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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Brand Laureate SMEs 2011

Yes, it IS rather late of me to finally post this up! Sorry! QAQ
 Just got back from Malacca (yes, that is my hometown)

And phew...emails overloading, long notifications and i didn't sign up for a data plan for my mobile (yes, it's pricey) so  had to buy the temporary 2 weeks data plan to update my FB & twitter status (or i'll die of boredom LOL)

Need to start getting things sorted out one by one :-(
Everything is left behind at the moment, and when i do so things just get messier and messier.
To make things easier i shall start off with my blog :-P


First and foremost I would like to Thank a good friend of mine, Vin Wee once again for giving me the opportunity to attend this Brand Laureate event once again as one of the kebaya girls, it's a real good exposure. Those interested for the next one do drop me an email :-) I'll keep you girls updated when the time comes!

Even though it is a non-paying job, but to me it is not about the money. It's all about the experience and the exposure this event gives. What else more can you ask for?
For a small person like me just starting off in the industry, i feel that this is a great opportunity to open my eyes and get networks

Everything in life works both ways :-) both parties should benefit from one another
instead of being a parasite :P

and all these events once again lead back to Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK)
As a growing pageant, i think that MMK is doing a great job in providing many opportunities to those who are interested in the industry.  And every model should get herself noticed first by joining pageants (the 1st step every model takes)
and this is one of the pageants that gives you a chance to show your true talents :-)
drop me an email : arisa1443@gmail.com
And i'll take it from there :-)

 Okay..back to Brand Laureate SMEs 2011

My dress was sponsored by Zattera (the brand made by our town mayor's daughter)

I love my dress LOADS!!!!               
Credits to Jawsus's Photography
(Far left)Miss Sabah: Jennifer Ann, Vin Wee & Miss Cheongsam (me) 
Jennifer & Me
Both of our dresses are sponsored by Zattera
Credits to Jason Ng
I'm so happy finally getting to meet Jessie, Love her kebaya!
(from far left)Jennifer, Charlie Brown(owner of charlie brown cafe),
Jason Hee (MMK president), Vin Wee, Me and Coco(Miss Malaysia Campus

And believe it or not we did our make up with minimal source we had at that moment
Yes, i didn't have a foundation (but thank god for our emergency make-up bags! Really comes in handy in situations like these)
We were suppose to have a hair stylist and make up artist but they couldn't come last minute and we had one hour before standby 
Last resort we decided to do whatever we could on our own, so know you guys know why i carry so many stuff in my handbag :P
you'll never know when stuff like this could happen

Thank god at the very last minute before we had to go, Jason managed to get a hairstylist to style our hair 
Not to mention fast as well *w*
Thank you!!


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Thank you!

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