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A Weekend Getaway to Genting | Hotel on The Park

Ever visited a park which you look up and see a hotel towering over it? No?
Then you definitely need to visit Hotel on the park, Genting during your short weekend getaways. Coming back to genting brings back quite a number of bittersweet memories, don't get me wrong as i'm the type of person who looks back at things whether they were good or bad experiences and smile because they are my precious moments at that point of life. 
It's also one of the reasons why i take tons of photos and write, i know each day my memory fails me bit by bit so it's just a matter of time i'll wake up asking what's my name and who am i. 
Not sure what's the problem, but till that day arrives i'll just keep on making and cataloging my memories down.

2013 when the theme park started closing parts of it for upgrading works

So happened Facebook's memories showed up on my timelines reminding me of what i did on the same date a couple years ago, my first trip up to Genting and at that time they've just started their upgrading works so most parts were closed down leaving some parts still accessible to visitors. This was my first time up in Genting right after my graduation, our very first round trip i still remember our promise to come back up here again when the theme park is completed but guess i'll come back up here alone when the time comes then!
On a less depressing note, who else is up for a road trip to Genting theme park once it's officially opened again? Leave me a comment below and we'll plan when the time comes lol.

With our hectic work schedule, sometimes all we need is a short getaway from home to re-energize again and for my case my life practically revolves sitting in front of the laptop all the time till the point my eyes is starting to 'pokkai' again *sigh*. Really need to limit my working hours, easier said than done because all my work requires a laptop lol, unless i'm not doing any work for the day la then i can finally rest my eyes properly.

 I haz a peach shaped butt lol

Still updating social media sorry!

I seriously couldn't remember when was the last time i went through a day without my laptop except during my stay in Genting because i decided that i NEEDED rest and that's what i'm gonna do here during my stay at Hotel on The Park, take it easy and BE a tourist for once lol. For those of you who used to visit Genting back in the 70s to early 2000s would probably remember this place as Highlands Hotel but now it has been given a fresh coat of painting and a new fun concept that people of all ages will love, the old might reminisce while the young creates new memories that they will fondly look back in time to come.

Though it's original nostalgic structure of 448 rooms are still intact, but their interior concept screams "modern, chic, artistic & exciting", definitely not your typical boring kind of hotel room because Genting has caught up with the modernization game providing the needs of people today like this USB wall charger, seriously all hotels should have this by now man!
 It's first of all UNIVERSAL and great for forgetful people like me who remembers only the cable and usually forgets the adapter so my charger is practically useless liao lol.
So jakun when i saw this charging port located beside my bed, i can charge with my phone beside my bed so i don't have to crawl across the room to off my alarm whenever it rings.


At first glance of the trick mirror ceiling at the lobby area and the stack of giant pastel cups for a pillar one can easily grasps the concept Genting was going for, Alice in Wonderland of course!
Mad Hatter's tea party anyone?
Remember from the previous instagram post i shared that looked as if i was climbing off the balcony but in fact none of it was real of course, it was the genius work of optical illusion lol, all i did was lie on the floor 😂 Not much effort required here to get such a fun photo for memory sake!

During the day there are be tons of families lining up so they can have their photos taken too and kids love this alot and they pose so effortlessly wei! Compared to us adults it seems so difficult for me to make it look as natural as possible, imagine my tears when i saw a kid posing just like spiderman (upside down) lol, not sure is it because i'm too tall or my body too stiff until so difficult to pose.
This area is accessible all day so you can even come here during the dead of the night (nobody kacau) just to take photos.

 Garden below

Beautiful blue skies

Most people would come up to Genting for the weekend just to relax like how i did and hotel on the park offers customers that as they are located next to Twentieth Century Fox World (coming soon) with an amazing Garden view below (my room) and over the horizon. With such fresh and cooling air, you'll wish that you can have this everyday instead of the humid, dusty KL city and i'm one of the percentage who wished for that lol.
Really can't wait for Twentieth Century Fox World to be opened, as a movie buff it's like one of those MUST VISIT places on my list, also since it's in Genting an hour's drive away from KL there's no reason for me to say "far la, malas dy".
Come on wei...Even Universal Studios is in Singapore (6-7 hours drive down), I'm so grateful that we finally have our very own movie themed park in Malaysia right at the heart of Genting Highlands.

Here in Hotel on the park they have a few room sizes to cater to your needs whether it's just a couple staying over or a big group. My bestie was supposed to come up with me last weekend but came down with a flu so i got the whole large room to myself lol, was abit scary la to have so many beds but i only occupied one though the initial plan was to try out every bed macam Goldilocks lol but that plan failed because once my head touched the pillow i went into coma till the next morning.
Couldn't even remember what happened the night before, must have been super duper exhausted.
But i can definitely say their beds and pillows are super duper comfortable once you sink on it you won't want to get up even to toilet 😂

Top bunk bed

Their tatami-styled bedding concept is pretty unique and designed with children in mind (of course), easily fits 2 queen sized mattresses on raised platforms that fits up to 4 people comfortably and the fun part for the kids is the built up bunk-bed. I mean adults can sleep up here too just watch the head k?
I personally feel that the room is spacious, especially for a room meant to fit 4-6 people i can totally imagine having a sleepover (and pillow fight) with the girls. Probably it's because the storage "cupboards" are underneath the bed's platforms instead of being against the wall.

