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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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SUGAO in Watsons Malaysia

Tell me it's all a dream, every single day i get more and more good news about Japanese brands that i've been using for quite some time are now available in my own country. It didn't take too long too, still remember the days when getting access to Japanese beauty products was kinda difficult and limited as the only ones we know of are the ones that are already being sold in the market like Dolly wink, kiss me and heavy rotation (this was 5-7 years ago).
They are good brands, don't get me wrong but the choices of products were sincerely LIMITED lol and bit by bit as the industry progressed pretty well and because of this, it allowed companies to expand and bring in more Japanese brands that's in demand not only in Japan but around the world as well as there's a market for it.

SUGAO is just one of the many affordable Japanese drug store brands there is available!

My first post about them dated back in 2014, when my ex-manager (for gravure) gave me my first SUGAO CC cream and i instantly fell in love with it because of it's smooth and light texture that makes you look fresh immediately but at the same time gives the appearance of "no make up" look.
This was previously before the no makeup kinda look started trending lol, Japan is always ahead of us. Manager-san told me that this brand is quite famous and commonly used among models and idols in Japan as they emphasis on natural beauty rather than the usual heavy make up we see on westerners.

Even my airbnb host Yuko-san uses the same CC cream and she loves it lol, i started poisoning a few friends and family members a couple years back that they even ask me to help them get if i do go to Japan and who ever expected for the brand to come to Malaysia instead!

Japanese style make up is very simple and straightforward, they just like to look fresh and cute!
So ditch the heavy foundation, arched dark eyebrows, falsies, contours and highlights and go back to the basics. Since i have started doing this, i learned how to appreciate it as well and not to mention it helps me cut down my make up time to 30 mins max, it's just my hair that takes the longest :(

During my trip back to Japan in 2015 i discovered that SUGAO recently released their newest product which was the SUGAO Souffle Feel Creamy Cheek Blush and Lip Color with the texture is really true to it's name "souffle feel"
It's light as air, blends so easily on your cheeks and lips, though the color might look intimidating in the pot but trust me that the color is actually very faint but you can build up the intensity without it caking.

Photo credit to adayroi.com

Lightly swatched

It's available in 3 different shades and as usual I'm a sucker for orange hues and was lucky enough to receive that shade as well, thank you so much SUGAO Malaysia, can't wait to do a full make up look using SUGAO products ❤ More Japanese style make up photos will be posted on my instagram so don't forget to follow me there guys!
Instagram: @Arisa_Chow

I'm itching to test out their new lip stain, reminds me something like Holika Holika's oil lippies just hope this is better than that one lol. Can create chio lip bitten lips with stains like these, it's easier to control in my opinion la only downside is sometimes they are hard to remove. Like its name literally "stain" lor, all the rubbing in the world can't even help you haha but i have faith in Japanese products so i'm gonna test it out this weekend for you guys to see k.

Comes in 3 different colors (pink, orange & red)

Previously there was only 1 type of CC cream the silver one 2nd from the right, then over the years slowly new variations appeared like pink-ish shades and different kinds of finishing but i still prefer the default one though, suits my skin tone best but even if you are slightly darker CC creams will blend into your shade once it sets. So don't worry about it being too "fair".

Girls just be girls, we wanna have fun!

OMG thank you Grace for helping me to keep my stuff wei, can't believed i was so forgetful that i left the event without my bag lol

Make up artist of the day Jill Yong 💓

This event was so fun and girly with all the pink and flower decorations, bumped into a few familiar faces which I'm grateful because I don't know the rest of the instagrammers as I'm from the blogging era not insta 😌 feel kinda outdated because I don't know the new ones and most of them just like the same case in cosplay society omg haha. Coincidentally SUGAO's make up artist for that day was an old friend of mine, Jill Yong whom I've not seen since after the cybercolors glamor girl reality TV show. She taught me how to wear make up that flatters my features and she was here to demo on how you can achieve the natural Japanese sweet girl look with SUGAO's products.

Sugao products are now available at your nearest Watsons store today or you can even shop them online.

Official Facebook: Sugao Malaysia
Website: www.sugao.com.my

Overall it was a fun gathering for me and thank you so much Sugao Malaysia & Watsons for the invitation, surprised how you guys know i'm such a fan of your products 💓

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