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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Senka Perfect Foam Affair

Not much introduction is needed for Senka (No.1 Whip Foam in Japan for 8th consecutive years) as it has been in the Malaysian market shelves for quite some time now and i only got to know about the product properly around the same time last year (which i am finally blogging now lel sorry 😟) and that's because i'm seriously trying my best to clear off all my backlogs, you have no idea how many pending in my draft box that's been carried on since last year and the year before that :(
Think my goal this year for my blog is to finally have 0 drafts, if that is even possible because i keep on adding on to my drafts lol.

Come to think of it, it's also because recently all my face wash has finally finished so i can open a new one to try and after a month of using Senka perfect whip foam face wash, can finally give a proper review on this product.
That's the downside about me reviewing products, i can never write about something i've not tested before because how la to BS over something you don't know at all kan? But i salute those who can BS all the way and making it sound so convincing too, such skill man can please pass some over to me so i can write about all the products that's currently piling away at the corner lol.

When i was in Japan, whenever i pass by any drug store the first thing i would see at the promotion bin are senka products, it's like dirt cheap over there and sometimes they are sold in a packet of 5 for omiyage purposes! Like one bottle is roughly about 400 yen (less than RM20) and a packet of 5 is about 1500yen (save 500 yen). It's really a popular product over there and easily found all over Japan including their convenient stores, really in your face kind of situation la so how can you not want to try a product that is so famous kan? Especially when it isn't expensive, what do you have to lose except 20 ringgit but despite it being a cheap product i was kind of surprise with the results after using it for some time and finally understood why people love this skincare brand.

Of course you don't need to go all the way to Japan just to get this brand because it's available at the nearest Watsons or Guardian pharmacy near you at roughly around the same price after conversion too. It is after all marketed as an affordable drugstore brand available for all to use if your skin not so high class yet la because i've heard quite a number of friends who use high end skincare brands like SKII can't seem to use any other brands without breaking out (scary).
Phew nasib baik my skin haven't reach that level yet, so let me experiment all the affordable brands out there first, only because my wallet allows me until there only lol.

The 5 promises of SENKA

1. To thoroughly research and identify your needs.

2. To create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and applying advanced technology.

3. To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan.

4. To focus on product quality rather than packaging frills.

5. Our products will be kind to the environment.

Real foam pool yo~
Was suffering from morning sickness during this period but assumed it was a severe case of gastric lol miss the blonde hair

Many people get the impression that foam based products tend to dry the skin up but i beg to differ as i am fan of foam like the Tansan Magic Spa foam that i've been using for the past 1 year and now Senka's perfect whip facewash is a new addition to my foam collection and am currently using till today.
All you need is a small amount for it to give your skin a good deep cleanse without any scrubbing, i hardly use scrubs as my skin is the sensitive (thin) type and after using make up i always have the urge to go for a deep cleanse to make sure my skin is free from any make up residue even after using make up removers. But now i don't have to use those harsh facewash anymore, foam does all the magic for me and it leaves my skin feeling really soft & smooth. There was no tight (dry) feeling nor any skin peeling afterwards or any breakouts based on my own personal observation and i have a combination sensitive skin type.

Previous foam based products may have left a bad impression on users but i personally feel that one should give this product a chance for it to prove itself. If you are still firm on your decision of no more foam products then you can always try out their oil based make up remover to start off with the brand :)
No harm trying and every girl needs a good make up remover or else you'll get tons of problems caused by clogged pores!

Thanks you Senka Malaysia for sending me the whole set to try out, so i can at least tell which is suitable for me or my favourite out of the whole range

The facewash alone has 4 different types, there's gel, default whip (In a tube), liquid and perfect whip which releases ready foam with each pump. I find the perfect whip rather convenient to use so i don't have to spend time trying to whip out my foam since i suck at it. The perfect whip tube is basically like your average facewash that comes out looking like toothpaste and in order to use it properly, you must master the lathering technique in order to create your very own dense foam cleanser. Some might find the joy every time to whip up their own foam but if you are lazy like me just go for the perfect whip bottle lol. Less effort same results jer and you can't go wrong with the foam.

I've tried and failed so badly in lathering it, so why bother anymore when they created a genius instant bottle but if you are up for the lathering challenge then by all means please do get a tube and tag @senkamalaysia on your proud foam tower photo or video, who knows they might surprise you with something lol.

You may find Senka at your nearest Guardian or Watsons Malaysia.
For more details and updates follow Senka Malaysia on Facebook & Instagram

It's supposed to be double the size, but after 10 minutes of trying this is the only amount of foam i've achieved from lathering. Definitely my technique is wrong but oh well, unless someone teaches me how to do it, i'm just gonna avoid using the tubes and stick with the ready pump out foam ones #lazy lol.


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