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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Breena Beauty Summer 2018 Arrivals

I am so prepared for summer this year though we can expect things to get hotter than Malaysia especially during July and August but that didn't stop me from getting a new swimsuit, beach hat and summer make up ideas ready, honestly i've never been so ready for summer before. Maybe it was my last summer experience here in Japan that taught me how to deal with it, the rains, heat and strong winds and the weather here is seriously unexpected sometimes. 

Okay back to the main point which i am going to introduce Breena Beauty's new summer arrivals and its also their very first eyeshadow palette too! 
Can't imagine how stoked i was when i found out about the release and even more that they SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!!

Yes you read correctly, so regardless which part of the world you are Breena Beauty products are just one click away right now. You guys have no idea how torn i was at first when i had to move to Japan, because this means i won't be able to work with alot of my favorite (or new potential) beauty brands anymore unless of course they have HQ in Japan (but Japan has their own influencers already).
This is what i call a big sacrifice on my end, and i did cried about it for a short while but got over it because connections i've worked so hard over the years in Malaysia, can also be done here in Japan. I just need patience and time to build it up again from a scratch but i know there is potential here as well, gotta see things in different perspective sometimes. 

Okay i want to be corny and say this though i know some of you would be rolling your eyes from my lameness but i just have to!!
This wanderlust palette traveled across the world (technically 5000km) just to meet me, it's more of a wanderlust traveler than i am.*cues cricket sounds*

Breena Beauty WANDERLUST Eyeshadow Palette 

Their Wanderlust palette consist of 15 stunning warm neutral shades that's suitable for both daily and night looks as the colors are buildable and there are both mattes, satin and shimmery shades. The posibilties of mixing and matching them are limitless! You can use one shade on its own or duo, for abit more playful look usually 3-4 colors.

And coming from a person like me who hardly plays with eyeshadows (especially glittered ones), i found their glitter not too overwhelming in fact they got it just right, i can use them without people thinking i'm all dolled up for a disco in the middle of the day lol. 
The texture of the eyeshadows are also very impressive (since it's their first!), it doesn't come off patchy nor hard to blend with both your brushes or fingers. I noticed that for more intense color it's great to use your fingers to apply, if brush you might need to layer it for the color to build. 

This is also a palette which i finally AGREE WITH ALL THE DAMN SHADES.
You know how frustrating it is to only like a few colors in an eye shadow palette, and the rest gets unused and wasted in the end. That's why i found customizable ones more practical but expensive too. I'm pretty sure most of you beauty enthusiast out there can relate to this problem as well, loving like 30% of the shades and the other 70% is like "meh" but still bought because either on sale or just for that 30% colors lol. My older sis is one of those people, so am i haha!

But Wanderlust team created a palette with shades that suits most skin tone whether you are fair or tan, pink or yellow hue but it still makes your eyes glow.
Hats off to them and i'm definitely looking forward to more eyeshadow palettes from them near future. 

Using Memory, Treasure and sand for this look, need to do the headache pose because my fringe is at an annoying length right now lol

Using Sun Tan, Diary and Date combo

Can even check out my short video tutorial here
Officially a year older today ๐ŸŽ‰ gonna celebrate the milestone with this video post! It's been a long time since I've done any make up tutorials because editing videos is rather time consuming but for this beautiful and pigmented Wanderlust palette from @breenabeauty I'll do it because the colors are just to pretty! ❤ Using eyeshadow shade in Sun Tan, Diary & Date Matte Lipstick: Bunny Let me know what do you think about the palette colors! Summer vibe enough? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Pardon the noob editing because I'm seriously bad with videos and this is self recorded on a tripod without any proper lighting equipment. And did you guys know that Breena beauty ship WORLDWIDE too? I just found out recently and got mine shipped to Japan, thanks @fishmeatdie for the info ๐Ÿ™Œ Also stay tuned to my next post as there will be a surprise later today specially for you guys. Thank you all for the birthday wishes ❤๐Ÿ™ ๐ŸŽ‚ Feels weird being away from home on my birthday and first time celebrating it as a married person ๐Ÿ˜… #breenabeauty #halalcosmetics #supportlocal #madeinmalaysia #makeuptutorial #junebaby #summervibes #blessed #crueltyfree #wanderlust #arisabeautypicks
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Arisa's Beauty Tip!

