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Eye Coffret | Lacelle | Barbie Eyeland Review

No kidding, my vision is really limited and if i were to lose my glasses or contact lenses it would be the end of the world for me lol. Everything is shapeless just specs of colors everywhere, squinting too wouldn't help one bit so going for lasik treatment and hoping i would come out with a perfect vision isn't going to happen. But it's okay, i've learned how to embrace the blind side of myself and live with it, on the bright side i have a valid reason to wear colorful contact lenses instead of using them just for decorative purposes. When i see people with perfect eyesight using colored contact lenses in plano, the urge of wanting to poke their eyes out is damn strong because why on earth would you need them?
I would trade in anything to wake up with a clear vision if it's possible but alas bad eyesight runs in the family (all 5 kids are blind as bats) so there's nothing i can do about it.
Remember all those romantic movie scenes where you wake up beside your loved ones seeing every detail of their features and enjoying the moment, as a visually impaired person let me break the news to you. That ain't gonna happen because the first thing you open your eyes every morning, the first thing you are gonna look for isn't your significant other (you don't need your eyes for this, your nose can lead the way - morning breath lol) instead you'll be looking for your glasses #truestory

Oh well.. learning to deal with it means finding the most comfortable contact lenses or perfect fit glasses that compliments our features.
Lately i'm out and about often, i would usually opt for dailies instead of monthly lenses, yes it's rather costly but at least it's hassle free and more hygienic.
And i'll openly admit that i am not a fan of lenses bought from the optometric shops as their brands isn't too suitable for my eyes, in fact it causes so much discomfort that i have to remove them within the first hour. Ever since i've been using those contact lenses imported in from Korea but of course i only order from certified sellers.  Geo medical is my favourite Korean contact lens brand!

So when i was first sent a couple of samples of Lacelle lenses by Bausch & lomb i was abit skeptical to try but in the end if i don't give it a chance i'll never know if it suits me or not right?
The lenses featured in this post, some are bought by me and some of them sponsored but my review remains unbiased so that my readers may find it helpful when it comes to making a decision on purchasing lenses from any of these 3 brands below.

Origin: Japan

I bought them via Zenmarket a couple months back and been meaning to try this brand for quite some time already! They do sell in Malaysia (most optical shops that carries lenses should have them) that's how i first got to know about them but it's rather expensive >.<
And surprisingly enough, even in Japan if you buy them from the physical store it costs just as much too but if you purchase them online like on Rakuten or Amazon JP (make sure from valid certified sellers) it's half the price somehow ._.

Not only the design of the lens was pretty, it's also super comfortable without giving any problems like dry eyes after 10 hours, the lens stayed moist & flexible making it easy to remove afterwards as well. I know wearing lenses for extended hours isn't good but once in a while is fine, back in KL i only wear them from 9am-6pm but most of the time it's just specs in the office since i stare at the computer screen often or sewing.
Enlarging effect is minimal (14.5mm) for a natural look, so if you are expecting to look like an alien then wrong choice of lens for you guys.
Conclusion i love them alot, always have a pair in my emergency pouch as a back up spare in case anything happens or i'm suddenly required ditch my office hobo look  because of guests -_-

From: Korea

I got to try two different type of lenses from them, one pair was from their monthlies and the other was from the dailies selection. I've chosen Lacelle Jewel in Topaz Brown (monthly) and Lacelle Diamond Daily in Aqua Glacier.
The colors of these 2 lenses are quite dark especially on my dark brown eyes, if you have lighter iris color then probably it would be more obvious but under daylight colors are noticeable.

Lacelle Jewel in Topaz Brown

Been wearing this for about a month now, it fared pretty well in terms of appearance & durability as normal soft lenses (especially transparent ones) tear rather easily, for comfort level i would place it as a 7/10 as i need to keep them lubricated throughout the day (apply eyedrops at least 2 times a day), it comes with an enlarging effect of 14mm, another natural looking size. Other than the dry part i have no complaints about it, except to remind myself to get them changed soon because i'm so used to the quarterly lenses lol

Upclose shot

Lacelle Diamond Daily in Aqua Glacier

I brought this to Japan with me to compare between eye coffret, guess the winner was pretty obvious. The lens of Lacelle Diamond is much thinner compared to Lacelle jewel so i did struggle abit to put them on (folds easily) though the color is nice but somehow it doesn't compliment my skin that well, makes me look more tired (eyebags suddenly enhanced) so i guess i have to try another color next time.
Enlarging effect is slight bigger, 14.2mm but it's still within the comfortable range for contact lenses, usually those that are 15mm and above you'll experience an annoying sensation of a foreign object in your eyeball.
However i would not recommend to use this lenses for more than 10 hours because i found it rather difficult to remove afterwards, it's like it fused with my eyeball or something and gripping it was a challenge too, almost scratched my eyeballs :(
But when i used them for about 8 hours, i could remove them without a struggle, so only meant to be worn for short periods and thrown afterwards as they are dailies, i repeat DAILIES.

Origin: Korea

I took a leap of faith here to try something out of my comfort zone (usual supplier) because what attracted me most was that the sizes of their lenses are so natural (14mm-14.5mm) and they have lots of colors and designs that are suitable for daily usage (browns, ash, black) and that's rather rare of Korean lens sellers online as most of them usually carry super enlarging ones with crazy bright colors which isn't practical especially if you have an office job like me.
Seriously look like a bug but somehow people find it "cute/doe eyed" *shudders*, gua beh tahan sibei ugly sia*. 
AHAHA, the wonders of being Malaysian, can mix so many languages in one sentence and that was hokkien, bahasa Malaysia and english mashed up but only locals would understand lol.

Quite nice packaging

After using it for a day (12 hours) I still found them comfortable until the final hour, that's when it felt a bit dry but I would rate it at 7/10.
Guess i finally found my new replacements for natural monthly contact lenses at Barbie eyesland, it's affordable and the more you purchase there's actually a discount for it, totally taking this advantage to stock up on it.

Though they are yearly lenses, i would strongly advise against using it for more than 3 months because seriously at RM25 a pair you can easily afford to change them every quarterly without feeling the pinch and your eyes would definitely thank you for not risking them for your cheapskateness lol. Losing vision (going nearly blind) is no joke man, lots of people tend to take their eyes for granted these days.

Only downside about Barbie Eyeland is that for people with different eye powers for each eye would end up with extra pairs of the same color.
Example i'm a 500/400 (recently increased again darn) and they only sell a pair for each 500 and 400 respectively so now i have to order 2 different powers in order to balance them out.
Those with balance eye power would probably advantage from these kind of arrangement purchase orders but for me, i end up having to get 2 pairs of the same color & design, sigh.

Enjoy savings when you purchase 3 pairs and above, also enjoy FREE DELIVERY (for malaysia orders only)!

Hope this review is useful for you guys on deciding which natural looking contact lens is the best especially for work or other formal occasions like taking ID photos.
There's too many review only funky colored large lenses but hardly any on natural looking ones, kinda irritating because it was difficult for me to get a pair when there isn't much info or actual pictures shared about them so i gotta take the risk and blindly (pun intended lol) get them.
It's nice to have other wordly eye colors for a change but really, it's always good to keep them for special occasions like cosplay, parties or photoshoots instead of freaking out innocent aunties, uncles and kids on the streets with red, pink, purple, green and blue eyes (i'm guilty of this color!) lol.
We are Asian, time to accept the fact we have dark colored eyes.

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  1. I love the contact lenses here. They are nice to use. Love your style too. Have been following ur post... hope to be able to meet u someday ,😍

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    Thanks Ying Yin! It's actually turquoise colored lenses

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