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French Language Week 2012

Yea, this is a rather random topic for me to post about but surprisingly I participated in one of the activities held in conjunction of this event :) 

And I've decided to officially pick up French language, the most ironic part is i can't even speak my own mother tongue language which is Hokkien and Cantonese and i've decided to pick up a foreign one lols~
Well, no harm done there right?

Helped a friend from Talylor Lakeside Campus to be one of the "Models/ usherer" for their traditional costume parade to welcome the VIPs from the French Embassy 
And all those who were in costume that day, each costume represents the country that was once dominated by France and still speak the French language as their own till this very day

I represented Laos , was suppose to do France, but i got replaced T_T 
so i ish sad lols~ ~
But looking at the costume it was indeed too big for me in the first place XD So i'm glad in a way :-P
Thanks again Michi for the invite! Sorry for all the trouble I've caused you and your friend T_T 

Thank god for my basic knowledge in speaking french at least i can speak some :-P All thanks to a certain great French "tutor" of mine who is now in Singapore :-P Guess it paid off Arnaud !
The most awkward part was when i had to escort the VIPs from Laos Embassy and they started speaking in Laotian, i had no idea what they were saying, all i could do was nod and smile ~_~
well..it happens lols

Costume provided by : Taylor Lakeside
Make -up : Acut Above
Thank you for fetching me Tracy :-) was glad for being your model 
Both of us representing Laos
The amazing bunch of people i met that day :-) It was great knowing you guys!
 Didn't know Taylor Lakeside campus had a lot of international students 


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  2. Your article on french language is awesome. Everyone should improve their native language and people should take various courses for improving their language. Kids can easily learn French language from their parents . In that case learn and play french provide easy way to improve language for kids and they will have good command in future for their native language and they will be good native speakers.

  3. Mamun: Thanks dear! :-)

    rosalyne carter : Thanks for suggesting that great book! Shall check it out one day :-)


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