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Quest for A Potential Home [The Louvre] - Pilot

Never thought it would come to this day that i would actually start LOOKING for houses to buy, a place i can finally call home and put an end to all that constant tedious moving. This is the reality of adulting life, from leaving the nest to getting your own and the journey of it isn't easy. Many times young adults would hit the wall with constant questions about budget issues, loans and worst of all commitment especially if you are from a mid to low class income range person (sorry not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth or with inheritance). Our current generation are scared to death when they hear the word "commitment" because it means stuck with you till you are dead case scenario since everything costs ridiculously high these days :(

But what to do, at the end of the day after much consideration if it's something we need for long term then bo bian* take a loan and consider this an life investment lor.

*no choice

I'm honestly afraid of it myself, been avoiding my own mom when she told me it's time to actually start looking for a place to buy since the amount of rental i'm paying in a year it's actually more logical for me to use that money to pay for my own house instead. True enough, won't argue there just that i'm not ready to leave this place just yet because this current rented studio feels like home. Stayed here the longest without moving (close to 2 years) as previously i moved like every single damn year (or a couple of months) ever since i graduated from college back in 2013. It's stressful as hell living out of a box, constantly standing by to relocate again. Get's really tiring after awhile and made me wonder how the heck did i even survive moving 3 bloody times in a year thanks to my stupid ex (Mariko's dad). Lesson learnt never EVER move in with a dude unless married la, always have your own place as a back up. Not exactly the most cost efficient method because a couple can easily save rent by living under one roof but it's really for each other's own good because you'll never know when things can go south any second. Cilaka.

As you guys know, end of last month was another round of a hell roller coaster ride for me and i'm still feeling sick in my gut from it when my landlady dropped the news about selling off her unit that i'm currently residing in. That was really upsetting because not only she increased the rent when i renewed my tenancy for the 2nd year, this news came up. Oh Joy.
Yea it's her place and she has every rights to do anything she wants with it but i was really hoping to be able to stay until i'm ready to move again. My daughter grew up here and her things has been left untouched since she passed earlier this year, and i couldn't bring myself to keep her bed, toys or fold her clothes away. It has been left as it is, i only kept it covered with a piece of white cloth to prevent it from getting dusty. Probably i'm having attachment issues here but i can't help it :(

Oh well... since i don't have a choice might as well stop brooding over the unfortunate news and start seeking for a solution instead.
Been surveying around, talking to a couple of friends who recently bought their own homes but yea they are either newlyweds or with children already so having a house is definitely a NEED for their situation compared to me a pathetic old single aunty who's almost wished she can be Miss Havisham from the novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens lel.
So i'm now on a quest going for house viewing at showrooms for the very first time, and guess where i ended up?

The outskirt part of Kuala Lumpur- Kajang lol.
I used to come to kajang so often because my obgyn is in KPJ Kajang (highly recommend Dr. Lee), so the drive down wasn't too bad lol 30km only la.

It may be far to some people such as myself who currently stays in PJ but in a couple more years that part would be the next up and coming township just like how the rest started as well.
I thought never a million years i would actually walk into a housing showroom as i arrived with my heart beating so quickly (kancheong) because i didn't know what to expect and i was actually kinda scared of sales people lol because whenever you are around to inquire of browse, hardcore ones will try to push whatever they can in your face and they'll make sure you'll walk out purchasing at least something but for The Louvre i did not encounter such in fact they were hospitable, polite and patiently explained while giving me a tour of the place.

After going around the showroom viewing their fully furnished sample units, it gave me a clear visual of a place i wanted to live in, before this i never even bothered browsing pinterest over #homegoals because i assumed i wasn't the type that was gonna settle in one place too long but over time it somehow got to me (must be the ageing lol).

A future township like The Louvre is building is probably what we need, away from the already overpopulated areas with targeted amenities like supermarkets, banks, salon, child daycare and F&B outlets within the building itself . Sounds pretty neat huh?
No need to drive so far to do anything liao, just take the lift down from your unit and you have everything you need at your feet (literally). Expected project to be completed by December 2019, which is another 2 years away but considered quite fast as you know time flies way much more faster than it did 30 years ago, the modern world is a fast paced place.

Brief introduction

The Louvre @ Country Heights, Kajang comprises of 30 units of Lifestyle Retail Shops and 1 block of 34 storey, 498 units serviced suites on a parcel of freehold commercial land measuring 3.25-acre, located within the Country Heights-Kajang area.
The Lifestyle Service Residences will comprise of studio, 1, 2, 3, and 4 room residences. The Lifestyle Service Residences will include 3 tiers security practice with amenities such as Swimming pool, BBQ area, gym etc.

