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Cezanne Cosmetic Review (Now in Malaysia)

Though they might just be at a pop up store for now, still don't miss this chance to grab high quality yet affordable Japanese cosmetic brand Cezanne exclusively at Play Up Advance in Fahrenheit88, KL!

I first discovered Cezanne brand 2 years ago during my first trip to Tokyo, though back then some of the packaging may look abit tacky from the current new adorable dolly look, no doubt each piece is carefully crafted to ensure than young people can enjoy affordable yet high quality cosmetics without feeling the pinch in their wallets. At one glance they may look like your average drug store brand, which would make one doubt about their performance quality due to the unbelievable price point (we always perceive "expensive" make up to be of better quality but it really depends).

One of the earliest product i've ever bought and tried was their cream contour and highlighter which costs about roughly 600yen each, and i immediately regretted not bringing more back because it works so well in giving you the perfect natural contour suitable for daily look that one tube finished within 1.5 months! And coming from me my make up always seem to last forever, because i keep on adding on to my current stash without finishing off the opened ones first lol. *Cough..hoarder*

I also actually shot a video of how to use these cream sticks once but lost the entire footage when my laptop died, so i didn't bother to blog about it anymore.
But i still love the product so much to the point of asking a friend of mine to help me purchase it while she was in Japan for her holiday (sorry for the trouble and thank you so much!) but fast forward 2 years later now it's available in Malaysia!!

Right after i left for Japan..lol. 

Well, at least you guys living in Malaysia can now have easy access to Cezanne cosmetics without having to travel to Japan!
And after having the opportunity to try out other products as well, courtesy of Cezanne Cosmetics Malaysia, thank you guys so much, i am glad to share with you guys my report on using it for the past couple of days. 
Really asking myself now why didn't i pick up their other products sooner as i always travel to Japan for work prior to moving here. All those years of doubting the quality of their other products i am seriously ashamed of myself as a beauty blogger for not venturing out of my comfort zone for the sake of this blog! 

Here are my thoughts on it, hope it helps those of you are looking for affordable Japanese make ups to add on to your current stash :-P
Poisoning in progress here so a warning to please proceed with caution!

Cezanne Ultra Cover UV Foundation II 

The texture of this powder glides smoothly on the skin and it's available in 4 different shades, can be used either wet or dry. Usually if it's applied with a wet sponge it's for more coverage (powder foundation) compared to applying it on dry.
It lasted pretty well on the skin however it does oxidizes abit (becomes abit darker) so best to pick an in between shade and allow it to set after 10-20mins (or faster with a setting mist). Powders are best applied on in dabbing motion instead of dragging the sponge around your face, this way it is applied on evenly. And if you are using any cream products (contour/ blusher) always use them first before applying the powder (save it for the very last).

Cezanne UV Foundation EX Premium

This is a luxury foundation powder which i found the powder much finer compared to the Ultra Cover Foundation, it covers every single pore on my face both visible and fine ones that i can easily compare its performance with Canmake's Marshmallow Finishing powder which has been my favorite powder for the past 2 years until i tried this lol.
Now i'm like "move over marshmallow powder, your replacement is here", and just in time my current canmake powder hit the pan too!  I've tested the EX premium in few weather scenarios and the outcome is the same, it lasts up to 12 hours a day without any touch up except for the nose area (oily T-zone because of combination skin type). It's impressive, even with Canmake i would need to blot and touch up after like 4 hours?

There are no signs of caking even if i do touch up (especially mouth area after meals), and it doesn't enhance my dry skin condition on bad days, in fact it provides me with immediate airbrush skin solution every time i walk out of the house.  Oxidizing for this powder is minimal compared to the Ultra Cover Foundation as the elastic powder formula is designed to deform and defuse to provide ultimate pore conceal solution and evens out uneven skin tones.  Can't stress enough how much i love this powder but it's unfortunate that it's only available in 2 shades in Malaysia
So far i've not encountered any unusual breakouts caused by using the powder, but a friendly reminder to always double cleanse your face before sleeping to ensure that your pores are fresh and clean for the day.

*All powders contains SPF protection

 Cezanne Color sticks (shading/ highlighting/ blusher)

My favourite trio for a quick and natural look before heading out daily, compared to powder i found them more easier to blend it in compared to my usual powders. Also since it's cream like texture, it melts into your skin and you can layer it according to your preference. Used directly after applying foundation and i only use a damp sponge/ beauty blender to blend it.
For those who are worried about applying the highlighter under their eyes and it making your fine lines obvious, fret not because it contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, a moisturizing combo that doesn't enhance the fine lines near our eyebags, in fact it keep that part fine line free and helps me brighten up my panda eyes! 
Not very in your face kind of highlighter from what you get from brands like Fenty beauty because Japanese is all about the natural look lol. Still nonetheless it does accentuate your features just enough to create an illusion of a slimmer face and higher cheekbones.

After blending in + Ex Premium powder

One like my 3rd tube of the shading stick already since 2015 lol, it's that good and other cream contours i've used doesn't even come close to this. Most of them are usually too heavy on the skin.

Cheek stick comes in 3 colors - peach pink, coral and rose
For this photo i'm using coral shade.

Cezanne Powder blusher

Not exactly the most pigmented product in the whole series, but it's build-able with patience, for those who dislike pigmented blushers then this is the perfect one for you, a quatro shaded blusher that offers you a soft shimmery finishing to your entire look. I found that it works well paired together with the stick blusher because after blending it in with my beauty blender and using powder to set my make up the blusher might be a wee bit too faded so having this light powder blusher on top of it helps to make the color pop up abit more 

 Cezanne Lasting  Lip Color

What attracted me the most for this product wasn't the fact that it has been a best seller for the past 20 years lol, no it was more of the packaging instead haha! The seriously dolly design would blend right in to any of the Canmake products i have in my collection, it's just so pretty to look at and it doesn't come of as tacky too. 

Available in 11 colors, the ones i used to create a gradient shade was mixing both 104 (beige) and 402 (red) together, it blended in so well that i didn't even need to use my finger to blend it in. Just press my lips together a couple of times and it's done!
It's super moisturizing so even if you forgot your lip balm, it's still alright to apply it on directly from my experience (i'm the type that always forget to bring my lipbalm out lol), i wouldn't say the finishing is matte as claimed it sits more between semi matte and gloss.

Mixed both 104 (beige) and 402 (red) together

Doesn't last as long as those matte lipsticks so you'll still need to touch up like normal after every meal, drinks doesn't affect it that much and i noticed that i don't even need to use a lip liner because it doesn't bleed unto the out corners of my lips. That's a huge bonus!

Complete look using Cezenne Cosmetics and eyeshadow by Breena Beauty Wanderlust palatte

Nah, let me be vain because i did my make up so nicely already haha!

So that concludes my Cezanne product review post, phew it's been a long time since i wrote so much for a beauty review as i'm really picky about the products i share these days. Ultra filtering because no point featuring those that aren't worth talking about. And also because my blog focuses on sharing about all things Japan so majority of the beauty reviews now consists of Japanese brands (with occasional Korean ones) lol.
But hey at least you know who's blog to look up for whenever you have any doubts on a new Japanese brand ;)

Cezanne Malaysia: https://www.instagram.com/cezannecosmeticsmy/

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