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Golden Bird's Nest | All you need to know about (review & discount code included!)

After all these years of hearing about bird’s nest drinks, I finally took the plunge and got myself a whole set to try out! And you know me, I wouldn’t share things if it isn’t up to my standards or preference, because I’m particular that way but with that being said it’s also because I’m careful with what I share with my readers because honesty is indeed the best policy J
Bird’s nest drink is no stranger to us in Asia as it has been long used as a natural remedy and delicacy that dates back all the way to the Ming dynasty (15th century)! It’s amazing to see how this culture still exist till this very day and unlike back then, it’s much easier to source for it now too; for us we can buy it with a click away (the blessings of internet haha). 

Did you know that it’s also dub as “Caviar of the East?”

And a little background story of me, I came from a not so traditional Chinese household (we were bananas so to speak, including our ways lol) so even the existence of chicken essence is considered rare lol. There wasn’t any Chinese medicinal herbs or concoction served to us when we were growing up and it was AFTER I left my family’s household, it was then only I discovered the existence TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). I mean yea, my mom does visit a Chinese herb store only to get cooking herbs, you know like the one we used for bakuteh, etc. Back then no such thing as instant packet unlike now where you can buy from any supermarket shelf lol.

From what I heard and seen, bird’s nest is usually considered a luxury drink served only to elderlies or expecting mothers to nourish their bodies. For us normal adults, we don’t usually splurge on ourselves but thinking back I wonder “why not?” we work so hard in life, there are times we need to take care of ourselves too, not wait until we are too old right? Who knows it might be too late by then and we’ll be wishing that we took better care of ourselves during our youth.

Both my pregnancies I didn’t had the opportunity to drink it too, my first was I didn’t know about it and my second I was away from home in a country where it’s hard to obtain and even if I managed to find it, the price would easily cost me an arm and leg (no joke man, it’s that expensive). If there is ever a 3rd pregnancy near future, I would definitely drink this religiously!!
For those of you who are not familiar with the benefits of bird’s nest drink, let me explain to you abit about it and trust me, at the end of this post you would be as mindblown as I was when I first found out about it XD

What is Bird’s nest drink?
Like its name, it is actually a nest made by edible-nest swiftlets using solidified saliva. I know what you are thinking, like why on earth would you drink a bird’s spit right? 😂

Hold it right there!

This is where the fun fact comes in.
Bird’s nest is high nutritional value and thanks to modern science, research has proven it contains a substantial amount of mucin glycoprotein, amino acid, carbohydrate, calcium, sodium, potassium, and sialic acid.

Glycoprotein, are extremely soluble compare to other protein source. It is also known that Bird Nest Soup have highest antioxidant and antihypertensive activities compare to chicken and fish soups (based on a research by Innovation Centre of Food Technology -UKM)

Isn’t it cruel to eating the bird’s home?

Some might see this as an inhumane act, but before you light up your pitchforks and torches; hear me out. Yes, it was ONCE as home to a baby swiftlet but once it has learned to fly the nest would be abandon as swiftlets do not recycle their nests. So by harvesting it, we are considered as “cleaners” and this allows new swiftlet couples to build on new ones and so the cycle of nature continues.
Yes, there are some companies who harvest bird’s nest unethically because it’s a high demand and profitable business, that is why it’s always crucial to do some background research from the brands you buy from and only support those who ethically source their products.

And for those worried about carbon footprints (it’s good to be environmental friendly), find brands that gets their raw materials locally. That way lesser carbon foot print is left behind compared to those sourced from other countries.

What kind of health benefits does it contain?

This topic has been covered by various TCM teachings, research materials and has a vast contribution online which you can easily read up on by just googling. I’ll be sharing a simplified version so you guys can get the gist of it or else I would bore you with my long post lol, I know how long winded I can be sometimes that I do get feedbacks to cut it short or else can fall asleep with my grandmother stories, but hey! Thanks for always reading till the end 😂

1. Boosts overall Immunity
Despite your age, young or old, bird’s nest is proven to boost the body’s immune system. It prevents common cold and flus by regulating vital organs such as lungs and kidneys as they are intimately related in both health and disease.