Remember earlier on this post when i mentioned "seeing the bigger picture" of this location instead of instantly dismissing it as a far off area? When you look at the map, it's actually pretty near and centralized within the already matured township like Bangi, Kajang and Putrajaya. 
As The Louvre faces the main highway, it's just minutes away from the Kajang Toll and the silk/seremban highway which leads to these few places listed below:

  • 25 minutes to Kuala Lumpur City Centre
  • 5 minutes to Kajang Town
  • 10 minutes to IOI Resort 
  • 10 minutes to Putrajaya
  • 15 minutes to Cyberjaya
  • 30 minutes to KLIA
  • 1 minute to Kajang Toll
  • 10 minutes to Tesco
  • 18 minutes to Bangsar
  • 5 Golf Courses within ten minutes drive (Mines, Palm Garden, Bangi Golf Resort, Saujana Impian, Kajang Hill)- great for retirees lol

Ain't too bad kan?
I'm seriously considering this place liao because it's strategic location has just lessen my traveling time to certain areas by almost half, you have no idea how long it takes me on average to reach Mid Valley area on Tuesdays for classes from Damansara. Almost a bloody hour via the highway and expensive RM3 toll =.= #kns
From The Louvre it's only 18-20 mins to that area, don't need to say more it's a #winliaolor moment already.

Aside from that the size of these units are made just nice, not too big nor too small especially their studio unit which is 616sf, a reasonable size for 2 people compared to my current place which is only 400+ sf lol, explains why i HATE having people over in my already tiny cramped house aside from the usual embarrassing mess lel.
Somewhat i could imagine our future staying here together, it's just an auto mindset of mine whenever i do or decide on something. There's always my daughter to consider about first even though she's already gone. I could imagine this place being her room where she would ask me to read her bedtime stories or spend time doing arts and crafts with her. A whole fabled future that will never come to pass at this point.
But no harm of imagining it and wishing it was true right?

This would be your room #mylilparasite

specious kitchen & dining area

A kitchen with a decent counter top size so i can bake and cook properly instead of a cramped one, somehow i'm always looking at the kitchen size first before anything else lol, i don't care if the bedroom is small as long there's a spacious kitchen, i'm already happy!
The concept of this place really reminds me of a hotel or one of those high class airbnb homes lol, a strong modern yet practical interior concept, something most modern serviced residences are lacking. Most of them are fully furnished (people like the idea apparently) with the most coolest and craziest modern looking interior but after awhile you'll get annoyed because some parts are just a waste of space and not practical at all (no kidding bruh).
Well after this i'll need to shortlist all the places i've visited before drawing a conclusion then the next step would be to settled the loans that i'll probably gonna be tied to for the next 30 years lol 😢


But most likely The Louvre would make it to one of my shortlisted candidates!
So anyone i know who actually booked/bought a unit here already? Who knows can be future neighbours lol.

For those who are interested in getting a unit after reading this post here are the The Louvre Selling Prices below!

Ground Floor shops: From rm1m (792sf to 2208sf)
Level 2 shops: From rm500k (740sf to 4781sf)


Studio: From rm416K (616sf)
1 bedroom: From rm530K (826sf)
2 bedroom: From rm602K (999sf-1026sf)
3 bedroom: From rm756K (1276sf-1283sf)
4 bedroom: From rm938K (1550sf-1639sf)

For more details about this place or to make a booking for showroom viewing do visit their official sites listed below.

Website: www.thelouvre.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/louvrecountryheights/
Youtube: https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zZ-VhDnOhw

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  1. Ooh The Louvre...i only saw this from outside never insides...nice studio room concept!!

    *feeling down because i still an old salary uncle renting and staying my old broken down parents house

    I got myself all the feels when u show your dream room of mariko here. *hugs you

  2. Your writing "Cilaka" made me laughed..hahaha..

    From last year until now i also have to move 3 times. So i now how tired it can be. Hopefully you can get your own house fast. And create a new life and memories 😊. All the best!

  3. Wow do I love the interior. A very interesting post, thank you for sharing!

  4. Such a beautiful development this is. However, it is out of my reach. Hope you get your dream home soon!

  5. I hope you can get your dream house. Life peacefully and happily ever after.

  6. Having your own place is a wide idea. Yeah every year the cost of real estate is getting high so better do it now.

  7. Buying a house is definitely a big decision to make! Lourve seems like a really nice place too~ I need to start saving up $$ so that I can start looking for a property too!

  8. The place is spacious and can link to many places. Is worth to invest in this property.

  9. Looks like a dream home for sure.. I am sure it would suit your perfectly...

  10. This place looks dreamy and spacious enough for family to stay in! It was beautiful done and near to many convenient place too!

  11. really love the way you writing. Enjoying and laughed while reading - Racheal

  12. Nice unit! But Kajang really a bit far for me. Still prefer the KL area.

  13. Just so you know that the traffic flow is a little crazy around Sg. Ramal area. Well i'm a local from Kajang so yeah, just for your info.

  14. As we settled down, there will be one day that we'll need to explore more like buying houses especially when we have grown kids.


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