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Easy & Quick Baby Food Recipes with Little Baby Grains

I know i'm not exactly a sous chef in the household because i'm one of those "lazy" moms (but i like to call myself effecient lol) who always find ways to prepare meals for the family without taking too much time and effort. And when it comes to baby food prep, there are so many restrictions especially during the first few months of starting their first solids.
What kind of foods are suitable for them, concerns for allergies and a whole long list of never ending questions. I get you mamas because i too was in that position once and it wasn't easy trying to navigate heads or tails in this situation but the final decision goes down to what you are comfortable with. 

For most Asians countries, a baby first food is always blended smooth plain porridge (or congee) before being slowly introduced to other foods like vegetables, meats and fruits. 
I too followed this method and slowly transitioned to baby led weaning with the purpose of letting lil penguin being independent during mealtimes, strengthen her motoring skills (eye, hand & mouth coordination). BLW journey isn't easy because practically 70-80% of the time you'll get babies throwing and playing with their food instead of eating it lol but it's normal. One of the benefits i found through BLW was that she could chew and swallow better, so i didn't have to blend her meals from 7 months onwards. She was already sitting up unsupported by the way.

It also helps that i was using baby grains for her meals instead of normal adult rice grains (Japan's rice tends to be starchier) so it's easier to chew on and digest in her little baby gut (a constipated baby is every parents worst nightmare, trust me).
We got her baby grains from Little Baby Grains which is made in Malaysia (woohoo for homegrown brand!), it's good to know that their grains are organic and chemical free sourced both locally and overseas. It's packed with higher nutritional value compared to our normal grains, and at each growth stage they'll introduce different grain variations like millet, quinoa and red rice which is sold ready pack so you don't have to individually source for them (so convenient!). 
We have been using Little Baby Grains since lil penguin was 6 months old and now she's already 15 months with no signs of slowing down because she loves her rice alot (100% Japanese alright haha), i always see myself restocking everytime when i'm back in KL lol.

Today I'll be sharing some easy & quick baby recipes that i usually make at home that lil penguin likes, it's mostly considered 1 pot dishes (who doesn't love 1 post recipes lol), and best part of all even adults can enjoy it so you basically kill 2 birds with 1 stone in the kitchen! Most of them also freezes well unless stated.

Disclaimer: Make sure your child has pass the necessary food allergy test before trying out these recipes (1 new food every 3 days rule). Also i'm no food expert, just sharing based on my personal experience :) 

You can get tons of other baby recipe ideas directly from Little Baby Grain Facebook group 

1.  Baby Nasi Goreng Kampung
Suitable for age: 9 months & above

Cook and scramble up the eggs first before adding in ther other ingredients, stiryfry until everything is completely cooked, add in some pure ikan bilis powder seasoning for taste. For adults serving, you may add in some salt & pepper for more taste, but usually i don't because i find it flavourful enough already thanks to the ikan bilis powder. This can be kept in the freezer up to a week+, before using just pop it into the microwave to thaw & heat up. 

2.  Fish Porridge
Suitable for age : 6 months & above

This was her favourite combination when she first started eating solids. More so, she never seems to get bored of this combination which is a good thing haha! Just boil everything together, make sure to add in enough water for it to become porridge, cook on low fire until everything is soft; especially the potato. I usually boil it abit longer with more water until everything is lumpy and mushy enough so that i don't have to blend it, but if needed for your baby; do blend before serving.

3. Onigiri & Tofu Patty
Suitable for age: 7 months & above

For Tofu patty
  • Minced chicken
  • Onions & spring onions (finely chopped)
  • Silky Tofu
  • Abit of potato starch to bind the ingredients together
Onigiri is basically Japanese rice balls, it's a simple and fun way for babies to pick up & self feed as the rice is rolled into their palm size. I often pair it with tofu chicken patty & some vegetable sides. She enjoys eating this way because she doesn't have to use any feeding utensils lol. Finishing rate is usually almost 90% which is considered a success in my books.
I like using this method for bento (lunchbox) when we are out because it's almost mess free compared to other dishes and the best part it sits well in the freezer too.

