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Freedom to style with Ellips

I often get asked how do I usually style my hair daily though I honestly think I have the MOST boring styles around because I usually just curl them or straighten them out using my trusty hair beauron straightener haha. But however I can share with you a couple of ways on how I maximize the usage of a straightener that you wouldn’t look at it the same way again XD

You can check out my latest IGTV video post to learn how to do it! Trust me you wouldn’t have to travel with so many styling tools after this haha.

For a fact I do know that I use heated tools quite frequently to keep my mane tame as well (“joys” of having natural frizzy hair) but long term we all know that it can cause certain damages like what I’m facing now which are brittle and dry ends. For those of you who followed me wayyyyyy back would know that I went through a period of my life with countless bleaching, colouring & heated styling, It was definitely cool while it lasted but after a while i did notice that my hair started show signs of “wear & tear” from all the stress i put it through.

 Super active in colouring & styling my hair!

Despite investing in good shampoos and conditioners (the basics for hair hygiene lah of course lol), did you know that our hair actually needs to be supplemented with additional vitamins too especially if you are constantly bleaching, colouring or uses heated styling tools like hair dryer, straightener or curling thongs (everything that I’m guilty off haha) and also another hidden culprit that we aren’t really aware off. UV RAYS!

Yes, prolong exposure to UV rays too does contribute to hair damages and causes problems like discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning and fizziness.

I’m not kidding about hair vitamins, like how we consume supplements for our overall wellbeing and using concentrated vit C serums for our face, our hair NEEDS it too!

Bet you are wondering what on earth am I talking about but hold your horses because I am not bonkers yet XD I’m talking about something that’s been on every pharmacy shelves for YEARS but often overlooked. It’s none other than ellips hair vitamins and why you should start using them!


I know that it states hair vitamins on the packaging but it’s meant to be APPLIED on EXTERNALLY not consumed lol.

Please i repeat, DO NOT CONSUME!

This is what I’ve been using lately to keep my locks healthy after years of heated damages which doesn’t resolve by chopping alone because I still need to style and blow dry my hair daily lol.

Ellips hair vitamin series is available as a wash off hair mask and capsule form for leave in.

It’s also honestly a cost and time effective method to pamper your hair from the comfort of your own home especially for busy people like me who only gets to visit the hair salon like once a year or twice at most (weee! #momlife haha). I wish I was like rich taitai can visit hair salon weekly, in my dreams lah but for now this works well XD


1. Contains Pro Keratin Complex

Every time we walk into a hair salon we would definitely hear our hair stylist offering to do keratin treatment for our hair but how many of us actually know the meaning of “keratin”.

Keratin is actually a protein naturally found in skin, hair and nails (other body parts too), for the human hair (fun fact: which is considered as an “accessory organ” to the skin), it produces an external protective shield and internal structural protein. And this naturally produced keratin depletes when the hair is damaged either chemically, physically or by environmental factors like UV damages.

So one way to “help” replace our hair’s keratin depletion is by supplementing it with vitamins that contains keratin complex like ellips hair mask which can be used once a week for 1 minute or as often as needed depending on your current hair condition. This will help to nourish the hair from within (all the way to the hair shaft) and at the same time, strengthens our hair roots as well.

It’s meant to be massaged in from the scalp roots all the way to the ends of your hair right after you have washed your hair with shampoo (please don’t use conditioner when applying ellips hair mask). Available in 3 different variants – Hair repair (the one I’m currently using), Smooth & silky and silky black.

2. Enriched with Moroccan Oil

We all have heard of wonders of the rich versatile Moroccan oil (also known as “Argan oil” both the same thing), like how it makes the dullest looking hair shine up immediately and its usage is maximized in the beauty industry.

Getting to know it’s properties abit more, Moroccan oil is filled with high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E which helps maintains hair hydration*, elasticity, natural UV protector and free radical neutralizer. It literally heals and nourishes your skin (scalp) and hair altogether, allowing your hair to grow better as well.

*I’ve been stressed a lot about the importance of hair hydration (like our skin) lately and I’ll continue to do so because we all gotta stay hydrated INSIDE OUT & ALL OVER YO!

Also did you know that Moroccan oil is considered “top tier” product because it’s extremely resource intensive to create and it can only be found in …..








No you don’t get a reward for figuring this out XD lol!

Aside from Moroccan oil, it also contains Jojoba oil as well which contains nearly all the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair; vitamin E, B-complex just to name a few.

So each ellips hair treatment capsule is like a power packed vitamin filled with nourishing goodness that your hair needs for a healthier, manageable and radiant outlook

It available in 4 varieties:

  • Hair treatment: Formulated with Jojoba oil to help treat damage hair caused by chemical treatment (curling or straightening)
  • Smooth & Shiny: Formulated with Aloe Vera oil to keep and maintain the hair’s moisture content
  • Nutri color: Triple care formulation to help nourish and preserve the shine of colored hair and prevent/treat hair dullness caused by sunrays
  • Hair Vitality: Contains Ginseng and honey oil to help nurture brittle and coarse hair
How to use it?
Just take 1 capsule, pinch and twist the tip of it till it breaks off and empty out its contents unto your palm; spread it out evenly on your hair before blow drying or styling.

3. Provides legit results

It’s not just all claims but they do provide actual and almost instant results which is usually hard to come by because I always believe some products need time to work their magic but for ellips, all you need to do is snap your finger and there you have silky smooth hair that you can’t stop touching all day! Say goodbye to rebonding or straightening sessions at the salon because first of all it’s expensive and second it damages your hair a lot especially for those who does it frequently. It’s time to start making healthier choices and our hair will definitely thank us in the long run!

Ellips products are available at your nearest local pharmacy throughout Malaysia and for the latest updates you can follow their official page on Facebook: Ellips Haircare Malaysia

All you need is 1 capsule before using your hair dryer every day and watch your hair shine brighter than your future lol.

Hope you enjoyed this hair care session with me and learned a few new tips on how to maintain healthy hair while keeping it budget friendly!

Yours Truly,

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