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Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask Review

Finally in of a pampering session after long weeks of wearing make up and not to mention my skin peeling due to the harsh cold weather. Really during cold seasons, I'm like a snake because the skin around my nose and dimples somehow flakes like mad after bath, but with moisturizer it's fine. There are some days when even moisturizers (time to get heavier formulation for winter) can't tame these pesky dry skin and taking tweezers to pull them off takes forever. I wouldn't recommend using normal exfoliator as that would make your skin layer even more thin if you are gonna do it on a daily basis that's why I'm thankful to Althea for sending this Milk Peel cream mask!

I might sound like I'm glorifying everything they sent me but in all honesty their products is actually REALLY GOOD lol. Haven't had a miss so far and hope that it stays that way.

What I don't understand about my skin is that the most oiliest part of my face is also the most driest, sounds super conflicting indeed. Definitely need some balancing solution here and so far this is what the mask has been doing for me.
It self foams when applied on skin and dries up leaving a clay like layer that works as a gentle exfoliator when washed off.

Clay like texture when spread on skin

Self foams after a few seconds!

Normal clay exfoliators I've used after often advised to be used sparingly like once a week, for this it's gentle enough to be used 3-4 times a week or whenever needed!
Doesn't irritate when it clears pores and removes dead skin, revealing a baby smooth layer after!
It contains both AHA ,BHA extracts to help in the skin shedding process and Casein protein found in milk that helps retains the skin revitalize and moisturize! 

Really no kidding that milk does works like magic to hydrate skin as it's been proven since Cleopatra's time. Even during my travels I found it a waste to throw my breastmilk away, I end up having a milk bath with it and my skin feels super smooth after! No issues of itchy dry skin even without using lotion, unlike back at home even with using super gentle soap I still need to use lotion or else I'll itch like mad from the dryness. That's how brutal winter season is for Malaysian skin :(
So that's enough to prove that milk keeps the skin moisturized, so use your Milk Peel cream mask lol.

Another bonus point about Althea products is that it's always super affordable, for this kind of quality one would expect it to cost a bomb but surprisingly no!
I'm just worried one day that it would be discontinued, so better hoard and keep now before sold out.
You can purchase it from HERE.
  • For International orders, sign up with my link to save 20% off your 1st order
  • For Malaysian orders sign up here to save 20% as well.

Bonus picture lol best prop not to be wasted. Breastmilk that's been contaminated & needs to be discarded but before that let's use it to take photos haha!
I'm not gonna waste my yummy Japanese milk just for photo purposes k 😂

Yours Truly,

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