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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Behind The Scenes : Simplest Things, Cleopatra's Secrets & Unspoken Sensuality

I know it's rather late of me to post up these..

But better late than none :P

Behind The Scenes : Simplest Things, Cleopatra's Secrets & 
Unspoken Sensuality 
Light testing..testing~
This is my first big shoot of the year 2012 :-)
A BIG BIG thank you to XBellanotte Photography for inviting me as her model
She is a really talented young girl with a strong passion for photography & Filming
when i said young i really meant young! She is only 18 this year (2012) ;-)

There are 3 different themes done in 4 hours (my longest shoot ever lol)

ninja photographer in action lol

Something different about her photography style is that she emphasis more on artistic and conceptual photography instead of the usual teasing cute cute lingerie photos taken by photographers in Malaysia.
That is something i salute her for, being different.
And there is no harm in doing so :-) It's always good to be yourself.

Watch how the shoot was done ~ Enjoy!

To be honest, i wasn't that confident with my body when i did this shoot, I always am and will always be :-( seeing curvy stick thin flat tummy models sorta crushed me..ah well..in the modelling industry everybody wants skinny models.
Though i tried to convinced myself many times i don't have to be thin if my body has reached it's limit, best way is to exercise and stay toned. Just doesn't seem to be working :-(
Sucks to be broad boned.
YES, i despise my flabby arms and muffin top stomach oTL
Bella giving instructions on the poses ;-)
Never ever thought I'll be able to pull of something like this, but with Bella and Ina's help I managed
Am so happy with the outcome! :-)
I don't exactly have the curves and a small waist (because my body is short by 5cm, so my last rib cage bone nearly touches my pelvic bone)  
But Bella was good with her angles, you should see her climb all over the room LOLS literally a ninja!
Our awesome saikang Ina (Far left) Bella and me
It was sure cold being in lingerie + air condition room hurhur.. The best part was the Bathtub shoot(1st time as well! yes, i'm a NOOB)
Used 2 boxes of soya milk but i guess it wasn't enough, the water didn't turned out that creamy looking XD
Imagine smelling like soya from head to toe..haha Best home made therapy ever! :-P
Hurhur..diluted soya milk bath, so refreshing! XD
A huge thank you to our awesome helpers/ saikangs , Ina & L.Chung. All of these wouldn't have happened without the help of you guys :-)
And a little fan service for you guys :-P Enjoy!

P/s : we ain't lesbians! :ppppppp
Photo credits  to respective owners : XBellanotte Photography & L. Chung

Photo Albums can be found here :  XBellanotte Photography  

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