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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Summer Muse with Canmake Tokyo

Since the recent launch of Canmake's first flagship store in Da Men Mall, Subang which you guys can head over to visit as they have almost the full range of Canmake products and other Japanese brands there as well (psst! Merdeka sale ongoing now), my love for Canmake products has been reignited again because of their latest products featuring new designs, formulation and shades that would make you go "where have you been all my life" kinda moment lol.
I came back from Japan not too long ago and during my stay there all i could see were huge promotional posters on Canmake's summer range, it's hard not to walk pass it without testing it though i told myself that i shouldn't get anymore since i have some at home in my make up box that has yet to be used lol. And canmake is literally everywhere in Japan, every single drug store you walk by, you'll definitely see their standee featuring their latest products right in your face.

Being a beauty junkie, sorry la have to itchy hands go and test them out >.<
Go and tempt myself further only but really no regrets when i brought back their cream cheek tint because during that time i haven't see this cream cheek tint in Malaysia yet and feared that it won't be brought down as you know that for all cosmetics brands only selected items are brought into the market to cater to the local's preferences. But thank goodness they brought these in, and i remember loving their lip & cheek gel so much that it was my go to make up product in my bag for the past 2 years and now it's being replaced with this new cream cheek tint!

Decided to go with the fresh summer look, no heavy make up just natural shades because i doubt you'll go to the beach or the poolside with clubbing make up on right? lol.

It may seem really light when you test it out on the back on your hand but when you apply it directly on your cheek, you'll be able to see the color properly (it's a tip, so take note!).
Gives a natural blush and glow, blends quite well on the skin without caking up the foundation. Best part of the blush tint is that it comes with a mini sponge inside, so no more using fingers directly into the product and smearing your foundation while trying to blend the blush! Now it's just dab dab on and may repeat until you are satisfied with the intensity outcome. It was such a huge relief when i first saw the mini sponge because i found it much more hygienic than the previous design, how i wish the lip& cheek gel came with a sponge too lol.

Thank you so much Canmake Malaysia 😍
I've always loved Canmake for their princess-like packaging and they come in compact sizes perfect for traveling or to bring along in my handbag as touch up which i hardly ever need to touch up because it's long lasting lol. Canmake Malaysia brought in a total of 5 new products that is now available in their flagship store (all items) or your nearest drug store (selected items).

Such pretty shades!
Available in 3 different shades but all equally pretty as well and it's best just to get them all or you'll end up standing at the counter for hours debating which shade to get like i did (almost an hour wei) lol

Summer Muse!

Start with filling in your eyebrows with eyebrow tint jelly, it might look thick and dark so go easy on it during application, try not to put to much pressure on it or you'll end up with crayon sin-chan eyebrows lol. It's easy to control with small light strokes.

Followed with eyeshadow in Sakura Mauve☆
A smoky pink for a pretty, yet demure grown-up look, the texture is creamy so it glides across your lids effortlessly, you only need a single dot for the whole eye lid so don't accidentally squeeze out too much!

After the eyeshadow i used brown liquid eyeliner and mascara to enhance my eyes further, but ever since i started using brown liquid liners i kinda find it hard to accept myself in black eyeliners anymore because it just looks harsh unless i'm doing a full heavy look with false lashes la. Probably i'm thinking too much lol, most important are my eyebrows actually, not the eyeliner because as long my eyebrows are on fleek, nothing else matters liao 😂 

Followed by blusher shade in 01 (fresh melon pop)
dab on gently on the apples of your cheeks about 2-3 layers to get the "flushed" look

Finish off with their stay on balm rouge in T01- Little Anemone (Bright orange red mix)

Out of the 3 new colors from the stay on balm rouge, i love T01 and it's texture is so smooth that i didn't need to wear any lip balm before applying this. You guys were saying how did i managed to keep my lips chapped-free it's because canmake's balm rouge is already moisturizing enough and the color sticks on even after eating and drinking (because it's tint after all). I am not a big fan of lipsticks because somehow solid colors makes my lips look extra small and i don't like touching up so frequently so using tinted balms is my next best option instead.

Very subtle shade however like all their other products color intensity can be built up quite easily with a few more applications.
And the whole look is completed just using a few products, which can fit into your make up pouch without taking too much space! Will definitely try out more different ways to mix and match their new range to create a few mother looks :)
Thanks for reading guys!



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