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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Little Box Japan Review

I'm always so excited whenever a parcel arrives at my doorstep because it feels like Christmas but in reality it's a reminder that my bank account numbers are going down because i purchased myself a gift haha (sad reality)! But oh well, this time i convinced myself it was worth it after coming across an ad of it on Instagram, have to say that Japan beauty marketing online is totally on point when it comes to target market, so far all the ads i've been seeing are super relevant to me, its either fashion, beauty or maternity related brands compared to the ads i get in Malaysia, seriously sometimes dildo or BDSM items from Lazada pops up -_- what? 
I'm an avid online shopper especially for clothes, of all things why suggest me these items sia.. so irrelevant, even annoying zalora ads are better!

I don't earn anything from sharing my finds with you girls but if it's worth it, i'll definitely post about it because good things are meant to be shared and from the Instagram poll votes, all of you can't wait for next week eh? So i'm spending my Friday night typing this blogpost out for you guys haha, so please read and leave me a comment k!

I also did a background check to make sure they are legit before signing up, apparently My Little Box also operates in European countries, if you google them you can find YouTube reviews too, but the contents of the boxes varies from each country.

So i'll make this a simple post and focus more on the box contents.

My Little Box Japan, was chanced upon and i'm glad for it because i'm a super duper happy customer and it was worth every penny paid, the only sad thing about this monthly subscription themed box is that its currently limited to Japan orders only so those of you in Malaysia can't get it unless via proxy or have a friend residing in Japan to accept it on your behalf. 
For 3,200 Yen (less than RM120) it includes free local Japan postage, that's reasonable enough especially if they are sending it from Tokyo to Kyoto.

I remember back a couple years ago (5-6?) Subscription boxes was the hype of the century, brands were creating their own or jumping on board for collabs and that time social media marketing was still fresh and new, the terms "influencers" have yet to exist lol. And people actually read blogs to get updates and latest information for now i'm starting to question how many people still read blogs these days as i'm told that YouTube & Live streaming is the future, but still i'm thankful to all my faithful readers over the years we have grew in leaps and bounds because of your support!  

The hype of subscription boxes lasted less than 2 years before companies started noticing that it's not getting as much returns as expected, that's when it started dying off. Now there is barely a handful available in Malaysia that's still running strong. I personally think the problems lies with brands only providing sample sizes in these boxes and after awhile it becomes repetitive and customers don't find it worth it to pay that amount and only get so little. 

Yes i signed up for this bag lol

Unlike what i've received from My Little Box subscription, i was seriously expecting a few samples since my main goal was the bag (opps!) and not the make up stuff haha!

P/s: These round woven pouches are being sold around the same price outside might as well get a few more items in it lol #smartshopping  

Who knew the Laura Mercier products i've received were actual full size products, totally mind blown because that means the actual cost of this box is easily doubled the price i paid! I can't believe i saved alot for this, Laura Mercier products is considered mid luxury brand in Malaysia, it's expensive enough that i've only one product of it and that was because it was a gift, something i'll clutch my wallet and cry because it's easily above RM100 for a single product, and as you guys know me i'm more of a budget friendly shopper and get most of my beauty stuff from the drug store. 
I'll only splurge on items like skincare (super sensitive skin!), facial (1-2 times a year) or hair tonics to treat my hairfall problem (due to pregnancy) and occasionally food lol.

My older sister on the other hand loves this brand to bits, and after testing out the products i received from My Little Box, i can now see why. It's smooth and glides easily on the skin!

I love the fact that My Little Box Japan posts about it's monthly theme and box contents so customers are attracted to sign up for their service. Like me, i'm a sucker for June's edition that's why i bought it lol, it took about 4-5 days to arrive upon ordering and that was before the earthquake struck Osaka, it might probably be abit faster without that disaster but we'll see during next month's subscription delivery speed.

Content Value:

  • Sessùn Woven sling pouch: 3,900Yen
  • My Little Box Make up Casing: 700yen
  • *My Little Beauty Cheek tint: 2000yen
  • *Laura Mercier eyeshadow crayon : 2500yen
  • *Laura Mercier matte lipstick: 2800yen
Price paid: 3,200 yen

 *shades are given at random

This Month's theme is all about Paris, from the shades of eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick selected and the bag accessory included, you can easily look the part without even trying!
Every month they will collaborate with different brands based on their theme and was lucky to enough to catch this collab with Laura Mercier and Sessùn (fashion brand). There is still one more week for you guys to catch it before they introduce their next month's theme. 

Use My Code:
" FRIEND141912 "

First box at 2,200 Yen only, save 1000 Yen!

If you girls need help sending it to Malaysia, drop me an email (arisa1443@gmail.com) as i can receive it in Japan on your behalf and mail it to Malaysia via EMS (2-3 working days). 

Additional postage and service charge applies, i do accept payment via Maybank


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