 Special rooms (G floor)

There's also special rooms for handicapped people that's well designed and equipped with necessary facilities within reach located at the ground floor rooms.
Managed to catch a glimpse of it, it is definitely more spacious so that wheelchairs can move around without restrictions, and the most coolest part is their medical grade bed that can be controlled with a remote control exactly like the hospital's!

Grab and Go station

Thank you El Zac for the photo!
Their new mall Sky Avenue has tons of eateries so do come by to have a complete meal here

For those of you wondering if there is a restaurant in Hotel on the park, there isn't because next to it there is the hotel's buffet area or restaurants at Sky Avenue you can select to dine at however they do have a small grab and go and station at the lobby- Eatopia
An ideal place to grab a quick bite before heading out to have fun, for genting members you'll get to enjoy a special price on all items. They have quite a variety of food selections for a relatively small kiosk ranging from local delicacies like nasi lemak to sushi and fresh pastries.

Well no meteor at least got cooling mysterious fog la
Bag from Mizzue

That night when i arrived at Genting we were supposed to be up watching the meteor shower but somehow no matter where i went there wasn't any sight of it so i was kinda sad because i was really looking forward to it and even stayed up the whole night the day before (it was a 2 days natural phenomena) these kind of things is always a hit or miss la and i've missed it twice within 4 years already T.T
#noluck #socham

But it's okay la, still can wait for the next one in a couple more years and hopefully will finally be able to catch it la😂
So if you are looking for an affordable place to stay and have fun, you may consider staying at Hotel on the park. Their rates varies according to season similar to how we purchase plane tickets!

Room Facilities:

  • Free Room Wifi
  • In-house Video/In-house Radio
  • Telephone
  • IDD Access
  • Tea & Coffee Making Facilities/Kettle
  • Open Top Safe-Box
  • Standing Shower
  • TV
  • Mini Fridge
  • Mineral Water
  • Bedroom Slippers/Fan

Price: Starts from RM2XX

Check-in time: 3.00pm
Check-out time: 12.00 noon

Website: www.rwgenting.com

Also you guys should visit Senikome, it's a traditional art gallery exhibition featuring East Malaysia's arts and culture, it's located within walking distance of the hotel. This place isn't only for kids as adults too would find this exhibition rather informative and it reminds me of my primary & high school days when we had to go to museums to get information for our year end projects but looking at the same thing now from an adult's perspective i actually understand and appreciate the exhibition more compared to when i was a kid. Of course la, back then kids only go "ooo..pretty stuff and hope enough materials to write sejarah report".

Silat figures. 
Silat one of the main traditional martial arts in southeast Asia

And trust me though we are born and raised here as Malaysians, not many of us know our country's heritage or culture in depth so Senikome gives us a better insight of it with it's fun interactive exhibition.  Curators will explains and bring you on a tour, you can actually pose and take photos with the displays but please do be careful with it!

And YASSSS...back to my roots all the way to the traditional method of weaving fabric :D

Had so much over the weekend, can't wait to come up here again someday and special thanks to Genting family for all the efforts and hardwork. You guys are amazing! Will try to visit more often especially when i can't wait for the theme park and Twentieth Century Fox World.
Also for those of you who are planning to visit Genting soon, lantern festival is around the corner, do head over to Resorts World Genting for their delicious moon cakes.

This year's seasonal flavors by Chef Gan Chee Keong are Pu Er Lotus Paste with Dry Mandarin Orange Jingsa, Sweet Corn Paste with Single Yolk,Dragon Fruit Lotus Paste With Coconut Jingsa ,White Pandan Jade With Buttermilk Custard Green Tea Paste with Black Sesame Jingsa and Snow Skin Blueberry Paste.

Price: RM19 nett

How i wish i brought a box down with me, darn! 
Miss having mooncakes wei


Lol special thanks to Micheal for the photos, so funny sia all these behind the scenes candid shots 😂

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 Need to be super thick face sia lol see everyone walking around while you trying to pose



  1. I have to say that these interiors look amazing. Hotels really have to be instagram ready with their designs. I would like to stay in a hotel like this.

  2. The visuals of Genting hotel both inside and outside is impressive. It sits at a high altitude to have a magnificent view.

  3. Sure looks like a snap ready hotel with many great opportunities. Would love to go there some day soon.

  4. The hotel, amenities, art gallery, and overall scene sounds like so much fun!

  5. Wait a minute... how did you get such nice hotel?! So jealous~ The hotel I stay in wasn't as nice!

    P.S. I know how it feels to be returning to the same place without the same person~

  6. I love the quirkiness of the hotel! Those huge, colorful cups and optical illusion art is all just fantastic!

  7. This is one of the most creative and fun hotel in Genting. I really like their cool designs.


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