Also here is a tip for you girls who are beginners in make up looking to purchase this palette but not sure how to use it, start with either 1 or 2 shades (any shade is fine because they all match each other) or follow 3 colors diagonally, that way you can get 5 different looks to use from Monday to Friday~
I always start with "Memory shade" as my base to highlight my crease before moving to any other colors. 
I'm using Breena Beauty's eyeshadow brushes for application, best ones out of my brush collection so far as it's soft and gentle to the skin, blends well and hasn't lost its shape or bristles after my weekly washes (still looks brand new), now it's been close to 6-7 months of me using it.  

Velvetcreme Lipstick *6 New Shades!*

Before discovering Breena Beauty last year, i seriously hated matte lipsticks and couldn't understand the fad nor hype about it especially people like XX (Sg's claimed top blogger) who say it's like the best thing ever invented. To me it was ONLY useful for precise application for those who have not mastered the art of applying normal lipsticks *roll eyes*.

From my experience i found it very drying and it makes all my lip lines super extra HD (than normal) sia..not flattering at all and it's also hard to remove till the point you feel like you want to tear off your lips to get over it, also it stains. And there are some which doesn't even last at all like colorpop, after drink need to touch up, after eat abit also need to touch up, talk alot or no talk also need to touch up, but for a cheapo tube of it guess it's not meant to last.  But all of those negative perspective changed when Breena Beauty sent me some Velvetcreme lipsticks to try last year and i've been using them ever since, even recommend to my family and friends, so far everyone too loved it.

With normal make up remover it comes off, glides smoothly on my lips with or without lipbalm when applied, minimal touch up needed and best part of all i don't have to worry about it staining anything else because once it's dry after application (almost immediately) it doesn't transfer unto anything else, the danna approves of face pecks now because no lippie stains after that lol.
Oh and you don't necessarily need to line your lips before applying because i doesn't bleed out, however you can still line it for more precise application.

During spring Breena Beauty released 3 new shades perfect for the season, and for summer there are 6 new shades available which looks good for Autumn too if you ask me ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

From top: Bubblegum, BerryPie & Rock A' Bye

I tried out all 6 new shades and as expected there is nothing i hate, all shades seems to agree with my fair yellow skin. And in Japan i eat and drink alot, in a day i only need to touch up once or never at all, that's how long lasting it is, for a tube priced at RM39 (buy 3 for RM100 online), this lippie is worth getting. Can throw out the other matte lipsticks i have in my current stash liao.

P/S: I apologize for the sudden grainy photos because it started to rain and it was dark so i had to bump up my ISO. So sad when we rely on natural lighting for our photos, mother nature does this to us *sobs*. 




Good Vibes

Rose Clay

Spice Latte

Why I Love Breena Beauty

Breena Beauty has been one of my favorite local brands because they seriously outdone themselves, over and over again whether it's the formulation or shades or packaging design. At one glance those who don't know of the brand would assume first they are a big international brand or something since they are sold in major Malaysian pharmacies too, not what most would expect out of a Malaysian brand. This shows to never underestimate Malaysia's potential!   
There are many more to look up too like Wunderbath, Claire Organics, etc.

They are known as a cruelty free and halal cosmetic brand (yay for Muslim users), what i found really useful as a consumer is that they state out their MFG date and expiry date upon opening (usually 12 months), also a full list of their ingredients so that we are aware of what we are using on our face. Many beauty brands out there these days are lacking either info which is rather frustrating because these are considered NECESSARY information.
Previously i couldn't be bothered about all these things because i was a careless consumer, and when bad things happen like allergy reactions, etc i would blame the brands first when in fact all those things can be avoided if i've bothered to turn behind and look out for the info (if it's stated, if none then it's clearly the brand's fault).

Make ups don't last forever and i have friends who still uses the same lipstick after 5 years, trust me my mom was also one of those people and i had to discard it for her and give her a new one instead. It's gross with all the bacteria being accumulated for so long and it enter our body via orally so for lipsticks it's best to discard after 12 months as advised by the manufacturers.  
For most of my lip products i tend to wipe it after each use before storing it back because i do not like the idea of contaminating it with my lip balm or saliva layer. 
Though the product is only used less than 50% i would still discard it because i don't want to risk anything, expiry dates are given for a reason.


Hope this review is useful and don't forget to head over to my instagram to join my latest giveaway!
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