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Underworld- Awakening Review

First thing that went through my mind when i saw the poster...

"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More of Kate and her hotness!"
For a nearly 40 year old lady she still has a hot body! Gawd..i would die for a body like that :D
Yea, imagine a women near your mom's age looking like that, you would WISH you mom is looking as equally hot huh?

yea..dream on~ ~ lols

Watched the Movie on the 1st day it came out
And it will only make sense if you had followed the last few movies :-
  • Underworld
  • Underworld: evolution
  • Underworld :  Rise of the Lycans 
And now the latest - Underworld : Awakening

Selene in her trademark skin tight cat suit and corset + combat boots are like the best things I've ever seen in all these action movies, who says you need to show skin to be sexy?:P
And to vampire loving fans, 
sorry there isn't any sparkling vampires like in Twilight if you are expecting any.
This is what i call REAL hard core fiction movie

Unlike all those stories with sissy looking sparkling vampires...Where are all the action and bloodshed?
That ain't a vampire movie without a gory bloodshed :D
Hot body to boot!
Selene has awakened after 12 years of hibernation , where all Vampires and Lycans were nearly extinct dues to the cleansing that happened in the human world,
after they discovered a mass infection among the human race
and upon waking up Selene has learned that she has a daughter (because Selene can see through the little girl's eyes like her lover, Michael Corvin )

yea, you will be wondering where the heck the lil girl can come from two frozen bodies?
Maybe test tube babies really works in here, sorry i can';t seem to brain part of this movie

In my opinion, as a hard core fan of the Underworld series..
Underworld Awakening is one of the worst movie ever done, no plot/ story line at all (at least there are a few laughs)
All you see is her (Selene) running, crawling and fighting (endlessly)  and nothing more ..and that goes one for the whole 1 hour 50 minute movie ( i think it was less than that, because it ended so quickly)
another marketing tactic to keep the franchise running (as usual :-/)

And I'm hoping this wouldn't happen for the next upcoming movie, this seriously kills the mood.
It's like watching all those Korean dramas where the say at the end of each suspense episode " TO BE CONTINUED" you go..fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!
yea, that kind of feeling >_>

Well, i'll leave the rest for you to decide, do comment if you DISAGREE with me :P

Overall i'll rate this movie 6/10 ( thanks to kate's awesome body ♥, i'll turn a blind eye to the rest LOL)

Look out for my next post : Underworld, Awakening, Selene make-up tutorial (it was just a test :P and sorry, i ain't so pro but just to share my experiments :D )

a sneak preview :

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