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Hotel New Hankyu Osaka Review

Not every day I would actually write about hotels unless they are really good in terms of location, I’ve only written a handful thus far and I’m glad to add this hotel into one of my recommended stays in Japan especially if you are looking for a hassle free trip (don’t we all?).

It’s very common for travelers to jump from one hotel to another depending on their itinerary, it’s no doubt cost efficient and doesn’t tie you down especially if you are looking to explore further out of the city but this usually works for younger people like myself when I was still single lol. What if you are traveling with family that has elderly and children along, that option of jumping stays is definitely gonna be super exhausting. Really, with kids especially it's better to just stay put and you'll have one lesser headache episodes lol.

During my recent trip around Kansai Region, I spent basically half the trip in this hotel because:-

Strategic & Convenient

From Kansai airport there is a direct bus service which takes 1 hour +, I always prefer taking direct buses to the hotel so I can drop off my luggage first at the counter and head out to explore. But if my flight timing doesn’t line well with my plans I’ll usually opt to use TaQbin delivery service from the airport to the hotel and take the Nankai rapid train into the city (34 mins only). 

 Bus stop right outside of the hotel's entrance. Can't get any more convenient than this!

Goes to both Itami & Kansai Airport, tickets can be purchased at the bus stop itself 

When I was using my daily transport pass for the Hankyu line which stops right next to this hotel, there’s an underground connection directly to the hotel so even if it’s raining I don’t have to worry about getting soaked.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hankyu line, it’s a private line different from JR and it goes to places like Kobe, Himeji, and Kyoto! And Shin Hankyu Osaka Hotel is right at the middle of these routes.

High density building

This is a high density hotel so there is obviously more rooms & beds available, my room alone can fit up to 3 grown adults as it comes with 3 double sized single beds. And I ain’t even petite, the bed can fit 2 of me on It comfortably lol. I know it might sound cramp but surprisingly it’s not, I wouldn’t say spacious either but just about right. 

The 3rd bed

The long corridors might seem endless and it does feel like a maze on each room floor but that can be easily solved by requesting for a room nearer to the lift. There are actually 2 lifts in the middle of each floor, I found out much later after wandering around looking for my room which was right at the end of the corridor lol. I took the front lift so the walk felt quite far, but from the back lift it’s pretty close. So make sure to check the layout map on each floor first.

Good Service

When it comes to Japan, really hands down to their services because they take pride in making sure customers enjoy their stay here. They also provide large garbage disposable services (eg: broken luggage that needs to be discarded) which you can find a sticker in your room to paste on your garbage. In Japan large public garbage bins isn’t common and even if there is, it probably belongs to someone/ building/ company so we can’t simply use it. That’s why they have the system called “Sodai Gomi”, made specially to get rid of large trash but with a fee (not cheap too). Not many foreigners know about it so it’s good that the hotel offers to discard your trash for FREE!

Such omotenashi service!

Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis, beds made, used toiletries & towels replaced but however they are trying to be more eco-friendly by reducing unnecessary cleaning. If you are staying more than 3 days, you can fill in a form (provided in your room) stating that you do not require any room cleaning services during the duration of your stay and pass it to the reception counter on the 1st floor. They’ll reward you with a cash voucher to use within the hotel (there are eateries/ shops).

There’s also a luggage delivery service available next to the reception counter, I got my luggage delivered to Kyoto and it arrived the next day.

It’s also foreigner friendly, so you don’t have to worry about communication barrier here!

Nearby shopping & food district

The minute you step out of the hotel there are shops & restaurants everywhere! There is Yodabashi camera, Don Quijote and many more. If you like shopping minus the crowd, I would highly recommend visiting Don Quijote (Donki) at night, it’s tax free and has everything you need from beauty/ health products, local snacks, fashion, electronics, etc. Best part they are open 24 hours and 7 mins walk from the hotel!! 


Variety food options within hotel

If you are too tired to go food hunting you can still enjoy good food without stepping out of the hotel, a total of 16 eateries available around the clock and I’ve only managed to diner at 2 places lol.

Café & Restaurant Rainbow (for breakfast) & Buffet Style OLYMPIA (for dinner).

Seriously spoilt for choices especially at the Buffet dinner in OLMPIA, it’s so affordable (4,700 yen per adult) and all you can eat within 2.5 hour session. They serve all kinds of premium food like Japanese, Chinese, western, from main course to desserts. They also have seasonal menu available, like for winter Fugu dishes seems to be abundant, and they usually costs a bomb to eat outside over here you can refill your plates as many times as you want and only pay 4,700 yen lol.

 Can try seasonal dishes like Fugu!

Western food

 Fried Fugu so cute lol

Peking duck is also available at the Chinese cuisine station! Mind you ducks are even considered expensive back in Malaysia and we only eat them during special occasions, over here unlimited!!

To me I think it’s a great place to dine at especially when you don’t have any particular food in mind but want to try everything at once (sounds like me when it comes to food lol who else is like that?).

Overall I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a place to stay in Osaka, do head over to their official website for booking availability and rates https://global.hankyu-hotel.com/new-hankyu-osaka/

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  1. I love a place that is so close to great food and the trains. The peking duck looks delicious!


    1. yes, next time can consider booking this hotel :)

  2. yay to a good hotel like this. it looks like a great hotel for fam travelers like me.

    1. Yep, no need to separate room from your kids!

  3. Thanks for the detailed post babe. Will visit this hotel for my next visit.

    1. Haha you always come to Japan, good for frequent visitors like you :)

  4. Will check out this hotel for my next visit, i like it when the hotel is near to public transport, food & shopping centre.

    1. Can find them on booking.com too, glad it's helpful :)

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