,
 I have an apple. Uh! 
Apple Pen 
I have a pen,
 I have pineapple. Uh!
 Pineapple Pen Apple pen... 

Yep he even performed his new song "sunglasses" and he wasn't kidding about it ending before the fun actually started LOL super damn short song sial like less than 1 minute! 😂

Bumped into uprising Japanese comedian Kinjo-san who performs in our mother tongue language- Bahasa Malaysia! Last saw him was almost a year ago, keep up the good work in speaking bahasa Kinjo-san.

Another favorite fashion idol of mine, Minori-san who's a Shironuri goddess 💖
Gosh, i'm so happy i came all the way to KL for this event because i got to meet with so many amazing people and even managed to catch up with some old Japanese friends too.

 Minori-san gave me her card with her signature on it, brb i can die and go to heaven already!
She's really sweet and nice, just found out she likes sweet stuff, next time when i'm back in Tokyo should bring her out for dessert session. And she called me cute T_T aunty like me get such compliments especially from her favourite idol .

Saw Japanese actress & Isuzu Malaysia model ambassador Yuumi-san among the crowd waiting for Pikotaro! She has appeared in our local television, TV3 for the series J.K.K  (Jenaka Kampung Kalut)

Tomorrow is the last day for Japan Expo, so it isn't too late to go down and get a dose of Japan if you are having post-Japan sickness like me or have yet to experience Japan.
This is a rather short blogpost because it's meant to be a quick update before the event is over, not much time to write my ramblings (sorry tend to go off topic quite often lol), and it feels more like an event report instead definitely not my kind of writing style ahaha!

I'm really exhausted from staying up late to draft blogpost, rushing to early morning classes and an meeting in Kajang before flying to KL for this, after looking back at the photos it was all worth it because not everyday you get to meet people you look up to especially if they are from another country and catch up with friends real life instead of the usual Facebook messages. 
My quota for my weekly social gatherings has officially been exhausted till i recharge again next month lol, still have yet to recover from VAX last weekend + the OT for the past 1 week at work. I'm surprised i am still standing but it definitely shows on my face, the haggardness, eyebags and pimples (ugh). So in need of a facial and the last one i did was like bajillion (didn't know this was actually a legit word lol wtf) years ago?

But i rather use the money to treat myself to fresh peaches from Yamanashi prefecture (booth in Fahrenheit 88), they are selling them at RM19 each which is rather cheap compared to the usual RM35 per peach lol. I know the prices well because i stalk them at the supermarkets Japanese fresh produce section quite frequently. Quite worth it price and you won't be disappointed with the sweetness of the peach, it's slightly different from the Okayama peaches i had but it will do for now!
I really want to visit Yamanashi prefecture and go for fruit picking during peach season (summer), hopefully one day i'll get that chance *prays hard*

Also would like to thank you guys who came up to say hi to me during the expo! Sorry that i was running all over and didn't managed to take photos with some of you :(
Maybe during AMG ok!

Back then the event in Pavilion was smaller, can't believe i was part of this event 5 years ago lol
My Mirai costume is also gone already, not sure who stole it during CF 2013 :(


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