2. Makes body less heaty
We all know this term because there’s definitely at least ONE family member who always say “don’t eat/ drink xxx will make body heaty” lol. Not sure if there is a scientific term for it but you know it when you feel it for sure. Heatiness (wait, does this word even exist in the dictionary?) apparently is the cause of many common sicknesses such as cough, sore throat, etc. But I know when I was pregnant I was always feeling somewhat extra hot (constantly sweaty & sticky, not cause by the weather), aunties will definitely call this symptom as “heaty”, that is why pregnant women always crave for cooling stuff like coconut water lol.

3. As a natural beauty supplement
Known to fight off ageing signs by increasing the skin’s collagen production and aid in tissue regeneration because it contains high levels of galactose and threonine. Therefore, it’s a popular beauty supplement among women since ancient times. 

4. Improve Stomach performance
Stimulates appetite, aids in digestion and helps with bowel movements

Who is it suitable for?
From children (2 years & above), adults, elderlies. There is no age limit as long you are not allergic to it (please do a small test for first timers).

For pregnant mothers who have been consuming it, they can continue even after delivering because bird’s nest drink contains polypeptide hormone – Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) aids in the recovery process (during confinement period) and even boosts milk supply for some breastfeeding mothers!

Important note: Bird’s nest is not a substitute for modern medicine, it’s meant to use as a health supplement. It does aid during the recovery process in a form of relief to respiratory ailments such as cough and asthma but medication should always be taken as prescribed.

Now that we have finally covered the 101s of bird’s nest knowledge, we shall move on to the next section which I would be sharing about my personal experience consuming bird’s nest for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Review Section

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, from the taste to the texture. Will I actually like it or not, so many things went through my head when I first got my package freshly delivered by Golden Bird’s nest the night before I flew back to Japan (they are really efficient!). 
But all of those doubt and anxiety melted away the minute I popped open a bottle the next morning after a long flight back.

It actually tastes so good! I mean I know raw bird’s nests on its own has no taste and usually it would be artificially flavoured and sweetened to make it more palatable for consumers but this bottle of goodness from Golden Bird’s nest is as natural tasting as it can get. The hint of sweetness is just nice, perfect for someone like me who’s too scared of sweet drinks. I still have nightmares of sweet drinks no thanks to the PPUM glucose test during my pregnancy, omg it’s literally a cup full of thick orange coloured sugar water & I’m sure many mothers out that would understand my phobia.

Though there are many popular brands out there selling bird’s nest drinks, I often try to avoid commercialized brands because for mass produced items, there is usually a risk of compromised quality standard and we do not know how it’s being made or let alone its origins (ethical or not). 
Trying to be more sustainable and conscious with my purchases, just small baby steps for now :)

The reason why I decided to get my bird’s nest drink from this brand is because they are home grown (proudly Malaysian), their raw ingredient (bird nest) is locally sourced as well and plus they are both organic & certified which is something we should be supporting more because we don’t have to search far and wide for high quality items; sometimes they are right in front of us just waiting to be noticed. Did you know they are also certified HALAL? That’s super good news for all our Muslim brothers and sisters who are interested to try it!

It available in various range too depending on your preference, some knows how to prepare it so they would get it in its raw form, some prefers quick preparation so they can get instant sheet version and for people like me who are clueless on how to prepare it (need to learn someday haha) can go for their ready bottled ones which you can just open up and drink immediately. 

One of their range caught my attention because it’s considered unique, not every day you would come across a bird’s nest drink mixed with French rose infused water
Sounds so luxurious and my bet was right it smells heavenly too (not too overwhelming), taste wise was very mild and it compliments well with the organic cane sugar. Apparently French rose is not only known for its scent and beauty, but It also has medicinal benefits like removing toxins, fight inflammation, eliminate period cramps (don’t we all need this ladies!), reduce stress and regulate sleeping pattern.

Basically one jar of rose water bird nest drink is the thing I need for my current situation!
I currently consume bird’s nest drink once every 3 days and after 2 weeks I can definitely see signs of improvements on my complexion (it does bring out the glow!) even though I’ve been pulling frequent all-nighters due to work, hopefully consuming it long term would give me good skin XD 
I know there is no such thing as overnight magical results so we also need to watch our lifestyle as well.

For those who are interested to try bird’s nest whether for yourself or your loved ones, do check our Golden Bird’s Nest Brand! You can order directly from their website: https://goldenbirdnestglobal.com/

Also great news for my readers because Golden Bird Nest so was generous to generate a special discount code for my followers and readers. Make sure to key in “GBNXARISACHOW” upon checking out to save 20% * off your order!

*It’s only valid for non-sale items

Yours Truly,

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