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Underworld-Awakening Selene Make Up tutorial

Hey dears, i know it was just an experiment and i'm not a pro make up artist
nonetheless just want to share with you guys some of my knowledge :-)
Hope my explanations isn't too confusing to follow D:

a little warning, I do not follow the rules of make-up because i ain't professional D:


The items i used who this whole look : -
Click on me to enlarge

Start from the topmost left (first column) :-
1. Cyber Colors Gemstone Pudding foundation (with a sponge for even application)
2.Skin food Rice liquid concealer
3. Silky Girl press powder ( Fair)
4. The Balm, Bahama Mama bronzer
5.Revlon Matte highlighter (002)

(2nd column)
1. Cyber Colors 24hr eyebrow pen (02 Dark brown) 
2. Revlon Matte dark brown eye shadow  (009)
3. Black eyeshadow (in 2 different kinds of shades)
4. Heavy Rotation pencil Eye liner 
5. Medium brown eyeshadow

(3rd colum)
1.Maybelline shimmery white pencil liner
2. Silvery eyeshadow
3. Tea Rose( NYX) + nude lipstick + Revlon dark brown eyeshadow
4. Natural Fake lashes (SASA)
5. Bottom lashes (pasar malam)

Yes, it's a long list, i know sorry D: that is why it took me 2 hours to achieve this look..patience people :P
Before make up

We will start with primer first (to protect your skin and make your make up last longer) I'm currently using Cyber Colors "Zero Pore Primer"
Then  the gently apply the foundation all over your face evenly with the help of a cosmetic sponge
(don't forget your neck as well)
After the foundation, apply concealer below your eyes (to conceal eye bags), around your face to conceal other imperfections and not forgetting eyebrows. Use a concealer brush to help with this process(works better than fingers, trust me)

You can skip the eyebrow step if you are willing to shave off your entire eyebrows or have not so visible ones ;-)
Far Left : This is how you would look after concealing everything, kinda naked huh? 
Middle picture : i'm using Cyber colors Kabuki brush for my face powder (apply evenly all over face and neck)

Followed by the eyebrows, I'm using  Cyber Colors 24hr eyebrow pen (02 Dark brown) 
sorry was in a rush so you might see my eyebrows are drawn unevenly D:  guess you will need a ruler for this haha
Use a eyebrow brush (the slanted head) and Revlon Matte dark brown eye shadow  (009) to start drawing the inside of part of your eyebrows and slight blend a little eye shadow at the top of your nose bone to make it appear prominent :-)

Here comes the shading to contour your face (yes Caucasians have sharp faces D: especially Kate) try to suck in your face to make shading easier (your face will look hollow when you do so) shade underneath your cheek bones, underneath your jawline and not forgetting your temples. AND remember to blend it in evenly because you wouldn't want funny looking patches all over your face LOL

Start shading your nose as well (you are basically painting on your features)  you can apply more to make your nose look more sharper but remember! in photos it might look weird, go easy on the shading. practice makes perfect ( and i ain't one of them yet :P)

I'll recommend self cut double eyelid sticks (we need this, because as Asians, most of us have singular eyelids lol) Tape can be purchase in any cosmetic shop or pharmacy ( it's the same tape used to tape your injuries) It's transparent by the way ;)

 Moving on...to the eye shadow I'm using the 120 colors palette, there are 2 types of black ( very super duper black and normal black) use super duper black for the outer part of your eyelids and blend them in with a eyeshadow brush (you can use your fingers if your good with it) moving in slowly using the normal black eye shadow and make sure you do not color the inner part of your eyelids (just spread till the middle and blend them off there), leave that part empty.

And using a clean eyebrow brush use normal black eyeshadow and draw the bottom of your eye half way. Voila~ results should look like in the picture :-)

I'm using heavy Rotation pencil eyeliner (strongly recommended) it's so waterproof that it didn't even come off after my bath @@ and it's smudge free! 
Draw at the upper lids start from inside and continue at the bottom till your tear duct (careful, wouldn't want to jab your eye no?)
Use a soft earth brown to shade the bottom of your eyes to create a lifeless look for your eyes

Inner corner of your eye (tear duct area) use Maybelline shimmery white pencil liner to draw lightly in the inner corner of your tear ducts, and silvery pearl eye shadow do blend it in so it doesn't look to harsh on your smokey eyes..

And stick your top and bottom eyelash on (with a help of tweezers) and your look is almost complete! :D

Almost there! hang on!!!!
The Lips , I noticed it look parched, dry dull blood stained looking lips and i didn't have a particular lipstick that looks like that @@
So i improvised with a few items :
Tea Rose( NYX) + nude lipstick + Revlon dark brown eyeshadow
you'll need to mix here and there to achieve the plum looking colored lips :-)

Her hair is shoulder length and slightly curled/wavy and i don't have the particular wig i didn't bring my nor brought along my curling tongs D:

I used wax and scrunch my hair up to make it look wavy (failed miserably) lol 
In case you are wondering what kind of lens i'm using (it's bright without editing :P) 
Puffy 3-tone Blue

But here is the result :-) 

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! ;-)


  1. this is absolutely amazingg. can you put a list of what products used. and just what kind of white foundation i should get so it looks real

  2. robertjay : Hi, I used :- Cyber Colors Gemstone Pudding foundation - natural (depending on your own skin tone) but face powder must be fair :)

  3. totally loving this look! you do seem like a pro makeup artist to me ;)

    1. Thanks Sarvin! It's a real compliment that you think so *blush* ^///^


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