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My Skin Update | Mdmmd Review

It’s been a long 2 months of stress and lack of sleep that contributed to my breakouts aside from the not so clean air in Malaysia la since haze was back briefly due to the forest burning at the neighboring country - Indonesia.

You know how they say when pictures speaks a thousand words, i’ll leave my photos here for you guys to decide.
Even my colleagues who were previously shocked to see my inflamed skin condition last week are now asking what did i use to get it cleared so quickly. Ain’t any secret lol.

And as you guys know from my previous breakout history that i tend to freak out over it because my usual pimples are just 1-2 during my period week and never in clusters till recently because of stress, so that explains the recent one that appeared on the right side of my face which has been there for almost 2 whole months despite my best effort in drinking tons of water and getting sufficient rest whenever possible, aside from that my usual skincare doesn’t seem to be working as well :(

Guess my skin is like my hair, need to change alternate brands from time to time because once my skin gets too used to it, the effects of the product doesn’t show anymore (less visible la). Strange how my skin works, can never fully understand it, but one thing for sure is my skin is always thirsty, i need to use products with high moisturizing properties or else my skin’s cell regeneration will slow down hence pimple heals x100 times slower than usual, make up doesn’t stay on very well in fact it cakes up more easily and i look super duper haggard like a vampire, my eyebags enhanced, skin ashen and sunken in.

It’s not easy being a girl seriously, so hard to look decent with minimal care and previously i was using like 5 products in total everyday before applying my make up on but now i’ve found a way to cut it down to only 3 products daily that is sufficient enough for my skin!
Recently since my usual brands were not working that well, i was at my wits end because the pimples and acne just wasn’t going away, in fact more kept popping up daily so after i was introduced to this Taiwan skincare brand called Mdmmd which i’ve decided to just give it a try and within 1 week+ my skin’s overall condition improved.

As i’ve not heard or seen this brand in the local market before, so i was pretty skeptical at first but the reviews on their page convinced me to give them a chance and i’m glad that i did, thank you so much for saving my skin Mdmmd!

The range i used is actually for moisturizing and anti-aging, but in general it works for all skin types especially mature ones because as we get older the natural hyaluronic acid production within our skin slows down and this is the key supply for our skin’s hydration which plays an important role for cell regeneration. That’s why it’s always important to have well hydrated skin!




What i like most about Mdmmd’s products is how well it easily penetrates into the skin upon applying, leaving no weight or any sticky feeling. Most anti-ageing products i’ve tried so far are usually very rich that sometimes it tends to clog my pores but this doesn’t. And it’s about time for me to start using anti-ageing skincare too lol.
Mdmmd Water Drop Cream is 100% oil-free, water based and functions as a toner, serum and lotion altogether, so that’s why i said earlier that my usual skincare regime time has been cut into half already lol.

Usually in higher altitude like Genting my skin would start to flake but it didn't because i was using Mdmmd skincare

I quite love their self foaming daily face mask as well, it comes in a sachet and compact size that you can easily pack in your bag during travels. Tear it open it open and spread the liquid all over your face evenly and within less than a minute your face will start to foam.
Wait 3-5 mins before washing off, then proceed with the toner and water drop cream

Mdmmd uses a new kind of bio-technology invented in 2014 named UPRA which contains high concentration of yeast compound extract, this is their key ingredient that effectively prevents and delays the ageing process. Moreover it improves the overall skin condition by brightening, moisturizing and replenishing our skin’s daily basic needs.  Contains Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid, a natural herb extract known as a herbal collagen rich in vitamins and multiple digestive enzyme complexes that stimulates natural moisture production within the cells for long term hydration.

It’s basically an all natural and herbal skincare suitable for all skin types, prolongs your youthful skin, saves time and highly effective.
Hope this review is useful for those of you looking for a lightweight, good anti-ageing, moisturizing skincare brand that’s affordable to try out!

So now my skin has improved overall, makeup lasts much longer even in different weather conditions like KL & Genting (recently), i’m definitely a satisfied user 💖

Website: https://www.mdmmd.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mdmmdmy/



  1. A picture does speak a thousand words, surprised by how quickly your pimples disappeared. The mask looks interesting, tempted to try this brand now.

  2. This is the first time heard about this brand. Your skin look good after using that. I would love to try this too.

  3. woww.. nampak banyak perubahan.. the packaging also so look nice.. i love the color of gold .. hu2

  4. so cool...can wait to try on my skin

  5. OMG!! So much difference with just 9 days of use!!
    I'm eager to try the foam mask.


  6. the bottl looks exclusive. Btw this is my first time hear about this brand.

  7. Impressed with the speed of healing for you. Mine are damn stubborn. Checked out Mdmmd's website and everything is in Mandarin. Uh-oh!!!

  8. Wow seems your latest skincare works on you. Lovely review! Would you know if they also distribute in Manila?

  9. I really like that you includes the picture too as a prove that this product is really good for u. Never heard of this one before, but seeing your review makes me want to know more about it.

  10. I have not try this brand yet, the self foaming daily face mask looks very promising to me. Will check it out.

  11. Hi there! This blog post couldn't be written much
    better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will send this article to him.
    Fairly certain he'll have a very good read. Many thanks for


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