So glad that little baby grains rice binds well together when rolled, it's almost like sushi rice minus the stickiness. 

4.  ABC soup pasta
Suitable for age: 8 months & above

Every one of us practically grew up with our moms serving us ABC soup lol but did you know that you can make it a complete meal by adding in little baby grains vegetable, rice & quinoa pasta? This hearty meal is definitely a winner especially on days when the little one's tummy isn't feeling too well but needs something filling and nutritious. I prefer to use chicken breast for the soup compared to bones because there is less scum on the surface (clearer soup) and the meat can be shreded and eaten together as well. The pasta makes this soup more filling without having to serve with rice.

Dice everything and put in a pot filled with water, let it boil for 30-45 mins on medium to low fire. You can boil the pasta seperately and add in upon serving the soup. For adults drinking the soup, you might want to add in some salt for taste, i usually standby salt on the table so everyone can season it according to their liking.

5. Creamy Cheese pasta
Suitable for age: 8 months & above

Boil the pasta together with water and olive oil first, when it's soft enough drain the water and add in the milk together with other ingredients. Allow it to simmer on low heat until everything is cooked and it's ready to be served. You can use microgreens as garnishing, it's known to be packed with nutrients too so it's way better than the usual parsley.

This recipe is inspired from a mama friend of mine, Xxenn who made it with udon noodles. I've just tweaked it a little to make it more of an italian like dish :)

*It is best to be made fresh because it contains milk and cheese which isn't suitable for freezing. 

6. Veggie Pasta
Suitable for age: 8 months & above

  • Bell pepper
  • onion
  • garlic
  • shimeji mushroom
  • Carrots
  • Tomato
  • Asparagus
  • Mixed herbs
  • Rice & Quinoa pasta
  • Mozarella & Cheddar mix cheese (optional topping)
Okay that looks more like a long grocery shopping list for vegetables lol. It's like every kid's nightmare because it has so much of veggies but it's good to start introducing it to them from young. And you noticed that this dish is meatless so you'll be wondering where is the child going to get their protein from? It's from the Rice and Quinoa pasta & cheese! Quinoa is known to be high in protien and it's often a replacement for those following a vegan/ vegetarian diet. Once a week our family tries to go meatless, so this is what i usually whip up.

7. Salmon Risotto
Suitable for age : 7 months & above


  • deboned salmon
  • baby corn
  • brocolli
  • carrots
  • a dash of olive oil
  • chopped onions
  • Little baby grain rice (any range)
  • Pure scallop powder (for seasoning purposes, but if your child is allergic to shellfish please replace it with unsalted veggie/ chicken stock instead)

This simple combination is great for days when you need a quick meal prep because you can dump everything in the pot and it will be done within 15 mins, just make sure to take note of the scallop stock (scallop powder + water) ratio so that it doesn't turn out too dry or mushy. Little baby grain rice is perfect to make risotto because it has the right amount of starchiness.   
Phew, took me awhile to sit down and type all of this out because i kept getting distracted lol, i do hope you guys try out these simple recipes at home, do let me know if your little one loves it!
There is actually more varieties (which includes baby nikujaga as well lol) but i'll leave that for another post next time and also because i keep forgetting to photograph them before serving (her highness isn't that patient lol).

Yes, im THAT lazy mom😎

For most days, i'll usually cook a pot if little baby grain rice (plain) and freeze them in small batches, so that it's faster for me to thaw and whip something up last minute or serve together with what we adults are having.

If you have any recipes to share with me, i'm all ears to try out new things!

You can purchase Little Baby Grains directly from their website: https://www.littlebabygrains.com/
They provide free local shipping for purchases RM40 & above.

No longer a hangry baby when she finishes her meal 😂

Yours Truly,

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