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An Extraordinary way to say i Love You (Mom)

How many of you guys tend to celebrate certain celebrations in advance to avoid the usual crowds or simply it's because your schedule is tight so you gotta make do with whatever free dates that's available? Lol, but it's alright because at the end of the day what's more important is the thought that comes with it rather than being anal about making sure it's celebrated on that "exact" date itself.

Though Mother's Day has become one of the mainstream celebrations worldwide, it doesn't mean that it has lost its main purpose. To show mothers our love and appreciation (technically this can be done any time of the year but nice decor stuff only comes up during Mother's day lol) by taking them out or doing anything together to remind them that we as their kids are always there for them. 

My mom has definitely mellowed down over the years and if i were to get her anything for Mother's day she would probably just say thank you and not to waste money on gifts haha! But over the years she realised that her kids are now all adults and working so we can afford to spend on her during special occasions, and that still doesn't make up for what she has sacrificed for us for almost 30 years but it's one of the things we can do at the very least. 

As you guys know that i've been busy getting rid of all my stuff and moving out because my tenancy of 2 years is ending in a couple of days (technically before Mother's Day) therefor i gotta make sure everything is out by then. It's hard for me to coordinate with my siblings on a suitable date as well as we all have different work schedules and literally live in different states so celebrating Mother's day together sounds like an instant "nope". 
But i'm the one leaving the country soon as well so i've decided to do an early Mother's day celebration this week with a beautiful Mother's Day cake  i saw at Haagen Daz! Glad my place has an outlet nearby so i just had to pop by and collect it (best to call and reserve a cake first!)  before heading over to a nearby cafe to have lunch.

The tagline for their exclusive Mother's Day Ice cream cake is rather catchy too, "An Extraordinary way to say i Love You" and if i might add the cake looks extraordinary itself because the Luscious belgian chocolate ice cream wrapped with white chocolate and decorated with detailed strawberry chocolate shavings neatly assembled to resemble a carnation flower. 
It's honestly too pretty to cut or eat, come on just look at that cake!

Not sure if it's the cafe's glorious lighting or it's really just my mom's face glowing from happiness when she saw the cake. She commented that it's been a long time since anyone got her such a beautiful cake and i'm guessing the last time was her wedding because that looked fancy while our birthdays (same month!) are usually celebrated with normal looking fresh cream cakes from the bakery lol. Gotta thank Haagen Daz for creating such a beautiful cake!

It was rather a feat for us to cut the ice cream cake without destroying it entirely because of the solid chocolate coat holding it together, but i somewhat (?) managed to do it lol and even proudly snapped a picture of my not so failed cutting skills lol, but please use a steel knife to cut it ya as plastic ones would probably break and get stuck somewhere inside the cake.

I'm glad that my mom enjoyed the cake (more of ice cream that looked like a cake lol) that day, though i can't be back every mother's day from next year onwards, i hope that i managed to make this small celebration a memorable one for her.
May not be the best daughter out of the whole lot, but i'll continue to always try my best!

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You can't go wrong with Haagen Daz's ice cream, always so rich and delicious, think from now on if anyone wants to get me cake just get me an ice cream cake from Haagen Daz and settle liao. 

*Haagen Daz's Mother's Day Cake is available till 15th May 2018 retailing at RM149 for 1 kg.
** Available at all Haagen Daz outlets nationwide, while stocks lasts.


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