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Puckered Lips & Shiny nails, I'm LOVING it!

Reminder to self: Never type an essay or review when half sleepy oRZ LOTS of mistakes can be found in m previous post, finally managed to get them edited.

First of all I would like to thank Yuberactive -http://www.facebook.com/YUBERACTIVE
for giving me this opportunity to review 2 of these lovely products :)
These are the two items I've received a few days ago and managed to use them for my seniors' Fashion show last night -http://www.facebook.com/TARC.Fashion.Show
and seriously RIMMEL LONDON products has never let me down when it comes for an special occasion.
Let me start my review with ~~
Product 1 : RIMMEL Stay Glossy Lip gloss
Product Description:
Stay Glossy’s cutting-edge Shine ExtendTM technology will give you runway lips and up to 6 hours of wow-worthy colour Double the moisture instantly with Silk & Natural Cotton. Shape Up your lips with SOFT-EXTEND lip hugging applicator. Perfectly defined glossy lips. GET A GLOSSY UPGRADE TODAY!
This lip gloss has an amazing durability. Seriously, I've tested by applying around 4pm, and guess how long it lasted? Up to 9pm! That's about 5 hours and it includes me talking, drinking & eating as well. The color still remains though the gloss faded away slightly, it also comes with a super smooth applicator that enables me to apply it effortlessly and without smudging the sides of my lips (P.S : I have super small sized lips, makes lipstick & lip gloss applying MUCH MUCH harder )
Nonetheless this lip gloss is user friendly, and its odorless as well! The Lip gloss I'm doing a review for is # 330 Dare to Stay. This babe gives you a natural pink hue without exaggerating the color too much (in the tube it looks dark pink, don't be fooled by it) , so its suitable for day time make up :) they come in 13 shades-http://www.rimmellondon.com/uk/products/stay-glossy/
all available @ Watson’s Personal Stores and Guardian Pharmacies, reasonably priced @ (RRP RM 27.90)

Product 2 : RIMMEL 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish
Product Description:

XpressTM brush for 1 second application
•Dries in less than 60 seconds
•Picture perfect nail colour in a flash!
Love this nail polish! Its fast drying & the printing on the bottle says it all, the amazing drying speed. It dries within 60seconds, and not more than that. Highly recommended for those who are in a hurry. The applicator brush is made to a certain size to fit nails perfectly! So with just one stroke you can achieve satisfying results and the texture of this nail polish is sooooooooo smooth, its easy to apply on, just with one coat the color is vibrant & thick enough, there is no need to put a on a second coat ( you can do so, just to get a much stronger color)
The color I'm testing is #430 Coralicious , such a gorgeous colour ! Comes in 24 shades -http://www.rimmellondon.com/uk/products/60-seconds-nail-polish/
This babe is available for the price of (RRP RM11.90) Also Can be found at Watson’s Personal Stores and Guardian Pharmacies

LETS GET CREATIVE with this nail polish ;) Remember O.P.I-
launched a new nail polish called SHATTER? i managed to get my hands on one finally! OMG..I'm soooo in love with it here is what i do when i get bored :)

Being tested : O.P.I Shatter Black

Its quite a cool combination, shatter comes in

Stay Tuned for

C'est La Mode [IT'S FASHION] Fashion Show post brought to you by TARC Year 3 students~~

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