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2nd Month | Lil Penguin

This entry is for me to look back at lil penguin's progress because i want to be reminded how small and precious she was before :)
The moments i will never be able to revisit again but glad i got to experience them as her mother. Thank you for having me as your mama lil penguin, i'll try my very best to be a good mother to you.

It's already lil penguin's 2nd month on earth and how time passes by without us realising she has turned 2 months old and soon 3! Babies somehow have the magic to manipulate time, some days feels fast while some feels like it will never end (their fussy period) lol. 
There are many milestones she managed to achieve upon stepping into her 2nd month which made me super proud because from her character development we can see she's definitely strong willed (politer way to say she's stubborn lol). Wonder if that has something to do with the old folk's tale since her hair has 2 growth directions while most of us has 1 lol. (jk)

Been so bus updating my blog on work stuff that i hardly had the time to even sit down to type this out, should probably set an alarm monthly to post up this progress post so i have no excuse to procrastinate and forget about it. 
That's one thing about having a baby, you constantly want to push yourself to be better in time and priority management though it may sound impossible because your life's schedule has become haywired since the arrival of the baby. It does take time to find our footing again, but in the progress of doing so we pick up new skills.

1st Month Progress

I actually took notes down because i can't rely on my hopeless memory to recall on all the things she did over the past 4 weeks lol. 

She started doing stuff like lifting her neck, cooing, self soothing and many more. That is definitely tons of hard work for a baby, okay i'm sorry that i said babies only drink & sleep, such an easy life lol. In fact you are learning how to control your body and moods several times throughout the day sounds tiring indeed, like us adults learning a new skill which requires tons of practice too. Sorry lil penguin, i (try) promise not to laugh next time k!

Babies these days are surprisingly advanced, feels kinda scary when the baby decides to lift their fragile necks without any support especially during burping sessions. Her legs are the strongest as she can easily push herself upwards if her feet is against any hard surface.

Lil penguin and her smelly towel, look at that drool!

Better Eyesight & Hearing

Eva's hearing and eyesight definitely became slightly more sharper so she response well whenever we try to talk or sing to her. Occasionally her response would be all sorts of funny sounding coos before she gets irritated and cry because no one gets her lol.

Still jumpy as ever even to the slightest noise will make her cry for like 10 seconds before going back to sleep lol. The funniest I found so far was her being shocked with her own poop bombs and farts, she will wail like the world is ending every time it happens. Sounds almost like a Banshee actually haha.

The day she discovered she could control her eyes to do this LOL
It took her a solid 30 second before snapping out of this.

When the danna takes photos lol looks meme worthy though.
It's the same face i make whenever people ask me stupid questions that can easily be googled.

Self Entertain & Soothing

Not sure if she's supposed to self entertain this early but she only does it when she's not sleepy. Best achievement was a solid 10mins of her looking all around without crying, not bad for first try.
At least her showed some interest in her baby gym, was worried she didn't like it then we would need to get something else, babies are so unpredictable lol.

There are times after feeding sessions when she tries to fight her sleep, i'll just put her down and from there after a short fussing she learned how to self soothe to sleep while sucking her fists/ fingers.

Look at that boss pose, one thing that's consistent lol

Feeds & Sleeps

We all know a baby's main job is these two things, kinda envy her that she gets to sleep while i have to stay awake or else she'll scream at me. Yipee.
Her sleeping and binging sessions are still pretty much unpredictable so it keeps me in particular up all night, I do hope during the 2nd month she slowly starts to stretch her sleeping hours so we can finally sleep as well. Lacking of sleep makes me quite irritable, you wouldn't want to talk to me especially when my brain and eye sight is as fuzzy as the baby's.

Now she hardly fits this anymore

Eva's appetite really took a 360 degrees turn from drinking 50-60ml each feed to nearly a 100ml, I can roughly gauge how much because each side of my Oppai produces about 90ml, it's completely empty after each feed. During her cluster feeding period (super tiring for me) she also had a visible growth spurt suddenly became much chubbier all over and also taller.

The only thing i found really worrying is her constantly choking during each feed, she'll end up coughing so hard till her throat is pain (she'll glare at me like its my fault after that lol). Any tips to make breastmilk flow not so fast?

Height & Weight

During early 3rd week she was only 3.4kg now it feels like we are carrying a bag of 5kg rice lol, our backs now hurts everytime we have to pick and put her down in the cot.
At birth her height was 48cm, after 1 month she's 53cm that's like 5cm spurt, wow!

Slightly tan from being under phototherapy session for 3 days

Just like that she also outgrew the sink which we had been using to bath her as she was initially too tiny for the bath tub we bought. what happened to our tiny little baby??

Going Out

Before it got quite cold and we are glad that we managed to take her out for short walks to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery, and surprising enough she sleeps well outside instead of at home lol.
Seems manageable enough to bring her out, was kinda worried she'll be super fussy but turns out not as long she's fed and changed.

The Beblum stroller we got for her seems to be quite comfortable (we added extra padding), she had no problem adjusting to it.

Look at that cheeky face!
She likes the stroller alot especially with the comfy Benbat Baby Body support i got from Bloom & Grow (you can check their website for the nearest retailer) which gives enough cushioning for her head & body. Don't think we'll be able to survive without it because she loves soft stuff lol.

Falling back asleep, don't want to layan mama's wefie lol

Favorite Milestone

My most favorite milestone is Eva learning how to smile and laugh more now, also her smile is really beautiful though she does it out of the blue which can be sometimes scary because what the heck is she smiling/laughing at??

My phone is running out of memory space, Help!!

Danna is poop master because he somehow always manages to make her poop and fart
I'm the burping master because I can always make her burp after each feed

Yours Truly,

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