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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Welcoming the Dragon! It's a reunion!

As we all know this year is the year of the dragon (2012)
And the world ain't ending yet (maybe it already has for you Mayans :P )
where it's an auspicious year for couples to get married and have their kids in year of the dragon

Chinese believe that children being born in the year of the dragon will be wealthy and successful in the future because the dragon is a mystical legendary creature

Apparently this year happens to be the " Water Dragon "
and the dragons represents the earth's elements which rotates every 12 years
Only a special dragon that comes once every thousand years, which is the "Golden Dragon"

ooooooookay..i'm starting to sound like a History teacher -.-;;;
sorry! :P

Went back to my hometown to celebrate as usual, though the house we go back to every year, feels empty without your presence akong..though it's been 3 years since you have gone home to the Lord
We wish you were here to see us right now..
Miss you loads my dearest grandfather!

My family (mom's side) has been here for god knows how many generations..even their family house its still solid and standing!
So they were the earliest nyonya settlements in Malacca
explains me a half nyonya!
Too bad this race is slowly dying off...to me this race is somewhat unique because it's the union of two races merge to become one..that is what i call Harmony!

Unlike all the nonsense religion rules set in Malaysia now..rather pointless, instead of preserving you are letting one race dominate the rest.

back to CNY celebration shall we? :D
Usual Family gathering, even my aunt from Australia came back this year (the only come back to Malaysia every leap year)

oh yea! If any of you go to Malacca don't forget to try Klebang Famous Coconut shake!
Really refreshing! :D
The amount of ice cream tubs they use in less than an hour
Bet the owner is a millionaire by now XD
Though the queue is long, but it's worth it :D
Went back to Malacca eraly to help out with the house cleaning..etc
Managed to meet up with an old friend as well :-)
What's left of the klebang beach :-( they are reclaiming land
Thanks Albert :-) 
After Dinner when to Jonker for a little exercise ..more or less enjoy the cool breeze of Malacca..
The huge dragon Display
smelly river D:
oldest Church in Malacca-St.Peter

Looking funny without make up lols
Home deco 
House was all decorated and prepared for CNY
and a day before CNY one of my photographer friend from Malacca,whom i knew through Facebook
ask me for a shoot since i'm in Malacca, i said okay since it's gonna be a short and simple one

gave him directions how to get to my place (he missed it countless of times) furthermore he isn't fluent in english so there was a communication break down

had to wait for him under the frigging hot sun for nearly 40 mins (still no sign off him)
Instantly i got fed up (cuz i haven't even do my make-up, well thank god i didn't or it would be an utterly waste of time)
called the guy to call off the shoot and have a proper planned one the next time i'm in Malacca.
He still insisted in continuing the shoot (dah lah can't find the way)
which made me really pissed, it's the eve of CNY shouldn't you be home helping your family prepare as well?
Seriously made me went WTF 

after that i automatically ranted on Facebook
"Im so pissed that i have to put up with photographers during my cny break. Pls respect me that i also have a life. My life ain't so glamorous when i need to slaughter chickens for dinner when u guys keep bugging me for directions to my hse.and i would rather u delete me off Ur Facebook then being childish by bitching about me to other photographers :-\ sorry if you terasa sangat. Don't say i didn't try to give u directions, i did but somehow none of u could understand,Itu bukan my pasal dah, lembap =_= kthxbai"

padan muka engkau.. =.=

and something else i forgot..tried to create a festive colored nail but failed miserably LOL
Sally hansen (sun kiss) + O.P.I shatter-gold
was a real failure.. my nails look like mandarin oranges trololololol~~

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