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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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If You Jump, I'll Jump...

Ah...who doesn't remember this famous mushy cheesy quote from the movie, Titanic? :-)
Hearing this words again really brings back old childhood memories!
I remembered clearly, i was 5 years old when i first watched it with my family.. as a small kid hiding behind pillows at every kissing scene lol :-P
God...can't believe 14 years had just passed by and I still clearly remember bits and pieces of this movie
I feel so old now D':

Thank you Yuberactive for inviting me to this premiere screening :-)
I feel so honored!
When i first arrived at 1 Utama, thought i was late for the movie, turns out the redemption booth wasn't there yet!
And a few of us bloggers from yuberactive got mixed up at the ticket redemption counter with
Bella@NTV7 ! sorry for the confusion Bella!
In case you were wondering what is Bella, it is a prominent talk show on NTV7.
A happy face! I got my tixx ♥
Bump into an old friend, Bella's host- Elaine Daly (she was the host for the competition i participated last year: Cyber colors glamour girl search 2011) Please pardon my sloppy dressing :D i wasn't dress to impress  today, more like dress for my own comfy-ness lol 
Bella having their "opening" session
Time to move over people! Titanic is finally here in 3D! 

If you were to ask me how was the movie? any difference?
Watching it again was like walking down memory lane...filled the missing puzzles of my childhood (sort of forgot most parts, yet i'm glad to go through a dejavu session :D)
Everything in this movie remains the same except it has a slightly different trill to it because your watching it in 3D! duh~ ~

And some missing parts of the movie, old school-ers who watched this movie before 15 years ago will noticed it and know what i'm talking about -__- how disappointing! Seriously!
can't they just leave old classics alone?

What i noticed, is there are barely any 3D parts in the movie...There is (best 3D part is when the ship breaks into half!), but not many pop out looking graphics as i expected.... (or me being fussy lol)
Well, you can't expect an old movie to be fully converted into popping 3D with the technology they used to make this movie in the first place right?
The sound system was superb! Hearing people running and screaming in panic trying to save their lives was really clear and sharp, gives me the chills! That i'll give them 5/ 5 stars, they really managed to improve the quality of the graphics and sound.
overall, it was a great experience ;-)

something Worth watching again, bet all of you couldn't remember the last time you watched titanic eh?
remember to dress warmly and cozily!
In the cold cinema + freezing Kate Winslet scene makes you feel like you are in North Atlantic as well lol
or it was just me freezing my ass off as usual?
In case you guys have forgotten, this is a 3 hour long movie, so be prepared with blankets and loads of popcorn and NOT forgetting tissue :D
you will definitely cry at some parts, it's normal since it's such a heart-warming love story 

Old movies are always the best. Classic never dies 

Happy watching Titanic guys! :-D

Finally get to treat myself to Moo Cow Original frozen yogurt ♥ 
Not bad .... taste quite interesting *w* reasonably priced as well.

Signing Off,


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